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Date: 6/16/2021
Subject: TASA Members' Newsletter June 17
From: TASA

Dear ~~first_name~~, 
Our TASA Thursdays session next week, June 24th, is for retired members and will be hosted by Roger Wilkinson.
Meeting ID: 880 0244 6665 Passcode: 754340
Note, nominations for our Early Career Researcher – Best Paper Prize close very soon on June 30.
Can you help us? We are looking for current contact details for fellow member Helen Meekosha (the UNSW email address we have for Helen is bouncing). If you have means of contacting Helen, could you please ask her to email Sally in TASA Admin
Abstract submissions for TASA Thematic Week will close on Monday July 12.
For details about TASA November and the available funding for face to face events, please visit our TASA November webpage. The deadline for funding applications is Monday July 12.
Save the Dates
Critical Indigenous Studies thematic group conveners Bronwyn Carlson and Tristan Kennedy, both at Macquarie University, will be speaking about their social media work for TASA Thursdays on July 22ndMore details to follow. 
Liz Dean, University of Melbourne, Ann Lawless & John McGuire, co conveners of the Sociology and Activism Thematic Group, and James Godfrey, University of London, will be discussing Protest Songs for TASA Thursdays on August 26More details to follow. 
Tim Graham, Queensland University of Technology, will be speaking on Social media and misinformation for TASA Thursdays on October 28More details to follow. 
Lizzie Knight, Victoria University, will be speaking on 'Assumed parenting roles and the systemic gaps in education and justice systems' for TASA Thursdays on November 25th. More details to follow. 
Members' Engaging Sociology


Barbalet, Jack (2001). The Theory of Guanxi and Chinese Society. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

The Theory of Guanxi and Chinese Society
The concept of guanxi is used extensively in Chinese society. Loosely understood as 'connections' or 'networks', it refers to long-term mutually reinforcing exchanges between individuals based on affective and normative commitments. This book comprehensively examines the nature and background of this extremely significant and distinct feature of Chinese social, political, economic, and business relations. It takes account of the major theoretical frameworks that relate to the long-term connections that are developed to pursue instrumental advantage in a society marked by relatively weak legal and regulatory institutions.

The book locates such theorizing in the major features of the rapidly evolving Chinese market society. Yet it also pays attention to the historical origins and cultural sources of a highly particularistic approach to the acquisition of social and material resources — an approach which relies on obligatory relations of favour exchange between persons who self-consciously and strategically select their associates and goals. Read on... 

Forthcoming book (6th July 2022): Claudia Radiven & Simon Prideaux (Eds.) (2021) Crimes of States and Powerful Elites: A Collection of Case Studies. Anthem Press. 

Crimes of States and Powerful Elites
This book explores fourteen international case studies of ‘crimes of the powerful’, both contemporary and historical. As such, it explores a hidden and often unknown area of criminal and immoral activity beyond the more commonly studied field of conventional or ‘street’ crimes. It offers a unique insight into different examples of criminality and immorality enacted by the powerful, including corporations, states and criminal networks. The case studies include little-known and more widely known events, offering a critical sociological or forensic analysis of each case. By doing so, the book explores what kinds of criminality or immorality the case exemplifies and identifies key contextual and legislative factors facilitating their occurrence and limiting the perpetrators’ accountability. The critical analytical approach situates the case studies within the wider context and considers the role of social, political and other factors, such as neoliberalism, colonialist histories, inequalities of race and gender and globalisation in their facilitation of particular kinds of immoral or criminal acts. Fundamentally, it explores the legacies of social harm produced by the case study events and how these have played out over time. Read on... 

Journal Articles

Elizabeth Kemper, Karen Willis, & Andrea Simpson (2021) 'When you are on your own, everything is your responsibility': Experiences of audiologists and audiometrists working in rural Australia. Australian Journal of Rural Health,  2021 Jun 10. doi: 10.1111/ajr.12711. Online ahead of print.
Aaron Hart & Julie Connolly (2021) Commonwealth place-based policies for addressing geographically concentrated disadvantage: A typology. Australian Journal of Public Administration. 
Tania L. King & Karla Elliott (2021) Why Gender Equality Is Good for Men's Health and Why This Matters NowAmerican Journal of Preventive Medicine. DOI:
Barbalet, Jack (2021). Violence and Politics: Reconsidering Weber’s Politics as a Vocation. Sociology. 55(1): 56-70.) 

Barbalet, Jack (2021). Tripartite Guanxi: Resolving Kin and Non-kin Discontinuities in Chinese Connections. Theory and Society. 50(1): 151-173. [full access]

Barbalet, Jack (2021). The Analysis of Chinese Rural Society: Fei Xiaotong Revisited. Modern China. 47(4): 355-82.

Barbalet, Jack (2021). Where does Guanxi come from? Bao, Shu and Renqing in Chinese Connections. Asian Journal of Social Science. 49(1): 31-37.  [full access]

Informed News & Analysis

For tips from fellow members on getting published in The Conversation (TC), click here. For some members' articles published in TC between 2013 & 2019, click here. To find out what can happen after publishing in TC, read on...



