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Journal of Sociology







2017 – 2019 Editors in Chief:

A/Prof. Steve Matthewman

Dr Kate Huppatz







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Aims and Scope 

The Journal of Sociology strives to publish original, high quality sociological scholarship in all its forms. We are committed to showcasing theory as well as applied sociology, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative research. We welcome interdisciplinary pieces with concerns that are sociological in nature, in an acknowledgement that sociological thinking takes place across a range of disciplines, such as in cultural, gender and organisation studies, and outside of the academy. The Journal engages in critical debate, through the development of special editions, book reviews, a commitment to emerging scholars and commentary on pressing issues. While the Journal is based in the Southern Hemisphere, and wishes to showcase intellectual works from the Asia-Pacific region, including Indigenous scholarship, we encourage submissions from across the globe.

Managing Editor:

Sky Hugman


  • Associate Professor Catriona Elder, The University of Sydney.
  • Professor Robert van Krieken, Professor of Sociology, Sydney University.
  • Professor Steven Ratuva, Director of Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Canterbury.
  • Dr Joshua Roose, Director of the Institute for Religion, Politics and Society, Australian Catholic University (ECR).
  • Professor Maggie Walter, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Aboriginal Research and Leadership, University of Tasmania.
  • Dr Robert Webb, Senior Lecturer, Criminology, The University of Auckland.
  • Associate Professor Holly Thorpe, Human Development and Movement Studies, The University of Waikato

Book Review Editor: 
Dr Hannah McCann, Gender Studies, University of Melbourne.

The National Expert Advisory Board can be viewed on the Sage website here.

Sample issues of JoS are available.

The Journal of Sociology was founded in 1965 , turning 50 in 2015. JoS Editor-in-Chief, Alphia Possamai-Inesedy has edited an E-Special as part of the celebration of both the Journal of Sociology and The Australian Sociological Association’s (TASA) 50th anniversary. This special issue provides the platform to examine the making of Australian sociology and the place of the Journal in the global sociological dialogue.

In his article Rethinking neoliberalism Mitchell Dean states that “There are many key questions concerning the current status of the notion of neoliberalism”. You can listen to Mitchell discussing his article here.

For further information on this journal, including submitting a manuscript, please go to the Sage website.