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Edition #3 of So Fi Zine is out now. Featuring sociological fiction and art by TASA members, plus guest editorials by Les Back and Nirmal Puwar. Read it online at

Ashleigh Watson: So Fi is a sociological fiction zine publishing short stories, poetry, photo essays, cartoons, and other creative work. Edition #2 is available online now.

Ashleigh Watson: Making So Fi, a sociological fiction zine

Ashleigh Watson: So Fi – a sociological fiction zine

The following Zines by TASA members are available via the SoFi website here.

Geraldine Donoghue: Waiting, So Fi, p. 6

Fabian Cannizzo: Toward the Ivory Tower, So Fi, p. 9

Jon Gray: The First Explorer, So Fi, p. 13

Anoushka Benbow-Buitenhuis: Peeling Up, So Fi,  p. 36

Nick Osbaldiston: In the Still, So Fi, p. 40

Ashleigh Watson: 101 scenes in London, 2017, So Fi, p. 59

Eileen Clark: Sociology 101, So Fi, p. 79