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Shane Duggan: So you’ve got your ATAR, now what? Here are some options
Rebecca Pearse: The federal Climate Policy Review: a recipe for business as usual
Deborah Lupton: The social factors that influence whether you’ll use your wearable device
Dina Bowman & Marcus Banks: People on low incomes are sacrificing basic goods to take out insurance
Jude McCulloch, JaneMaree Maher, Kate Fitz-Gibbon & Sandra Walklate: Finally, police are taking family violence as seriously as terrorism
Philippa Collin: Facebook’s new Messenger Kids app could be good for digital literacy
Zareh Ghazarian, Jacqueline Laughland-Booy & Zlatko Skrbis: Schools are not adequately preparing young Australians to participate in our democracy
Dina Bowman & Francisco Azpitarte: Young people still find it hard to get a job, despite using the same tactics as older job seekers
David Rowe: Sydney’s stadiums debate shows sport might not be the political winner it once was

Alan Morris: Last of the Millers Point and Sirius tenants hang on as the money now pours in
Peter Robinson: Gay rebels: why some older homosexual men don’t support same-sex marriage
Andrew Jakubowicz: How social conservatism among ethnic communities drove a strong ‘no’ vote in western Sydney
Stewart Lockie & Maxine Newlands: Adani aside, North Queensland voters care about crime and cost of living
Larissa Nicholls, Halley McCann, Karyn Bosomworth & Yolande Strengers: High energy costs make vulnerable households reluctant to use air conditioning: study
Erika Altmann: Foreign ownership of housing – how do Australia and New Zealand compare?
David McCallum: How school has been used to control sovereignty and self-determination for Indigenous peoples
Catherine Strong: The 2017 ARIA Awards are still off-key when it comes to gender

Jennifer Power et al: Trust Me, I’m An Expert: a lawyer, a biblical scholar and a fact-checker walk into the same-sex marriage debate…
Christopher Pollard: The philosopher who was too hot for Playboy
Andrew Jakubowicz :Here’s how Australia can act to target racist behaviour online

Jennifer Power: FactCheck: are children ‘better off’ with a mother and father than withsame-sex parents?
Catherine Strong: My favourite album: Hole’s Live Through This
Crystal Abidin: Business Briefing: the ‘get rich quick scheme’ influencing what you buy
Zareh Ghazarian, Jacqueline Laughland-Booy & Zlatko Skrbis: Young Australians are engaged in political issues, but unsure how democracy works

Andrew Jakubowicz: Ethnic religious communities may be the ‘No’ campaign’s secret weapon insame-sex marriage fight
Gary Bouma: ‘No religion’ and Jedi Knight find their place in Australian identity
Janet McCalman & Deborah Warr: Class divide defies social mixing and keeps public housing stigma alive
Catherine Strong: Why are there so few women screen composers? (report from research conducted by Catherine and Fabian Cannizzo)
Michael Flood: Universities have a problem with sexual assault and harassment: here’s how to fix it
Erika Altmann: Downsizing cost trap awaits retirees – five reasons to be wary
Jenny Chesters: Egalitarian or Edwardian? The rising wealth inequality in Australia
Tina Rampino, Mark Western & Wojtek Tomaszewski: The inequality you can’t change that lasts a lifetime
Yolande Strengers & Larissa Nicholls: ‘Smart home’ gadgets promise to cut power bills but many lie idle – or can even boost energy us

Kate Fitz-Gibbon, JaneMaree Maher & Jude McCulloch: Long ignored, adolescent family violence needs our attention
Dan Woodman: From Boomers to Xennials: we love talking about our generations, but must recognise their limits
Shanthi Robertson: Blaming migrants won’t solve Western Sydney’s growing pains
Michael Walsh: The Knowledge City Index: Sydney takes top spot but Canberra punches above its weight
Shanthi Robertson and Kristine Aquino: ​Blaming migrants won’t solve Western Sydney’s growing pains​

Karen Fisher & Sally Robinson: Census shows increase in children with disability, but even more are still uncounted
Gary Bouma: Census 2016 shows Australia’s changing religious profile, with more ‘nones’ than Catholics
Alan Morris: Sydney public housing evictions a policy success? Only if you ignore the high human cost
Robyn Moore: History textbooks still imply that Australians are white
James Arvanitakis: Free textbooks for first-year university students could help improve retention rates
Alex Broom: You should care about your doctor’s health, because it matters to yours
Lucy Nicholas: Catholic schools’ ‘alternative’ to Safe Schools isn’t all that alternative
David Rowe: Anti-siphoning changes a blow to sports fans who want to watch on free-to-air TV
Paul Byron & Brady RobardsThere’s something queer about Tumblr

