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Sociologists looking for work

There are many members of TASA who are looking for work, from sessional teaching through to applied consultancy research. We have created this registry to provide a way for our members who are looking for work to connect with people looking to employ sociologists. We also acknowledge many of our members are employed precariously, and we hope this registry might help in building connections and networks towards more stable employment.

If you are a sociologist looking for work, we invite you to complete the below form to be listed in our public registry of sociologists looking for work. We are using Google Docs to manage this registry, so you will need an account with Google to complete the form and to update your information in the future. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns. To keep the information in our registry current, we may periodically invite you to update your details. We may also remove listings that have not been updated for more than one year.