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This page was created on March 27, 2014 and is reserved for TASA members to include details of their podcasts. The content needs to be about some aspect of Australian sociology (broadly defined). In 2015, the TASA SoundCloud was established and several podcasts be accessed on it here.

See also Social Science Bites podcast: a series of interviews with leading Social Scientists & Sage Sociology Podcasts.


Peter Walters (28 February, 2019) Creating community in the suburbsABC Radio National, Life Matters.

Nicholas Hookway ( 8 February, 2019) Why are we decluttering like never before? ABC Radio, Hobart.

Joshua Roose (March 20, 2019) What does the Christchurch shooting demand of us? ABC The Minefield. (from the 14:57 minute mark)

Dina Bowman (20 February, 2019) Economic Security – 45+ is when age discrimination starts to creep in to the workforceABC Radio (from 1:35.35 mark)

Greg Martson (18 February, 2019) Income Management in Context: An Introduction to Conditional Welfare. Income Management Study.

Keith Jacobs (February 2019) Housing and Financialisation (from 1:31 min) International Journal of Housing Policy.

Shanthi Robertson (January 27, 2019) How are young Australians affected by gap years?2ser 107.3


Zoei Sutton and Nick Pendergrast (26 November, 2018) Pets and Animal LiberationFreedom of Species, 3CR 855AM 

Nicholas Hookway (23 November, 2018) The impact of loneliness on menABC Hobart.

Nicholas Hookway (13 December, 2018) Australian men are prone to loneliness. Presented as part of Social Sciences Week. ABC Radio, Big Ideas.

Nicholas Hookway (26 October, 2018) Celebrity and royalty: is it one and the same? ABC Radio, Hobart.

Sue Malta et al. (9 November, 2018) Sex and the senior — what does intimacy look like as you grow older? ABC Radio National, Life Matters

Nicholas Hookway (12 October, 2018) The ‘what do you do’ conversation. On Your Afternoon with Lucie Cutting, ABC Hobart.

Steve Roberts (September 4, 2018). Up Your Class: a look at class in Australia with comedians Nelly Thomas and Dave O’Neil plus Shane Laing a genuine working class man.

Crystal Abidin (2018). SocietyNow: Why study ‘frivolous’ topics like internet celebrity and selfie culture?

Steve Roberts (17 September, 2018). Young Working-Class Men in TransitionNew Books – Sociology.

Nicholas Hookway (13 September, 2018). Talkback: distracted parenting in the age of the smart phoneABC Life Matters.

Dan Woodman (August 8, 2018). What are the chances of young people getting work? ABC Overnights

Na’ama Carlin (August 8, 2018). Na’ama Carlin on dissonant universities” Chattersquare

Nicholas Hookway (August 17, 2018). Young adults staying at home longer than before. ABC Hobart

Lesley Pruitt & Helen Berents. (May 25, 2018). Peace and gender: Behind the refugee stereotypes. MOJO NEWS.

Kay Cook, ‘Government urged to review welfare cuts as child poverty increases in Australia‘. ABC Radio National, Breakfast with Fran Kelly

Nicholas Hookway, ‘The good, the bad and the history of Australia’s obsession with sport‘. ABC Hobart

John Scott, ‘Male Escorting- A Sociological Study‘.

Nicholas Hookway, ‘The rise of the barbershop, masculinity and hipster culture‘, ABC Hobart with Helen Sheilds (from 6:30 minutes)

Crystal Abidin, ‘Influencers, youth cultures online, the place of platforms and traditional media‘. The Human Show. WorldPodcasts

Nicholas Hookway, ‘How neighbouring changes when communities do.’ ABC Hobart with Lucille Cutting

Mark Western, ‘Class Act part one: Where we sit?‘ ABC Radio National, Big Ideas

Val Colic-Peisker & Dan Woodman, ‘Class Act part two: How we got here?‘ABC Radio National, Big Ideas

Jenny Chesters, Mark Western & Dan Woodman,’Class Act part three: The dark hear.’ABC Radio National, Big Ideas

Nicholas Hookway, ‘Is Australia a nation of chocoholics?‘ ABC Radio Hobart, On Your Afternoon with Lucie Cutting

Katherine Carroll, ‘Lactation after loss‘. ABC Radio, Canberra

Nicholas Hookway, ‘Logging out: the Cambridge Analytica ripple effect‘. ABC Radio, Hobart

Nicholas Hookway, ‘Making your donation dollar go further‘. ABC Radio National, Life Matters

Nicholas Hookway, ‘The changing face of charities and why some will struggle to survive‘. ABC Radio, Perth

Kim Toffoletti appeared on ABC radio/podcast The Ticket on Sunday 25 February, taking about findings from her research with Holly Thorpe on sportswomen and branded identity construction on social media (from 33mins onwards).

Dan Woodman, ‘Adolescence Today – It Goes On and On .. ‘ ABC Radio, Overnights

Karen Block, ‘NW Community Radio’s MAD (Making a Difference) Village program features Dr Karen Block talking about sport and social inclusion and her sports participation project, Count Me In

Nicholas Hookway, ‘Is it okay to ask wedding guests to pay?‘ ABC Radio, Hobart

Gavin Smith, ‘Expert: Surveillance: why and how we are being watched

Nick Pendergrast was interviewed by Melanie Tait on ABC Radio (23:20) and his article ‘The perils of pet ownership: your dog isn’t a ‘fur baby’, it’s your property‘. The podcast is available for the next 5 days.

David Rowe: Radio interview with ABC RN about sport and diplomacy, specifically the possible participation of North Korea in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.




  • Mark Bahnisch – Outsiders, Radio National – Sunday Extra