David Rowe: For cities, hosting major sporting events is a double-edged sword
Ben Spies-Butcher et al.:The strange accounting behind the proposed HECS changes
Ben Spies-Butcher et al.:Budget 2017-18 brings welfare crackdown and increased defence and security funding: experts respond
Erika Altmann: Why Chinese investors find Australian real estate so alluring
Deborah Lupton: The ABC’s Ask the Doctor sends mixed messages about obesity
David Rowe: Live odds ban debate exposes sport and gambling’s uncomfortable mutual dependency
Catherine Strong, James Arvanitakis & colleagues:  Sgt Pepper’s at 50 – the greatest thing you ever heard or just another album?
Alan Morris & colleagues: The insecurity of private renters – how do they manage it? 

Kate Fitz-Gibbon, JaneMaree Maher, Jude McCulloch & Sandra Walklate: Victoria leads the way on family violence, but Canberra needs to lift its game
Gary D Bouma: How religion rises – and falls – in modern Australia
Brad West: How a more divided Turkey could change the way we think about Gallipoli,

Eduardo de la Fuente:  Brutalism, a campus love story – or how I learned to love concrete
Kate Fitz-Gibbon, JaneMaree Maher, Jude McCulloch & Sandra Walklate: Victoria leads the way on family violence, but Canberra needs to lift its game
Paul Henman: After the robo-debt debacle, here’s how Centrelink can win back Australians’ trust
Cathering Strong & Emma Rush: How do you remember a rock god? The complicated legacy of Chuck Berry
Nick Osbaldiston: Contested spaces: conflict behind the sand dunes takes a new turn
Glenda Ballantyne & Amrita Malhi: Interculturalism: how diverse societies can do better than passive tolerance
Andrew JakubowiczThe government’s multicultural statement is bereft of new ideas or policies – why?
Michael Walsh & Edward de la Fuente: Contested spaces: you can’t stop the music – the sounds that divide shoppers
Louise Keogh: Why it might be time to reconsider the money spent on genetics research
Peter Robinson: Faggots, punks, and prostitutes: the evolving language of gay men
Riaz Hassan: Australians aren’t as Islamophobic as we’re led to believe

Marcus Maloney & Steve Roberts: PewDiePie, new media stars and the court of public opinion
Andrew Jakubowicz, et al.: Australians believe 18C protections should stay
David Rowe: Prize fight over live-streamed sport will go on long after the final bell sounds
Karen Fisher: Shared ownership can help make housing affordable for people with disability
Karen Willis & Sophie Lewis: Increased private health insurance premiums don’t mean increased value
James Arvanitakis, Lauren Stanley, Trina Jorre de St Jorre: Young women can budget in the short term but struggle with long-terminvestments: survey
John van Kooy: Middle Eastern migrants aren’t ‘piling on to the dole queue’
Meredith Nash: ‘Fat, bland, boring incubators’: ordinary pregnant women don’t feel like Beyoncé
Andrew Jakubowicz: What did Galaxy’s poll tell us about freedom of speech and 18C? Not what the IPA said it did

David Rowe: Australia needs to make sport a more equal playing field: here’s why
Yolande Strengers, Cecily Maller, Larissa Nicholls: Hot dogs and cool cats: keeping pets cool without blowing your energy bill
Catherine Strong: One year on, we should remember David Bowie as both genius and flawed human,

Larissa Sandy & Anastasia Powell Gender equality in the workplace can prevent violence against women
Kristin Natalier – How child support can better help single mothers
Jennifer Power – Same-sex couples and their children: what does the evidence tell us?

