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Date: 8/12/2020
Subject: TASA Members' Newsletter August 13
From: TASA

Dear ~~first_name~~, 
Today's Postgraduate & Early Career Researcher session is a chance for you to meet the incoming Postgrad Portfolio Leader, Anthony Smith. Come and have a casual conversation with the current and future TASA Postgrad Portfolio Leader about all things TASA and Postgrads. Hear about how to get involved in the Postgrad Subcommittee and running Postgrad Day as well as representing, promoting and connecting Australian sociology postgrads. 12:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via Zoom: Meeting ID: 835 6974 6464. Passcode: 762096
Next week's TASA Thursdays event will be a webinar hosted by Roger Wilkinson with Michael Flood speaking on 'Unpacking and Reconstructing Masculine Norms in Australia'August 2012:00pm - 1:00pm AEST, via Zoom. What is the state of gender norms in Australia? To what extent are traditional norms of masculinity still dominant, and to what extent are they shifting or breaking down? Do young men agree with stereotypical constructions of masculinity, and if they do, what implications does this have for their lives and their relations with others? To answer these questions, this webinar draws on two recent Australian surveys, one among young men aged 18 to 30 and another among people in Australia. The webinar then explores how we may reconstruct masculine norms. What messages and approaches are likely to prompt resistance and backlash, and what messages are likely instead to inspire positive change?

Online Election
As noted last week, more than one nomination was received for the following two positions:
  • Equity and Inclusion; and
  • Public Sociology
As such, an online election is now open through to next Tuesday August 18, midday, 2020 (AEST). The candidates are:

Equity and Inclusion
  • Heidi Hetz
  • Sheree Gregory
Public Sociology
  • Sheree Gregory
  • Roger Patulny
Note, no nominations were received for the Thematic Group portfolio so nominations for that position will be opened again after the online election closes. If you are interested in nominating for the Thematic Group position, and you would like more information, we encourage you to contact Sara James, the current holder of that role, Dan Woodman, TASA President or Sally Daly in TASA Admin.

Introducing incoming TASA Vice-President

Peta Cook

Incoming Vice-President Peta Cook has been a member of TASA for many years supporting the association and sociology in various roles including as the Thematic Group portfolio leader in 2017 to 2018. In the last two years as Treasurer, Peta has worked on fostering and maintaining a strong financial position for the association. Her focus has been on balancing current needs and important initiatives (for example, carer’s bursaries, support for thematic groups, and Social Sciences Week) with our future needs particularly in the lead-up to the 2022 ISA Melbourne. Peta is proud to have been part of an executive team who have worked collaboratively to build a positive future for the membership. Through continuing on the TASA Executive in the role of Vice President, Peta aims to continue building on this collegiality and to work with the Alphia, and the rest of the Executive, to continue to support the dynamism and vibrancy of Australian sociology.  You can learn more about Peta here. 
TASA 2020 Virtual Event
The theme of our virtual gathering is “Sociological Insights for the ‘now’ normal”. We will run the event during the previously advertised time for the TASA 2020 conference (November 23-26). There will be two panels and one workshop session on mentoring – details to follow soon. We hope to have a number of sessions across 2-3 days and we will finish the event with our Annual General Meeting. 
Expression of interest deadline: August 30. 
For more details, please go to the TASA 2020 Virtual Event webpage. 
TASA Thursdays - Save the date
Casual Chat with Distinguished Sociologist Riaz Hassan,  August 27, 12:30pm - 1:30pm, AEST, via Zoom. Discussion topic and access details to be confirmed. 
Webinar chaired by JaneMaree Maher with speaker Naomi Pfitzner on Responding to the 'Shadow Pandemic': Domestic violence during COVID-19, September 17, 12:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via Zoom. Access details to be confirmed. 
Casual Chat with Distinguished Sociologist Sharyn Roach Anleu, September 24, 12:30pm - 1:30pm,  AEST, via Zoom
Discussion topic and access details to be confirmed. 

Webinar hosted by Roger Wilkinson with speaker Joseph Borlagdan on 'Poverty and homelessness'.   October 1512:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via Zoom. Access details to be confirmed. 
Webinar hosted by Roger Wilkinson with speaker James Arvanitakis on Living Blue in a Deep Red State: A sociological analysis of the 2020 election after a year spent in Wyoming.  November 1212:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via ZoomAccess details to be confirmed.  
Webinar hosted by Roger Wilkinson with Adele Pavlidis, Catherine Palmer & Suzanne Schrijnder each presenting on their area of expertise to the topic, 'Sport, leisure and the #newnormal: sociological insights for developing an agenda for change'. December 1012:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via Zoom. Access details to be confirmed. 

