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Additional TASA motion on mandatory detention for asylum seekers and temporary visas for those found to be refugees

The below motion was passed at last nights Annual General Meeting of The Australian Sociological Association:  TASA AGM 20/11/2018 That TASA agree to: Condemn all forms of ongoing mandatory detention of those seeking safety as asylum seekers and refugees arriving in Australian waters by boat. This includes the forced detaining of those seeking safety now […]

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TASA Support for Teachers for Refugees: Kids Off, All Off

The below motion was passed at last nights Annual General Meeting of The Australian Sociological Association:  The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) supports teachers walking off the job for refugee rights earlier today, November 20. We applaud the important stand these teachers are taking for refugee rights by opposing the cruelty of offshore detention on both […]

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A very public sociology

Joseph Borlagdan, Brotherhood of St Laurence, University of Melbourne, TASA member While there are a few exceptions, it’s rare to see Australian sociologists featured as talking heads on our television screens. TASA member Catherine Robinson chats with us about co-hosting and consulting on the SBS documentary ‘Filthy Rich and Homeless’. She reflects upon how the […]

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The work-life balance struggle for contemporary single mothers: Individual views and experiences.

The below report was written by TASA member Trudy Hart from original qualitative research undertaken in a 3rd year Applied Social Research course last year. The course was undertaken at University of Newcastle, coordinated by Dr Ann Taylor and supervised by Dr Julia Coffey. Substantive information provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that ‘In 2012 […]

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Could I be an ally?

The below post from TASA member Dr Yarrow Andrew, Flinders University, was originally published on the Genders & Sexualities website and has been republished here with the groups’ permission. As a member of my University’s Ally network, supporting LGBT+ students, I think a lot about who becomes an ‘ally’, and why. Despite the name, the majority of […]

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Launch of the report ‘Temporary Migration and Family Violence: An analysis of victimisation, vulnerability and support’.

The Monash Gender and Family Violence Program and the Border Crossing Observatory, together with InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence will be launching a report into temporary migration and family violence. This report is based on a research collaboration with InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence in 2016, and draws on an extensive evidence base. […]

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