Asher Flynn, Anastasia Powell  & Nicola Henry – Ending ‘revenge porn’: how can we stop sexual images being used to abuse?
Dallas Rogers & Laura Schatz  – An uneasy marriage: planners, public and the market struggle to work well together
Ben Spies-Butcher – A first step on negative gearing, but not much more
Susan Hopkins – ‘Bow down, bitches’: when celebrity feminism goes wrong
Mark Chou & Michael Ondaatje You’re fired! Donald Trump shows rivals how it’s done in entertainment politics
Penny Crofts & Jason PriorChurches would break the law if they gave sanctuary to asylum seekers – but does it matter?
Anastasia Powel – Violence against women: does technology do more harm than good?
Keith Jacobs – How policy success, not failure, has driven Australia’s housing crisis
Anastasia Powell & Terry Goldsworthy – FactCheck Q&A: is domestic violence in Australia on the decline?

David Rowe – The game is changing, baby: Chris Gayle and sexism in cricket
Ashley Barnwell  – Friday essay: Can you keep a secret? Family memoirs break taboos – and trust
Christina Ho & – Eve Vincent –
Gentrification is dividing Australian schools

Rebecca Pearse – Climate justice and an end to fossil fuels: the Paris agreement won’t satisfy activists
Andrew Jakubowicz – Ten years on from the Cronulla riots, how much has really changed?
David Hornsby, James Arvanitakis & Robin Moore – Why the time is right to create a new generation of ‘citizen scholars’
Paul Henman – Are Australian universities getting better at research or at gaming the system?
Fiona Kelly & Deborah Dempsey As Victoria opens sperm donor records, the key question is: do contact vetoes work?
Yolande Strengers – Smart homes promise to end the ‘wife drought’, but where do women fit in?
Jennifer Power – We need more than condoms to prevent HIV in women

Raewyn Connell – Why Australia needs a new model for universities
Jennifer Power – Charlie Sheen and ten million dollars worth of HIV stigma
Anastasia Powell – Change the story: how the world’s first national framework can help prevent violence against women
Nick Pendergrast Don’t judge me: Chris Brown and the real task of tackling violence against women
David Rowe – The player played: Frank Lowy and Australia’s failed World Cup bid
Dallas Rogers, Shanthi Robertson & Ien Ang – Speaking with: Shanthi Robertson and Ien Ang on migrants, refugees and Australia’s place in Asia

Jesse E. Olsen & Andi PekarekHR – who even needs it?
Ben Spies-Butcher – Could a new ‘basic income’ protect Australia’s most vulnerable?
M.Bailey, A.Milka, C. Lyons, D. Lemmings, G.Raeburn, K.Barclay, Roger Patulny, T. Bristow – Liveable cities: who decides what that means and how we achieve it?
Karen Willis & Sophie Lewis – Confused about your private health insurance coverage? You’re not alone
Farida Fozdar –Too close for comfort: contemplating the plight of asylum seekers in From Afar on a Hill
Gary Bouma – Geert Wilders’ brand of Islamophobia won’t find an audience in Australia
Dallas Rogers & Shanthi Robertson – Great wall of xenophobia makes for simplistic foreign investment debate
Kristin Natalier – Tackling economic abuse of women must be part of our domestic violence response
Lain CampbellYouth unemployment ‘crisis’ more about job quality
Gary Wickham – The glory or the ‘gravel’: what keeps fans flocking to the AFL?
David Rowe – Loyalty in sport: who to support if your team is not in the weekend’s footy finals
Catriona Elder – ‘Whitesplaining’: what it is and how it works
Anastasia Powell & Nicola Henry – How can we stem the tide of online harassment and abuse?
Ramon Spaaij & Mark S. Hamm – Parramatta shooting: how much do we really know about ‘lone-wolf’ terrorists?

Anastasia Powell & Kristin Diemer – Young Australians’ views on domestic violence are cause for concern – but also hope
Shanthi Robertson & Martina Boese- Temporary migrants are people, not ‘labour’,
James Arvanitakis – Israel and the BDS debate: two academics respectfully agree to differ

Dallas Rogers – Speaking with: Hayley Saul and Emma Waterton on the Nepal earthquake and the everyday Nepalese hero (Audio)
David Rowe – Playing the woman: Healy and Kyrgios expose sport’s sexism problem
Damian Adams, Deborah Dempsey, Fiona Kelly, Loretta Houlahan, & Roger Cook – Your questions answered on donor conception and IVF
Marg Liddell & Anastasia Powell What’s in a name? Online child abuse material is not ‘pornography’

Elizabeth Webster & Michael GildingChasing the ‘silver sliver’: making sure innovation doesn’t slip through our fingers
Katherine Betts & Bob Birrell – Truthy untruths: behind the facade of the Intergenerational Report


