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July wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Lyndal Sleep (July 19, 2019) Domestic abuse or genuine relationship? Our welfare system can’t tell. The Conversation. 

Dan Woodman (15 July, 2019) Sociology in the Land Down Under: Challenges and Opportunities for Australian Sociologists. The European Sociologist. 


Ron Baird (July 4, 2019) PhD Presentation Series: Ron BairdTASA Youth Blog

Kirsten Harley (July 7, 2019) The patient patient

Angela Lehmann (18 July) 2019) Putting Rural Issues on the AgendaRegional Australia

Radio Interviews

Joel McGregor (22 July, 2019) Events happening at Frank Baxter. The segment starts at 2:07:10, Joel starts at 2:11:34. ABC Drive.


James Arvanitakis (June 26, 2019) 7 Tips for Getting Your First Journal Article Published


Ashleigh Watson (June 30, 2019) Edition #5 of So Fi Zine Inspired by Michael Burawoy’s work on public sociology, this edition brings you a variety of creative sociological pieces, a featured interview with Patricia Leavy, and a guest editorial by Michael Burawoy.