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Paul Hogan and the myth of the white Aussie bloke

Through Paul Hogan and Crocodile Dundee we can learn a lot about the enduring myth of the Aussie Bloke. Paramount Andrea Waling, La Trobe University Australian Story recently featured a two-part look at Australia’s iconic film and television legend Paul Hogan, documenting Hogan’s rise and fall in Australian culture. Self-described as a “one-hit wonder”, Hogan’s […]

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Sociological happiness: Why the dominant discourse needs to change

This article, by TASA member Jordan McKenzie, was originally published on TASA’s Cultural Sociology subsite. At the 2016 annual TASA Conference at ACU in Melbourne, the eminent Professor Bryan Turner offered an opening keynote on the topic of happiness. Using this platform, Turner rightly acknowledged the absence of sociological perspectives in contemporary happiness debates. This […]

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Learning at a Scholarly Pace: On the Socialised Temporalities of Academic Work [Guest Blog by Fabian Cannizzo]

This article, by TASA member Fabian Cannizzo, was originally published on TASA’s Cultural Sociology subsite. The tempo, frequency and pace of activities form an integral background to everyday life. While we ordinarily reflect on time in terms of the mechanical qualities of clocks, calendars, timetables and schedules, our everyday life is also embedded with other habituated […]

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The authenticity of Carlos Castaneda

The below article, by TASA member Ramón Menéndez, was originally published on the Cultural Sociology Thematic Group website.  Carlos Castaneda was a best-selling writer born in Cajamarca, Peru in 1925. He migrated to the US in 1951, becoming a millionaire after the publication of his first book, The teachings of Don Juan (1970 [1968]), which resonated […]

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The Other Gallipoli Pilgrim: Islamism and the Rise of Neo-Ottoman Memory Politics in Turkey

TASA members Brad West, University of South Australia talking about the recent Turkish referendum.  . Please note, this report was originally published in TASA’s Cultural Sociology thematic group blog space.  The recent Turkish referendum that enhanced presidential power has fundamental repercussions for parliamentary democracy in the country and for Turkish-West relations. It is also significant for the collective […]

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