Dallas Rogers – Speaking with: Hazel Easthope on designing for high density living (Audio)
Dan Woodman – Either way, cut workers’ pay: Employers’ shifting case against penalty rates
Jenny Chesters – Test scores aren’t good quality indicators for schools or students
Gary Wickham – The slow politics of dignity for the aged and dying in Australia
Anastasia Powell – No means no: how resistance training for women can stop (some) rape
Matthew Wade – Celebrating Oliver Sacks’ romantic science and a life now ending
Eduardo de le Fuente – More than a fashion choice: the everyday aesthetics of tattooing
Kristin Natalier – What kind of government service puts public on hold for 811 years?

Peter Walters – Without affordable housing, we won’t have a society worth living in
Catherine Strong & Ian Rogers – The Doof Warrior rocks the gender divide in Mad Max: Fury Road
Karen Soldatic & Kim Spurway – Why Aboriginal people need autonomy over their food supply
Gerard Goggin & Kate Ellis – Doing justice to disability: the upside of TEDx’s Stella bungle
Hal Kendig & Andrew Podger – Missed opportunities on coherent pension policy reform
Steven Threadgold – Struggle Street is poverty porn with an extra dose of class racism
Brenton Prosser – What Westminster can learn from minority government in Australia
Richard Denniss & Brenton Prosser – Time to listen to the evidence for a rethink of super tax concessions

Rob White – State of imprisonment: Tasmania escapes ‘law and order’ infection
Tom Barnes & Kevin Lin – China’s growing labour movement offers hope for workers globally
David Rowe – Cricket, commentary and the dollar: Benaud’s legacy is complex
Nicholas Hookway – Belle Gibson shows that most of us care about right and wrong
Gary Wickham – Breaking up is hard to do: how the ALP can differ from the Greens
Philippa Collin – How to engage youth in making policies that work for us all
Kim Toffoletti – Sexually transmitted fandom? Why women really follow AFL
Ashlin Lee – Beyond metadata: the brave new world of big data retention
Sophie Lewis, Karen Willis & Marika Franklin – Explainer: why do Australians have private health insurance?
Dan Woodman – Rising jobless rate means young workers lose in penalty rates deal

Christopher Mayes and Jenny Kaldor – Don’t be surprised by Abbott’s comments about ‘lifestyle choices
Kristy Muir, Abigail Powell & Rose Butler – A whacking stick is not enough to get young people into work
Katherine Betts – The tenuous link between population and prosperity
Brendan Churchill – The IGR focuses on the old, when the future belongs to the young
Ben Spies-Butcher – The real message of the Intergenerational Report should be: we won’t be worse off

Catherine Strong, Ben Wellings & Shanti Sumartojo – Australia is in the Eurovision – please adjust your maps
Brady Robards &  Ariadne Vromen – Logging out? Why young people love to hate Facebook

Yolande Strengers & Larissa Nicholls – Feral o’clock: why families struggle to shift their energy use
Sheree Gregory – Returning to work after childbirth: still a case of ‘managing it all’

Ben Spies-Butcher – Generational war: a monster of our own making
David Rowe & Rodney Tiffen – Staging power: David Williamson’s portrait of Citizen Murdoch
David Rowe – After Phillip Hughes’ death, it’s time for a post-traumatic Test
Kim Toffoletti – Leave Barbie alone – so we can talk about how kids actually play

Alex Broom – Before you go … are you in denial about death?
Sue Malta – Invisible sexuality: older adults missing in sexual health research
Ben Wadham – Royal commission could shine an independent light on defence abuse
David Rowe – Scandals are forever for FIFA as World Cup hosting saga drags on
Deborah Lupton – Does my bum look big in this? The 3D self replica and you
Ben Gook – The Berlin Wall’s fall saw the rise of techno tourism

Kate Johnston-Ataata – ‘I didn’t know who I was anymore’ – myths vs realities of early parenthood
David Rowe and Helen Barcham – Five ways to fight online abuse with good manners
Brendan Churchill & Lisa Denny – Baby Boomers, be nice to your grandkids: they may save Australia
Anastasia Powel & Nicola Henry – More than revenge: when intimate images are posted online
Milad Milani –  The truth about whether Islam is a religion of violence or peace
Vicky Plows – Labelling kids: the good, the bad and the ADHD
Nicholas Hookway and Daphne Habibis – Forget moral decline: Aussies might be getting kinder
Maria Chisari – Is the Australian citizenship test failing ‘Team Australia’?
Bruce Baer Arnold, Caron Beaton-Wells, Elizabeth Savage, Emma Rowe, Jim Gillespie, Michiel Bliemer, Philip Clarke & Russell Miller AM – Harper competition review seeks widespread change: experts react

