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Hosting a TASA Conference

The following guidelines have been developed by the TASA Executive Committee to assist potential hosts in preparing their application to host an annual TASA conference.

  1. Institutional support: The Executive Committee needs to be reassured that there is sufficient institutional support for the successful conduct and management of the annual TASA conference. The application should have the support of the Head of Department, School or Program. TASA also requests that if you are hosting the conference within your University or organisation that written approval is provided by the relevant approval authority. This approval relates to room and facility usage.
  2. Proposed LOC: The Chair and members of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) should all be financial members of TASA.
  3. Conditions: The hosts agree to abide by the conditions for running TASA conferences as set out in the Conference Memorandum of Understanding, which can be obtained from the TASA Office.
  4. Proforma: for application to host a TASA conference
  • Name of Chair of the LOC (Conference Convener) and (preliminary) LOC members (minimum of 3 people in addition to the Chair)
  • One page cvs of LOC members
  • Previous conference experience (if any)
  • Letter of institutional support from HOD/School/Program/Faculty/Institution or Organisation.
  • Statement of agreement with conditions outlined in the Conference Memorandum of Understanding
  • An outline of the benefits of hosting the conference at the suggested venue. Please include information if fees will be charged for venue use.
  • Suggested innovations to the conference program.

Please note that TASA will not co brand if the host is charging for the venue without contributing to the event.

Applications addressing the guidelines listed above should be emailed to: TASA Executive Officer, This information is available in Word (38kb) and Pdf (285kb)