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Date: 5/6/2021
Subject: From one of our members: #Budget4Justice
From: TASA Applied Sociology TG Convenor

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Urgent message from one of our members: #Budget4Justice

Hi everyone, 


As mentioned at the last Applied Sociology catch up, I'm involved with an emerging network of gender equality advocates across Australia called The Shift. We aim to better connect advocates (in our personal and professional capacities across policy, activism, creative arts, journalism, academia and more), create reflective spaces to inform our intersectional practice, and build our collective power.

With the Federal Budget right around the corner and so many calls for change from the public, we are advocating for intersectional gender responsive budgets (GRB). Would love for individuals to promote on your socials, whether in your personal capacity or your professional hat on through your organisations. Understanding the challenges with academics/consultants and activism, a sociological 

Here's a snippet of our social media messaging, please do share with your friends, allies, and networks. If you'd like a copy of our social media plan to support the campaign over the next few days please let me know.

The 2021/22 Federal Budget will contain measures designed to improve women’s economic security and possibly their safety. We are concerned that simply choosing a few projects to fund ignores the need to reform our budget process and our economic systems.

We want intersectional gender responsive budgets (GRB). For more information about GRB, see the Equality Rights Alliance’s two-page explainer attached.

#Budget4Justice (primary tag)
#GenderResponsiveBudgeting or #GRB
Example posts:
We need a #GenderResponsiveBudgeting AKA #GRB to allow cultural change and our chance to be heard. Listen to women #Budget4Everyone.
Great to see [insert announcement here]. This is a step forward, but the job won’t be done until the whole budget is inclusive for women #Budget4Justice #Budget4Everyone #GenderResponsiveBudgeting #Auspol

Accounts to @:
@joshfrydenburg (Treasurer)
@treasury_au (Treasury – especially for tweets about GRB)
@Birmo (Yes, really. Minister for Finance to you.)
@AusGovFinance (Department of Finance – especially for tweets about GRB)
@MarisePayne (Minister for Women)
@Anne_Ruston (Minister for Women’s Safety)
@SenatorHume (Minister for Women’s Economic Security)
@Stoker_aj (Assistant Minister for Women)
@MichaelSukkarMP (Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Housing)
@SenatorCash (Minister for Employment, Skills and Small and Family Business)

Contact Sienna Aguilar via for more information.



Sienna Aguilar
(She, hers)

0411 851 532 

“There is a conversation in the room that only these people at this moment can have. Find it.” #EmergentStrategy principle (in the lineage of adrienne maree brown)


I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which I live, work, and play, the Biddegal/Bidjigal/Bedegal people of the Eora Nation. I acknowledge their Elders past, present, and emerging, caring for Country for future generations. This land was, is, and always will be, Aboriginal land.