Christopher Mayes & Jenny Kaldor – Big Food with a Regional Flavour: How Australia’s Food Lobby Works
Sean Gorman & Ramon SpaaijA world away from the MCG, every round is multicultural round
Gary Bouma – Principles of accountability apply to churches and truckers alike
Jennifer Chesters – Do parents know what’s best for schools?
Kitty Te Riele – Flexible learning helps students with disadvantages finish school
Anastasia Powell – Rape culture: why our community attitudes to sexual violence matter
Raewyn Connell – Four decades of thinking gender: the gains, struggles and debates
Deborah Lupton – Wearer be warned: your fitness data may be sold or used against you
Catherine Strong – Amphlett Lane puts rock legacy back on the map, literally

David Rowe – Dead Poets Society meets Team Australia under captain Abbott
David Rowe – Kitsch and Kylie – but one surprise at the Glasgow closing ceremony
Dan Woodman – Before you call for penalty rates to be cut, try working a few Sundays
Jennifer Chesters – Private schooling has little long-term pay-off
Gary Bouma – Clarification of religion in schools signifies greater societal shift
Fiona Haines – Cost benefit analysis can help or hinder good policy
David Rowe – Kitsch and Kylie – but one surprise at the Glasgow closing ceremony
Anna Halafoff & Cathy Byrne –  Religion should be taught secularly in our schools
Sarah Wendt – Why doesn’t she just leave? The realities of escaping domestic violence

David Rowe – A Scottish spectacle of sport and politics: the view from Australia
Peter Robinson – Noted works: After Homosexual
Julia Coffey – Muscle mania: young men aren’t alone with body image concerns
Alan Peterson, Casimir MacGregor, Megan Munsie – Stem cell tourism exploits people by marketing hope
Yvette Maker – Social security review leaves Australia’s carers in limbo
David Rowe – World Cup: round ball, square eyes and hungering to excess

Sue Malta – Video: Why Older Adults Love Online Dating
Mark Jennings – Pentecostal, Pearl Jam – music brings ecstasy to us all
Janet Taylor – Life chances: policy must respond to the real lives of young people
Deborah Lupton – Status anxiety: should academics be using social media?
Johanna Wyn & Hernan Cuervo – Pain now, rewards later? Young lives cannot be relived
Ashlin Lee & Peta Cook – Why Reset the Net falls short in protecting you from surveillance, The Conversation.
Jorge Knijnik and Ramon SpaaijWill the World Cup leave a positive legacy in Brazil?
Sue Malta, Briony Dow & Melanie JoostenWhy caring for Australia’s carers should be a government priority

Johanna Wyn – NAPLAN testing does more harm than good
Clive Bean, Andrew Dodd, Ben Spies-Butcher, Carol Johnson, Frank Jotzo, Helen Dickinson, Janine O’Flynn, Megan Clark, Peter Dean, Rod Lamberts, Susan Harris Rimmer, and Veronica Sheen –  Federal budget 2014: political experts react
Ramon Spaaij, & Dennis Hemphill – Are we doing enough to promote integrity in sport?
Laura Poole-Warren, Alan Dench, Denise Cuthbert, Dick Strugnell and Zlatko Skrbis $20 billion for medical research: but who will do the research?
Melissa Phillips – Manus violence report highlights the futility of offshore processing
Brenton Prosser – It’s not a crime to have ADHD
Ben Spies-Butcher – A fiscal crisis? It’s about political priorities and neglected choices

Anthony Harris, Jim Hyde, Karen Soldatic, Philip Clarke, Rob Moodie, and Stephen Duckett – Commission of Audit’s health hit list: experts respond

Veronica Sheen, Andrew Dodd, Ben Phillips, Ben Spies-Butcher,Geoff Sharrock, Glenn C. Savage, Gwilym Croucher, Helen Dickinson, Janine O’Flynn, Roy Green, Sinclair Davidson – Commission of Audit report released: experts respond

Andrew JakubowiczWhat’s on for SBS in the fight for public broadcasting’s future?
David Rowe – O’Farrell resignation: red wine, political blood and cultural memory
Catherine Strong – Two decades on, what remains of Kurt Cobain?

