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Being-With and Being-For Animals:The Status and Role of Method in Contemporary Sociological Animal Studies


Symposium Monday July 8th, 2019



Being-With and Being-For Animals:

The Status and Role of Method in Contemporary Sociological Animal Studies

This symposium, jointly hosted by The Australian Sociological Association and the School of Sociology at the Australian National University, will focus on examining the ways in which animals are now coming to be sensed, experienced, known and re/presented in contemporary sociological research. With what tools, and with what approaches, might sociologists continue to push for alternative frameworks of being- with and being-for animal life? What scope might there be for more experimental and speculative approaches towards researching animals and human-animal relations in sociology? What might the reinvigorated appreciation for animal life entail for the inherited methodological legacy that inscribes humans at the centre of ‘the social’? And, crucially, what sorts of emphasis needs to be placed on the political and ethical implications of empirical research involving animal life?

We seek contributions in the form of 15-20 minute presentations exploring these questions and similar kinds of issues relating the role of method in contemporary sociological animal studies. Please send a short biography (50 words maximum) and abstract (no longer than 200 words) by EXTENDED TO JUNE 3RD to:


Keynote Speakers:

Dr Nik Taylor

Dr Dinesh Wadiwel