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TASA memberships are available here. The fees are based on country of current residence and are divided into 3 categories (Cat.), A, B and C, according to the Gross National Income of the economy of countries. Australia is a category A country. Memberships vary in length from one to five years. For full details, scroll down to Membership Fees sections below.

TASA is a vibrant and dynamic association and membership provides many practical benefits, including the Journal of Sociology, online access to Sage sociology journals, Health Sociology Review and other Taylor & Francis journals, Conference discounts, eligibility for prestigious awards, and access to self-promote in the Members’ Newsletter, TASA Blog & Nexus as well as access to the members-only section of TASAweb. TASA encourages student membership, with discounted rates, and is particularly attuned to the interests of postgraduate members by advertising scholarship and early career positions. TASA membership provides an avenue to network with sociologists and keep in touch with sociological developments in Australia and across the globe.

TASA membership is open to anyone, globally, with an interest in sociology. There are no registration or qualification requirements, except for the completion of the membership form and the payment of the membership fee. TASA members are expected to act according to the Ethical Guidelines of the Association and abide by its Constitution and other policies, which can be accessed from the Terms and Conditions page.

If you would like to gift a membership to someone, please see the instructions below.

Membership Benefits

TASA membership offers sociologists numerous ways to enhance their careers through professional activities, scholarly information exchange and networking opportunities. Member benefits include:

  1. Online access to the Sage Sociology full-text collection (91 peer-reviewed journals encompassing over 63,000 articles);
  2. Online access to the Sage Research Methods collection (Full-text books, References, Little Green Books (quantitative), Little Blue Books (qualitative), Cases, Datasets, a Project Planner feature & Podcasts);
  3. The Journal of Sociology (JoS) – four hard-copy issues per year published by SAGE (available for the non-student income levels between $29, 000 & $113,000 plus categories);
  4. Online access to the Health Sociology Review and a collection of other Taylor & Francis sociology titles;
  5. Nexus publication opportunities
  6. The choice to be listed on the TASA Directory of Expertise database for use by the media, government agencies and researchers who wish to locate sociologists with particular areas of expertise;
  7. Thematic Group membership;
  8. Having your book listed on the TASA New Books web page, Tweeted about and included in the Members’ Newsletter;
  9. If you record your book launch and send it to us we will upload it to TASA’s Soundcloud and promote that too;
  10. Member conference registration discount of over $100;
  11. Targeted email service for making contact with sociologists and sociology students, who are TASA members, for a specific need.
  12. Postgraduate web site, Facebook, Annual PhD Workshop, Postgraduate Conference Scholarships, and Postgraduate representation on the TASA Executive Committee;
  13. Substantial membership and conference discount rates for student membership;
  14. Online TASA Directory listing members’ research interests and contact details. The directory is a real-time, fully searchable and updatable database that is particularly useful for locating potential supervisors and examiners as well as for networking;
  15. Members Newsletter: self-promotion opportunities and access to the latest information on new jobs, scholarships, publications and conferences;
  16. Members-only section of TASAweb: access to publications and the online TASA Directory;
  17. The option of being listed on TASA’s publicly searchable database for use by the media, government agencies and researchers who wish to locate sociologists with particular areas of expertise;
  18. Member discount rates for conference registration at the American, British, Irish and New Zealand sociological association annual conference;
  19. Eligibility for TASA Awards: Jean Martin Award, Raewyn Connell Prize, Stephen Crook Memorial Prize, Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology, TASA Sociology in Action Award, TASA Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching in Australian Sociology, Best Paper in the Journal of Sociology,  Best Paper in Health Sociology Review, ECR Best Paper, Jerzy Zubrzycki Postgraduate Conference Scholarship, TASA Postgraduate Conference Scholarship, TASA Conference Scholarship for Sociologists Outside Academe, Outstanding Service to TASA Award, Conference Scholarship for TASA Members with Disabilities, and the TASA Honours Student Award;
  20. Free event advertising in the TASA weekly newsletter;
  21. Access to bonus offers exclusive to TASA members:

    1. 15% discount from Footprint Books & 30% discount on all SAGE journal subscriptions
    2. 20% discount off all books published by Taylor & Francis

    Note: please mention your TASA membership number when ordering direct from the publishers

TASA membership is tax deductible and GST inclusive

Membership fees are determined by a graded scale according to income. Memberships are for one year from the date of payment. Two, three, four and five year memberships are available. Renewing members are urged to pay their fees by the due date to ensure timely delivery of their journals and to receive the latest sociological news and information from the newsletter. Secure Online Membership Application Form

Membership Categories & Fees

Income levels & fees are in Australian Dollars

1 year

2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years
High School Students* $10.52
Undergraduate Students* $21.05
Postgraduate Students* $55.07
*School Teacher $55.07
$0 – $28,999* $55.07
$29,000 – $62,999 $150.17 $291.17 $432.18 $576.67 $713.32
$63,000 -$112,999 $277.65 $542.39 $798.44 $1066.28 $1318.14
$113,000 plus $338.10 $661.28 $975.65 $1298.34 $1606.01
Retired (life)** $441.85

*Multi-year memberships are not available for these membership categories.

**This is a one-off fee for a life membership. To be eligible for the ‘retired’ category you need to have been a TASA member for at least 6 of the previous 10 years.

Non-Australian Resident Membership Categories and Fees

In line with the International Sociological Association’s (ISA) membership fee structure, from 2015, TASA membership fees are based on country of current residence. The fees are based on country of current residence and are divided into 3 categories (Cat.), A, B and C, according to the Gross National Income of the economy of countries. Australia is a category A country as are several other countries. Please view the categories to find out which one your country of residence falls into. You can then join here.

Please note: fees are in Australian Dollars

Category 1 year
Cat. B Student $18.13
Cat. B Regular $37.31
Cat. C Student $9.06
Cat. C Regular $12.78

Gifting a membership

Gift memberships are available with TASA.  If you would like to purchase a gift membership, please email the following details through to the TASA Office:

  1. First name of gift recipient;
  2. email address of gift recipient;
  3. the membership category you are gifting (see the Membership Categories & Fees section above);
  4. the cost of the membership; and
  5. who the Membership Invoice should be made out to;

Upon receiving the above details, TASA will email the recipient with full details on how they can take up the complimentary membership.  You can view that letter in both Word (39kb) and Pdf (159kb) formats. You will receive an invoice, via email, after the recipient accepts the gift by completing an online membership form.