Alex Broom – Infection control: why doctors over-prescribe antibiotics
Andrew Jakubowicz – Who gets to write the script for our multicultural future?
Andrew Jakubowicz, Kevin Dunn, Rosalie Atie & Yin Paradies – What do Australian internet users think about racial vilification?
Raewyn Connell – What are you waving that Aussie flag for?
David Peetz & Georgina Murray – Class and climate: how financial warfare affects the air
Ben Wadham – The ADF and Julian Knight: a lesson on defence’s culture reform

Cathy Byrne – It’s time to expel religious extremism from schools
Melissa Phillips – Manus riots illustrate a failure of Australia’s refugee protection
David Rowe – Too much sport is barely enough: what makes Roy and HG funny?
Lucas Walsh – By the masses: the emergence of crowdfunded research in Australia
Nick Osbaldiston and George Van Doorn – More than a game: how attached are we to our teams?
Sophew Lewis, Karen Willis & Marika Franklin – Don’t panic! Healthy consumers look online for medical advice
Ben Wadham – With Navy’s record of abuse, asylum boat claims can’t be ignored

Ramon Spaaij & Karen Farquharson – Azarenka, Tsonga and the sexism that chokes women’s tennis
David Rowe – Sport, Sochi and the rising challenge of the activist athlete
Yolande Strengers – Dream homes of the future still stuck in the past
Riaz Hassan – Curriculum review: Western civilisation’s legacy has a dark side
Maria Chisari – A day to celebrate the nation, its people and our multicultural values
Raewyn Connell – King hits: young men, masculinity and violence
Ramon Spaaij – Australia has no ‘soccer hooligan’ problem – but we need a smarter policing approach
Ben Wadham – Operation Sovereign Borders: dignified silence or diminishing democracy?
Melissa Phillips – Peace efforts in South Sudan: could Australia play a bigger role?
David Rowe – The Ashes: six salutary lessons for the media, the nation and sport
Karen Willis, Lynette Mackenzie, & Michelle Lincoln – Private health insurance rebates restrict consumer choice
Yoland Strengers, Cecily Maller, Larissa Nicholls & Sarah Pink – Australia’s rising air con use makes us hot and bothered

Andrew Jakubowicz – The two Tims, the IPA and the future of human rights in Australia
David Rowe – Political favours and the rights of TV sport audiences
Theresa Petray – Punishing truancy is not the answer in Indigenous communities

Emma Rowe – Back to the drawing board on Gonski: no logic in abandoning school reforms
David Rowe – The Ashes: where the indigestible meets the indelible
Catherine Strong – Melbourne Music Week rocks, but don’t take the feedback for granted
Gary Wickham Take a walk on the mild side: the attractions of the political centre
Melissa Phillips Outsourcing refugee policy: theAustralia-Indonesia ‘people swap’
Raewyn Connell Arena at 50: still a model of intellectual activism
Joanne Bryant & Sarah Maclean What do young people gain from drug use?
Katherine Carroll Donating breast milk helps bereaved mothers deal with loss
Deborah Lupton & V. Schmied One body becoming two: how women experience childbirth
Andrew Jakubowicz Does Murdoch’s multiculturalism light Abbott’s path to the future?

Gary Wickham & Jo Goodie The great governmental challenge of climate change
Alan Petersen Invisible ink: the rise of the tattoo removal industry
Ashlin Lee & Peta Cook Watching me watching you (and liking it): surveillance isn’t all bad
Shanthi Robertson ‘Good’ migrants and ‘bad’ migrants: the Coalition’s policy paradox
Theresa Sauter Facebook goes full circle on censorship, like it or not
Brenton ProsserLiving in an i-world: a new way to think about work-life conflict

Roger Wilkinson – Cooking with passion: why audiences still love MasterChef
Ben Wadham – Tidal wave or trickle: treating returning veterans trauma
Ben Wadham – Friend or foe: green on blue killings in Afghanistan

Ben Wadham – Tinkering with tribalism: women and cultural change in the ADF

Ben Wadham – Yumi and Ben: the militarisation of Australia and the democratisation of hate

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