Barbara Barbosa Neeves (2021) Aged care: How do we honour our obligations to the elderly?  ABC Radio, June 3.
Thematic Groups
Cultivating ethical online communication in an era of digital disinformation: Journalists and online community managers as agents of change
Media Thematic Group webinar
Host: Rick Spencer. Speaker: Jay Thompson
Friday, July 2. 1:00pm - 2:00pm AEST
Meeting ID: 837 6228 5753. Passcode: 659194
TASA’s Emotions & Affect and Health Thematic Groups are excited to announce a call for papers for a joint symposium on ‘Hope and Empathy in Uncertain Times’. Hosted by RMIT’s Social and Global Studies Centre, with generous support from TASA, the event will take place at RMIT’s Melbourne city campus on 28-29 October with keynotes by Professor Simone Fullagar (Griffith University) and Dr Signe Ravn (University of Melbourne). Abstracts due 11 July. For the CfP and more details check out: 'Hope and Empathy in Uncertain Times' Symposium
Sociology and Disability Justice Transforming our World
A Critical Disability Studies thematic group 2021 Social Sciences Week event
Thursday September 9, 10:00am - 11:30am AEST.
Speakers: Judy Singer, Ryan Thorneycroft, Raelene West, & Lizzie Knight
Chair: Karen Soldatic
For speaker bios and registration details, read on... 
High School Competition
TASA's Sport & Leisure thematic group is organising an essay/video contest for secondary school students (year 10, 11, 12). With participation in sport increasing in Australia, especially among girls and young women, and with major sporting events on the horizon (Tokyo Olympics, Women’s World Cup 2023, Queensland bid for 2032 Olympics), it is time to engage students with sociology and how it can help explain various issues in sport and social life more broadly. Sports and leisure activities are a large part of many young people’s life and thus, the topic lends itself perfectly to introduce secondary school students to the sociology of sport. Students will be invited to write a 600-word essay or produce a 3 minute YouTube video covering the role of sport/leisure in society. Applicants should incorporate at least ONE key sociological issue: gender, class, sexuality, ethnicity into their answer.

If you would like to help the group promote this competition in your (school) network, you can use this flyer.  Also, the conveners are looking for books on sociology on sport and/or leisure to compile for the prizes for the winning students. If anyone has copies left of their inspiring work and is willing to share for this competition, please contact us via email:,,
For more information, read on...
2021 TASA Awards
TASA Awards open for nominations this year include:
  • Early Career Researcher - Best Paper Prize: nominations close June 30
  • Postgraduate Impact & Engagement Award: nominations close July 31
This year, judging panels will also be assessing for the:
  • Best Paper in Health Sociology Review; and the
  • Best Paper in the Journal of Sociology.
You can access details about each award, and the nomination process/form, via TASAweb's Awards page
TASA Publications

Journal of Sociology - Carer's Bursary

The editors of the Journal of Sociology are inviting applications from the community of sociological scholars, who are TASA members, for a Carer’s Bursary funded by TASA.

This bursary is in response to a noticeable drop in submissions by authors with caring responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bursary totals $1000 for an author who has experienced disruption to publication outputs during COVID-19.
Applications close June 21st. For the full details, see the bursary webpage here.

Journal of Sociology - call for expressions of interest

Call for expressions of interest to guest edit a special issue of the Journal of Sociology for 2023.  The deadline for submissions, of no more than 3000 words in length, is Monday 21st June and they need to go to Allegra Schermuly, Managing Editor of the Journal. For details, read on...

Health Sociology Review -open access articles

There are currently 12 Health Sociology Review open access articles that you can access here.
New: Teaching
Expressions of interest are sought to teach into an undergraduate course on social and public policy in Semester 2, 2021 at The University of Notre Dame Australia (Sydney campus). Please send your expression along with a brief summary of your experience teaching this type of course, your CV and your availability. Please contact Louise if would like a copy of the course description and course learning outcomes.
Research Fellow (2 positions)
Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne
The two positions will be supporting the ARC-funded Life Patterns research program.
Applications close: June 27. Read on... 
Content Expert 
A content expert is needed to author the content for the area ‘training and mentoring’. Academic records or working experiences in the communication for development sector as well as experience working in or with members of the Pacific Islands are beneficial, however, not crucial for this position. More about the project can be found here.
For more information and background about the job please contact the project manager Nicola Wunderlich (Mobile: +61 409745846) 
There are many members of TASA who are looking for work, from sessional teaching through to applied consultancy research. Our 'Looking for Work' registry is to provide a way for our members who are looking for work to connect with people looking to employ sociologists. We also acknowledge many of our members are employed precariously, and we hope this registry might help in building connections and networks towards more stable employment.
Note, if you are looking for work you can list yourself in the 'Looking for Work' registry via your membership profile. Click on the Additional Member Data tab and scroll down to the question 'Are you looking for work?' After selecting 'yes' to that question, your details will appear in our publicly searchable 'Find a Sociologist' directory. Please contact TASA Admin if you need assistance adding your details. 
If you would like to be spotlighted in our newsletter as someone looking for work, please email TASA Admin, and attach a profile image that can be used in the spotlight and include a bio outlining your location, highest qualification, areas of expertise, the type of work you are looking for, and whether you are in a position to relocate etc. 

