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2004 TASA Conference

This publication contains the refereed papers prepared and selected for presentation at the annual conference of The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) held at the Beechworth Campus of La Trobe University, December 8-11, 2004.

Editor: Katy Richmond.

The 2004 annual conference of The Australian Sociological Association attracted papers by researchers from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. The papers in these conference proceedings are fully refereed paper subject to double blind peer review. The review process was coordinated by Katy Richmond. Where reviewers recommended revisions the authors were required to resubmit the papers and the editor verified that the revisions matched those required by the referees.

ISBN: 0-9598460-4-2

© Copyright remains with the authors
Date of Publication: 01 Dec 2004
Format: Originally CD ROM

Published by The Sociological Association of Australia (TASA); Printing by Electronic Productivity Solutions (EPS); Production coordination by Malcolm Alexander.


“Everybody’s Doing It”: Examining the Impacts of Online Dating, Jo Barraket and Millsom Henry-WaringBARRAKET_HENRY-WARING

Exploring Virtual Connections? Sociological Perspectives of Intimacy in Cyberspace, Millsom S Henry-Waring and Jo Barraket HENRY_WARING_BARRAKET

Community Consultation, Local Government and the Hard To Reach, Nicola Brackertz and Denise Meredyth BRACKERTZ_MEREDYTH

Media use and community among Turkish Australians, Liza HOPKINS

Health Service Delivery in the Information Age: Introduction to a Sociology of e-health, Christopher KING

Getting Real: Lessons from RidgiDidge, Kate LILEY

Regulating News: Standards and Competence in Contemporary Media Practice, Timothy Marjoribanks and Andrew Kenyon MARJORIBANKS_KENYON

Digital Technologies of Connection, Brett ROLFE


A Cannabis Market: The Culture Fights Back, Carol deLauney DE_LAUNEY

Locating ‘Fear of Crime’: Safety Talk in a South Western Sydney Context, Murray Lee LEE

The governing of police-media relations, Alyce McGovern MCGOVERN

Rethinking Hatred and Studying the Contradictions of Sexual Prejudice, Stephen Tomsen and Gail Mason TOMSEN_MASON


Fostering Friendships Amongst First-Year University Students: The Use of Online Learning Software, Karen Farquharson FARQUHARSON

Teachers, Schools and Social Class: An Ethnographic Study, Martin G Forsey FORSEY

Webfreedom and the Production of Subterranean Ethics, Simon Kitto KITTO

Conclave in the Tower of Babel: How Peers Review Interdisciplinary Research, Grit Laudel LAUDEL


‘To be British you have to be White’: Black British Women Challenging the Notions of Identity, Gender and the Nation-State
Millsom S Henry-Waring HENRY_WARING

Return Visits among Migrants to Australia: A Research Proposal and Conceptual Outline
Martin O’Flaherty OFLAHERTY

‘I Don’t Have My Freedom’: Arab and Muslim Australians’ Experiences of Racial Hatred, Abuse and Violence since 11 September 2001
Scott Poynting and Greg Noble POYNTING_NOBLE

‘They’re Intelligent and Very Placid People and It’s Unavoidable that They Become Your Friends’: Media Reporting of ‘Supportive’ Talk Regarding Asylum Seekers
Farida Tilbury TILBURY

Where Are ‘Wogs’ From? Exploring Subjective Understandings of Racism
Zuleyka Zevallos ZEVALLOS


The Ivy Compton-Burnett School of Sociology: Family Culture and Everyday Life
Meg Carter CARTER

Earning Capacity or Caring Capacity? A Time-Diary Analysis Of How Parental Education Affects Time Spent With Children
Lyn Craig CRAIG

Psychosocial Aspects of Teenage Pregnancy Resolution
Ann Evans EVANS

Do Institutions Affect Behaviour? A Case Study of Parental Divorce in Australia, Cohorts Born 1900-1975
M.D.R. Evans and Jonathan Kelley EVANS_KELLEY

Ageing in the People’s Republic of China: Developing a National and Local Framework for Elderly Care
Lee Keng Mun William and Kwok Hong-kin LEE_KWOK

Declining Fertility: Intentions, Attitudes and Aspirations
Deborah Mitchell and Edith Gray MITCHELL_GRAY

Contested Paternity: Why, and to Whom, Genetic Paternity Testing Matters
Lyn Turney TURNEY


Between Immutability and Incoherence: the Hermeneutical Concept of the Subject
Glenda Ballantyne BALLANTYNE

Masculine Connections/Feminist Possibilities: Women Imagining ‘Retirement’
Trish Carroll CARROLL

Exchanges between Men within the Sexual Economies of Prostitution in Viet Nam
Murray Couch and Khuat Thu Hong COUCH_HONG

‘If He’s Happy’, I’m Happy’: The Social Practice of Gender in Rural Medical Marriages
Angela Durey DUREY

Disrupting the ‘Ravages of Lookism’: Observations of Female Model Bodies
Angela Dwyer DWYER

Lifestyle, Risk and Menstrual Suppression: Troubling Medico-Scientific Accounts
Jessica Shipman Gunson GUNSON