Members' Publications


Jenny Davis (2020) How Artifacts Afford: The Power and Politics of Everyday Things. The MIT Press.

How Artifacts Afford
Jenny Davis's book is a conceptual update of affordance theory that introduces the mechanisms and conditions framework, providing a vocabulary and critical perspective.

Technological affordances mediate between the features of a technology and the outcomes of engagement with that technology. The concept of affordances, which migrated from psychology to design with Donald Norman's influential 1988 book, The Design of Everyday Things, offers a useful analytical tool in technology studies—but, Jenny Davis argues in How Artifacts Afford, it is in need of a conceptual update. Davis provides just such an update, introducing the mechanisms and conditions framework, which offers both a vocabulary and necessary critical perspective for affordance analyses. Read on... 

Thorneycroft, R 2020, Reimagining Disablist and Ableist Violence as Abjection, Routledge, London and New York.

Reimagining Disablist and Ableist Violence as Abjection
Ryan Thorneycroft's book draws upon vivid and harrowing life history narratives of people labelled intellectually disabled, this book examines the ways in which disabled subjects are constituted, regulated, governed, and violated through an account of abjection.

Extending interdisciplinary dialogues and approaches, it abandons a construct of violence (which by law requires a stable notion of a victim and a perpetrator) and moves to a theorisation of abjection to explore the ways in which disabled subjects are (re)produced, constituted, and treated through time. Deploying a wide range of interdisciplinary approaches, this book sits at the intersections of criminology and sociology, re-thinks notions of dis/ability, violence, and subjectivity, and utilises crip and queer theory to imagine dis/ability differently.

It will be of interest to all scholars and students of disability studies, sociology and criminology, and specifically those working the areas of life history work, post-structuralism, hate crime, and post-modern criminology. Read on... 

Journal Articles

Wyn, J. (2020). A sociology of youth: Defining the field. Journal of Sociology. Note, all articles in this Special Virtual Issue are available, free to access, via
Flore, J. & Pienaar, K. (2020). Data-driven intimacy: emerging technologies in the (re)making of sexual subjects and ‘healthy’ sexuality. Health Sociology Review, forthcoming special issue on Sex, health and technology:
Callander, D., Newman, C.E, Holt, M., Rosenberg, S., Duncan, DT, Pony, M., Timmins, L., Cornelisse, V., Duck-Chong, L., Wang, B., Cook, T. (2020) The complexities of categorizing gender: a hierarchical clustering analysis of data from the first Australian Trans & Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey. Published online in Transgender Health on 30 July 2020.
John Leon Singh H, Couch D, Yap K (2020) Mobile Health Apps That Help With COVID-19 Management: Scoping Review, JMIR Nursing 2020;3(1):e20596 DOI: 10.2196/20596 . Note, this article is available in full. 


Morris, A., Hastings, C., Wilson, S., Mitchell, E., Ramia, G. and Overgaard, C. (2020). The Experience of International Students Before and During COVID-19: Housing, work, study, and wellbeing. Sydney: University of Technology Sydney. 

Informed News & Analysis

Alan Morris, Catherine Hastings, Emma Mitchell, Gaby Ramia &  Shaun Wilson (2020) ‘No one would even know if I had died in my room’: coronavirus leaves international students in dire. The Conversation, August 13. 
Danielle Couch (2020) Bendigo Monash School of Rural Health researcher studies coronavirus apps. Bendigo Advertiser, August 11.
Angela Lehmann (2020) What we have lost: International education and public diplomacy. The Lowy Institute, August 10. 
Zlatko Skrbis (2020) ACU’s new VC Skrbis is to offer Catholic mission and job-skills. The Australian, August 10. 
Zlatko Skrbis (2020) Sociologist Zlatko Skrbis takes over as ACU’s fourth Vice Chancellor. Catholic Voice, August 10. 
James Arvanitakis (2020) Arvanitakis on American politics: Less than 90 days to the election. Open Forum, August 8.
Danielle Couch (2020) Time to diversity COVID app offering. The Australian, August 7.
Michelle Peterie, Greg Marston, Philip Mendes, Shelley Bielefeld, Zoe Staines and Steven Roche (2020) The 'Hidden Costs' of Compulsory Income Management. Economic Justice Australia, August 12. 
Adam Possamai and Anna Halafoff (2020) Max Weber at 100: On modernity and a disenchanted world. ABC Radio: Soul Search, August 9.
Social Sciences Week
Social Sciences Week is gaining on us fast. Below are events either being organised by TASA members or that have TASA members as speakers (or both!). If we have missed including your event, please email Sally so that it can be listed in next week's newsletter. You can view all other events via the SSW Website
Dinesh Wadiwel – Industrial animal agriculture, environment and COVID-19: Thinking again about the place of animals in our food systems (& other talks) for Social science through a multispecies lens. September 7, 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Nicole Peel: Connecting vulnerable populations with nature. September 8, 1:00 - 3:00pm
Barrie Shannon, Gemma Killen &  Megan Sharp: Genders and Sexualities in Sport: Theorising the State of Play
Karen Farquharson (& others) as speaker for Black Lives Matter at the University of Melbourne. September 10, 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Ben Spies-Butcher: US election 2020: Crisis and opportunity. September 16, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Thematic Groups
Applications for the second round of Thematic Group funding are due on September 1st, 5pm. This funding is for applications for activities between January 1st and June 30 2021. Due to the uncertainty around COVID restrictions, TASA will not be supporting any face to face activities in this funding round. Instead, groups are encouraged to submit proposals for online events or other activities. Conveners can refer to the TG Conveners Manual for full details and contact either Sara or Sally with questions regarding the funding. If you are not a convener but you have an idea for an event, we encourage you to reach out to the relevant TG convener/s.
TASA Publications

