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August wrap-up: Public output by TASA members

Informed News & Analysis

Alan Morris, Hal Pawson, Kath Hulse, & Violet Xia (July 31, 2019) Private renters are doing it tough in outer suburbs of Sydney and MelbourneThe Conversation. 

David Rowe (July 30, 2019) The Ashes: cricket and the captain’s curseThe Online Forum. 

Ryan Storr (July 30, 2019) Transgender athletes controversy swirls after Laurel Hubbard wins gold at Pacific Games. ABC News.

Joel McGregor (July 29, 2019) Young crime is often a phase, and locking kids up is counterproductiveThe Conversation. Note: Joel submitted a pitch to The Conversation, about this article, on the back of two radio interviews he did last week. If you have thought about doing something similar, and need to bounce tactics off a fellow member, contact Joel.

Shanthi Robertson & Henry Sherrell (August 7) Most migrants on bridging visas aren’t ‘scammers’, they’re well within their rightsThe Conversation. 

Deborah Lupton (August 7, 2019) According to TV, heart attack victims are rich, white men who clutch their hearts and collapse. Here’s why that’s a worry. The Conversation. 

Deborah Morris & Ben Wadham (August 6, 2019) Enough inquiries that go nowhere – it’s time for a royal commission into veteran suicideThe Conversation. 

David Rowe (August 6, 2019) Will time time tear us apart? Exploring the appeal of Joy Division 40 years onThe Conversation. 

Michelle Peterie, Gaby Ramia, Greg Marston, &  Roger Patulny (August 6, 2019) These ‘job snob’ claims don’t match the evidenceThe Conversation. 

Peter Walters & Naomi Smith (August 2, 2019) How Hong Kong protesters have been winning the battle for public spaceThe Conversation. 

Aqua Hastings (May 27, 2019) ‘Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine use in the remote setting​’ in Australian Cultural Safety and Security News Volume 1, Number 2, 2019 ISSN 2652-0524, pp. 22-26.

Christopher Pollard (August 27, 2019) Explainer: the ideas of FoucaultThe Conversation. 

Bianca Fileborn, Hannah McCann, Matthew Mitchell & Priya Kunjan (August 22, 2019) Victorian changes to gender on birth certificate will not increase sexual violence. Here’s whyThe Conversation. 


Matt Wade (July 25, 2019) ‘What Influence Does Social Cause Crowdfunding Have On Civic Discourse?’

Deborah Lupton (July 21, 2019) Kicking off the projectThis Sociological Life. 

James Arvanitakis: Finding middle ground on ‘PC’.

Ann Game (August 7, 2019) Belonging in Anghiari – Andrea Calli

Abidin, Crystal (July 31, 2019) Minority influencers, Satire, and Subversive frivolity.

James Arvanitakis (2019) Postcard from Wyoming: unpacking my first impressions.

Archana Voola (August 12, 2019) Tracking the financial icebergs in Australia. The Power to Persuade.

Deborah Lupton (August 20) In-conversation about digital health and Data Selves. This Sociological Life.

Kristen Harley (August 19, 2019) Goodbye Room 103

Ann Game (August 18,2019) Belonging in Anghiari – Marco Seri. Living in Relation. 

James Arvanitakis and Alix Beattie (August 17, 2019) Power, politics and artOpen Forum. 

James Arvanitakis (August 27, 2019) Australia’s art institutions don’t reflect our diversity: it’s time to change thatThe Conversation. 

Christopher Pollard (August 27, 2019) Explainer: the ideas of Foucault. The Conversation. 

Ann  Game (August 25, 2019) Belonging in Anghiari – Fabio Cecconi


Postgraduate Portfolio Leader Ben Lohmeyer has just released a new podcast called: Exploring Violence and Society. This podcast explores the problem of violence in contemporary society through a sociological lens in which “personal troubles” are connected to “public issues” (C.W. Mills, 1959, The Sociological Imagination). More info here.  The first episode went up this week and there will be more in this series: Episode 1 – Crime, the Media and Murder with Dr Xanthe Mallet.

Dan Woodman (July 31, 2019) The golden age of air travelMyf Warhurst, ABC Radio. 

Nicholas Hookway (July 31, 2019) Will a robot take your job?

Exploring Violence and Society – Episode 2: The Domestic Violence Workforce with Associate Professor Kris Natalier ‏(Flinders University). Associate Professor Kris Natalier unpacks recent findings about the Domestic Violence Workforce and demonstrates how the sociological imagination helps us see the gendered and structural nature of violence within this profession.

You Kant Say That! Is a new sociology podcast by sociologists and social theorists Dr Na’ama Carlin (TASA member) and Dr Melanie White. Each fortnightly episode explores the theme of ‘the self’ through the lens of common (and uncommon) sociological texts. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts

Michelle Peterie (August 12,2019) Understanding the real reasons people are unemployedABC Radio National. 

Exploring Violence and Society – Host: Ben Lohmeyer                                              Episode 3 – Violence to animals and the interconnection of oppression with Associate Professor Nik Taylor (University of Cantebury, NZ).                                                                      Nik talks us through a difficult conversation about systemic violence towards animals. She challenges us to understand the interconnected nature of oppression and the social systems that make it so easy to look away from these critical questions.

Juliet Watson (August 19, 2019) Researching Gender-based ViolenceResearch in Action. 

Exploring Violence and Society – Host: Ben Lohmeyer                                                    Episode 4 – Managing Shame & Restorative Policing with Terry O’Connell                          Terry shares his expertise as a police officer & educator in restorative justice. He steps us through facilitating positive experiences of managing shame to prevent & repair the harm of violence.

Radio Interviews

Joel McGregor (July 25, 2019) Juvenile justice experts urge Australia to look to NZ for solutions. ABC Radio.


The Vitalities Lab is led by SHARP Professor Deborah Lupton, Centre for Social Research in Health and Social Policy Research Centre, UNSW Sydney. The Vitalities Lab latest Newsletter is available here.