Jobs Board

The Jobs Board enables you to view current employment opportunities. As a member, you can post opportunities to the Jobs Board directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Employment Opportunities
PhD Scholarships
PhD Scholarship – Life Patterns project
University of Melbourne
Life Patterns is offering two PhD scholarships in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education to undertake qualitative and/or quantitative projects using data from the project, which has been following the lives of young Australians since the early 1990s. In the second half 2021, the project will recruit a new cohort of young Australians to examine their pathways following the pandemic. Please contact Associate Professor Hernán Cuervo ( or Dr Jenny Chesters ( for more information.
Application deadline: August 15. Read on...
Antiracist Curriculum in Early Childhood Doctoral Scholarship
Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne
Application deadline: July 5. Read on... 
PhD Scholarship – Monitoring & Evaluating Climate Communication & Education
Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne
Application deadline: July 31. Read on...
PhD scholarship exploring the experiences of borderline personality among young people
Social and Global Studies Centre at RMIT University
For more information, read on... 
Social practices of oral health in Australian preschool children
The University of Western Australia
Application deadline extended: June 20.  Read on... 
PhD fellowship in Critical Disability Studies
Carleton University, Canada
Application deadline: June 30. Read on...  

Scholarships Board

The Scholarships Board enables you to view available scholarships that our members have posted. Like the Jobs Board, as a member, you can post scholarship opportunities directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Scholarship Opportunities
Other Events, News & Opportunities

Call for Participants

Were you a PhD or higher degree research student in Australia in 2020?
Tell us how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted you and your research!

This project is investigating the wellbeing of higher degree research (HDR) students throughout 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. The study comprises a 40-minute survey with questions about your demographics, wellbeing, and the impact of the pandemic.
After completion you can enter the draw to win one of five $100 gift cards.
To read the consent form and participate, read on...

Dennis Leslie Mahoney Prize in Legal Theory

The Julius Stone Institute of Jurisprudence in The University of Sydney Law School invites entries for the Dennis Leslie Mahoney Prize in Legal Theory 2021. The Prize will be awarded to the author or authors of the entry that, since 30 June 2016, has best advanced the sociological approach to jurisprudence. The winner of the Prize will receive AU$50,000 and may also be invited to participate in the activities of the Julius Stone Institute of Jurisprudence for up to one semester and to deliver the Julius Stone Address.
Nomination deadline: June 30. Read on...


An Exploration of (cisgender) WSU staff's understanding of trans and gender diversity
With fellow member Lucy Nicholas
Wednesday July 21st 4:30pm, Liverpool or Zoom
Email to register for on campus or zoom. 

World Convention

Conflict, Confinement and Immorality
Taiwan, 22nd - 25th March, 2022 
Abstract submission deadline: September 10. Read on... 


Sociology of Vulnerabilities and Resistance: New and Emerging Challenges on Lives, Communities, and Places.
The Philippine Sociological Society
Online, October 1 - 5, 2021
Speakers include our immediate past president, Dan Woodman
Post Porto Alegre ISA Forum RC 54: Sociology of the body in COVID time.
2nd - 4th September, 2021
Featuring fellow member Raewyn Connell as one of the keynotes
The Body in the Social Sciences
II International Seminary Body and Culture (CBCE) Bodies in the Pandemic Context
Abstract submission deadline: July 30th. Read on...
Call for Session Proposals
Proposals are invited for sessions at RC20 Regional Conference on Comparative Sociology & The 2nd RC33 Regional Conference on Social Science Methodology.
Submission deadline: July 30. Read on...
Philippine Sociological Society's International Conference seeks to bring in a range of diverse voices that can problematize, theorize, and empirically analyze the various experiences of vulnerability, precarity and resistance. They invite presentations from sociologists and social scientists from around the world about their recent research and think pieces particularly on vulnerabilities and resistance. The conference is open to individual presentations and panel proposals.
For inquiries, email
Abstracts should not be longer than 250 words and should be submitted through this link
For panel submissions, submit via
Submission deadline: July 15. Read on...
Cultural Studies Association of Australasia - Bodies in Flux
1 - 3 December, Edith Cowan University, Perth
Submission deadline extended: July 30th. Read on...
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Submitting Newsletter Items
We encourage you to support your colleagues by sharing details of your latest publications with them via this newsletter. No publication is too big or too small. Any mention of sociology is of value to our association, and to the discipline, so please do send through details of your latest publication (fully referenced & with a link, where possible) for the next newsletter, to TASA Admin. Usually, the newsletter is disseminated every Thursday morning.
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