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2019 – 2022 Health Sociology Review Editors in Chief: Professor Karen Willis and Associate Professor Sarah MacLean

Associate Editors: Katherine Carroll, Megan Williams, Fernando De Maio, Luke Gahan & Kim McLeod

Special Editorial Advisors: Joanne Bryant & Christy Newman

Book Review Editor: Kim McLeod

Managing Editor: Sally Daly

Aims and scope:

Health Sociology Review is an international peer-reviewed journal, which publishes high quality conceptual and empirical research in the sociology of health, illness and medicine.

Published three times per year, the journal prioritises original research papers, papers that advance theory and methodology in the field of health sociology and special issues on matters of central importance to health sociology and related fields.

Review articles are published upon occasion, but must extend conceptual understanding in health sociology, not just review what is known about a particular topic.

Submissions must make a clear contribution to sociological inquiry relevant to health, but may be informed by conceptual and empirical debates from a broader range of health and social sciences. All submissions must demonstrate methodological rigour, adherence to ethical research principles and potential for contribution to knowledge in health, health care and wellbeing.

All manuscript submissions must be less than 7,500 words in length (including all text, footnotes and references). Suggestions for occasional themed special issues are welcomed.

All submissions to Health Sociology Review are subject to double-blind peer review by at least two reviewers.

Health Sociology Review was bought by Taylor & Francis in 2014.

Please note, members can access HSR & other Taylor and Francis journals online via the members section of TASAweb.

Previously entitled The Annual Review of Health Social Sciences, it is published three times a year. TASA members have online access to this journal.

Health Sociology Review – Archives

2015 - 2018 Health Sociology Review Editors in Chief:

2015 – 2018 Health Sociology Review Editors in Chief:  Dr Joanne Bryant & Dr Christy Newman

Associate Editors:
Assistant Professor Peter Nugus, McGill University, Canada
Associate Professor Fernando de Maio, DePaul University, USA

Special Editorial Advisors
Associate Professor Fran Collyer, Department of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Sydney
Professor Peter Aggleton, Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Australia

Book Review Editor:
Dr Sarah Maclean, La Trobe University (Book Review Editor)