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Alan Scott, Continuing Education Officer, Applied Sociology Thematic Group Progress in understanding ageing and the idea of retirement has not moved very much, over the past two millennium.  As long ago as 44 BC, the Roman philosopher Cicero (106­43 B.C.) wrote an essay “Concerning Old Age” where he argued that old age is not a […]

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The literature on retirement and ageing and its historical perspective

TASA member Alan Scott shares below a paper he wrote about retirement and ageing: Introduction This paper identifies the increasing scope and complexity of the literature on retirement and ageing and provides a review of the historical literature that identifies and offers an understanding of ageing and retirement. The literature on retirement and ageing Gilleard […]

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Book: Gay Men’s Working Lives, Retirement and Old Age

TASA member Peter Robinson, a Senior Lecturer in History and Sociology at Swinburne University, has completed the third book in his series on Gay Men. Peter Robinson’s first book, The Changing World of Gay Men was published in 2008 (Palgrave Macmillan, UK) and won The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Inaugural Raewyn Connell Prize in 2010 for the […]

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Towards a sociology of ‘anti-ageing’

Alan Petersen, School of Social Sciences, Monash University, writes: Over the last two decades, the term ‘anti-ageing’ has gained considerable currency. There is a huge and burgeoning number of interventions labelled as ‘anti-ageing’ (or the more common Americanised spelling ‘anti-aging’) advertised online. The term is also widely used ‘off line’, with specialist clinics labelled as […]

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What is the ‘ideal’ self in old age?

Maho Omori, Swinburne University of Technology and La Trobe University, writes: One evening, I was reading gossip news about Meg Ryan, a Hollywood actor. She is 54 years old and according to the article, at this age her appearance has not changed much since she was known as ‘America’s Sweetheart’ in the 1990s. Criticism follows […]

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