Journal of Sociology

The Journal of Sociology’s next Virtual Special issue is out now: A Sociology of Youth: Defining the Field edited by Professor Johanna Wyn:
The Journal of Sociology - Volume: 56, Number: 2 (June 2020) is now available. 
The Table of Contents can be viewed here.  To access each article, please click here.

Health Sociology Review

The Health Sociology Review Special Section – Sociology and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic is now available. You can access all the articles, which are open access for 60 days, via the HSR website here.

Jobs Board

The Jobs Board enables you to view current employment opportunities. As a member, you can post opportunities to the Jobs Board directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Employment Opportunities
PhD Scholarships
New: HDR candidate opportunities. There are several available and some with TASA members as supervisors
The Alfred Deakin Institute and Deakin Science and Society Network are seeking individuals who are passionate about pursuing Science and Technology Studies (STS) as part of a fully-funded and well-supported PhD program. STS is a multidisciplinary field that explores how cultural and political forces shape technology, scientific knowledge and society.
Application deadline: September 30. Read on... 

Scholarships Board

The Scholarships Board enables you to view available scholarships that our members have posted. Like the Jobs Board, as a member, you can post scholarship opportunities directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Scholarship Opportunities
Other Events, News & Opportunities

Prize Opportunity

New: 2020 Paul Bourke Awards for Early Career Research
The Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia  
The Awards honour Australians in the early part of their career who have achieved excellence in scholarship in one or more fields of the social sciences.
Nomination deadline: Monday 31 August. Read on...


Anthropology & Sociology Seminar Series
Semester 2, 2020, Fridays: 2.30-3.30pm AWST
The organisers are delighted to be able to welcome some international and interstate presenters this semester, including fellow member Ash Watson (August 28), as well as quite a number of PhD candidates fulfilling their milestone requirements. 
For full details, read on... 

Call for Papers

Complicity: Methodologies of power, politics, and the ethics of knowledge production (Special Issue and edited monograph)
The annual Sociology of Health and Illness journal monograph is this year focused on 'methodological complicity'. Global inequalities, colonial legacies, and the innumerable power imbalances striating the social world have never been more pertinent to social studies of health and illness.
Submission deadline: August 21. Read on...

Call for Book Chapters 

Social Control Policies - Governing Human Lives and Health in Times of Pandemics
300 words suggestions to be submitted by 31st of May.
Chapters will be due by 30th of November, 2020. 
Read on...


International Australian Studies Association (InASA) have revised their conference dates to 8-10 February 2021. 
The have reopened the call for papers with the new abstract deadline of 31 August. They also invite applicants for the postgraduate bursary scheme by 30 August.
For details about abstracts and the postgraduate bursaries, read on... 
TASA Documents and Policies
You can access details of TASA's current Executive Committee 2019-2020 as well as documents and policies, including the Constitution, Code of Conduct, Grievance Procedures & TASA History
Accessing Online Materials & Resources
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TASA members have access to over 90 peer-reviewed  Sage Sociology full-text collection online journals encompassing over 63,000 articles. The image on the left shows you where to access those journals, as well as the Sage Research Methods Collection & the Taylor and Francis Full Text Collection, when logged in to TASAweb. 

Gift Memberships

Gift memberships are available with TASA.  If you would like to purchase a gift membership, please email the following details through to the TASA Office:

1. Name of gift recipient;
2. email address of gift recipient;
3. the membership category you are gifting (see the available Membership Categories & Fees); and
4. who the Tax Invoice should be made out to.

Upon receiving the above details, TASA will email the recipient with full details on how they can take up the gift membership. You will receive the Tax Invoice, via email, after the recipient completes the online membership form.

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