Embodied Classed/Gendered Practice and Women’s Occupational Pathways
Kate Huppatz HUPPATZ

Gender Identity as a Lived Process: A Study of the Australian Sugar Industry
Barbara Pini PINI

Changing Practices, Changing Institutions? Sexual Politics and Social Change
Diane Richardson RICHARDSON

Mogan Hunts and Pig Nights: Military Masculinities and the Making of the Arms-Corps Soldier
Ben Wadham WADHAM

Straight Girl for a Queer Eye: Same Sex Intimacy, Privacy and the Limits of Tolerance
Jennifer Wilkinson WILKINSON


The Sociology of Australian Business 1970-2005: Blending Class Theory and Empirical Research
Malcolm Alexander ALEXANDER

Globalization and the ‘Wage Earners’ Welfare State’: Australia and New Zealand in Comparative Perspective
Lloyd Cox COX

Urban Poverty and Household Adaptations in Dhaka City, Bangladesh
Shahadat Hossain HOSSAIN

After Collective Identity: Movements as Music
Kevin McDonald MCDONALD

Globalization Theory and the West: The Integration of Temporal and Spatial Considerations
Nicole Oke OKE

‘A Thousand Points of Spite’ – Crowding Out the Bridging Community
Roger Patulny PATULNY


Alternative Experts
Helen Hutchinson HUTCHINSON

Micro-rationing in Public Dental Clinics: Categorisation of Patients Seeking Emergency Dental Service
Enrique Kahan KAHAN

The Construction of Menopause as a Problematic State of Health: The Influence of Symptom Checklists and Clinical Samples
Sandra Mackey MACKEY

Patriarchy and Resistance to Change in Rural General Practice: Progress by Female Activists in Revisioning a Male Institution
Imogen Schwarz and John McDonald SCHWARZ_MCDONALD

The Professionalisation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Competing Knowledges in Practice
Michelle Toms TOMS

A Sociology of Suicidology
David Webb WEBB


Aspirational Coaching: Leadership in Victorian Junior Women’s Basketball
Michael Burke and Chris Hallinan BURKE_HALLINAN

Freak Goals and Magical Moments: Commonsense Understandings about Indigenous Footballers
Chris Hallinan, Toni Bruce and Jason Bennie HALLINAN_BRUCE_BENNIE

Savannah Guides: Ecotour Guides of Outback Australia
Wendy Hillman HILLMAN

Foucault Goes to the Footy: Professionalism, Performance, Prudentialism and Playstations in the Life of AFL Footballers
Peter Kelly and Christopher Hickey KELLY_HICKEY

Games within Games: Gambling and Trickery in Professional Running
Peter Mewett MEWETT

Leisure: a Continuing Thread of Identity for Individuals in Rehabilitation
C. Margaret Skropeta, Rosemary Cant and Peter Henke SKROPETA_CANT_HENKE

Out with the Old and in with the New: the Problem of Ethical Travel
Marianne Vardalos VARDALOS


Syncopated Rhythms – The Time Factor in Government/University/Community Partnerships
Angela Coco COCO

Who Are You And Who Are You Not? Discourse and Agency in Sustainability Research
Len Palmer PALMER

Empty Shops, Dying Towns and the Future of Rural Australia: A Research Note
Evan Willis WILLIS


From Environmental to Ecological Sociology
Gary Bowden BOWDEN_a

Ideological Rigidity and the Limits of Ingenuity
Gary Bowden BOWDEN_b

Water Reform and the Nature of Debate among Participants
Jonathon Howard, Ian Gray, A Dunn HOWARD_GRAY_DUNN

Sociological Concepts for Understanding Agricultural Decision Support Systems
Emma Jakku, Peter Thorburn and Clare Gambley JAKKU_THORBURN_GAMBLEY

Male Farmers Health and Safety – ‘It’s The Nature Of The Job’
Heidi Lindner LINDNER

Clinical Health Practice in a Remote Setting: The Impact of Local Community Relationships
Angela Murphy and John McDonald MURPHY_MCDONALD

Dissonance and Distrust: Recurring Issues in Regional Settlement and Water Resources Development
Francine Rochford ROCHFORD

Areal Call Rates to a Rural Lifeline Centre
Robert Watson, John McDonald and Dora Pearce VWATSON_MCDONALD_PEARCE



Charisma, Political Innovation and Why Superman is Rational: The Case of Argentina’s Juan Peron
Daniela di Piramo DI_PIRAMO

Are Risk Society Risks Exceptional?
Merryn Ekberg EKBERG

Feminist Standpoint Epistemologies: Engaging with Criticisms of Sandra Harding’s Position
Bob Ellis and Rodney Fopp ELLIS_FOPP

Social Movements as Communities
Jochen Gläser GLASER

Confined Subjects: Rethinking the Activity of Pregnancy
JaneMaree Maher MAHER

Revisioning Institutions in the Twenty-First Century: Challenging the ‘Atomistic-Adversarial Model’
Jacqueline Morris MORRIS

The Foundation of Reason in Postmodernity: Answering Lyotard’s Question
Nick Turnbull TURNBULL


The Limits to Capitalism – Marx and Polányi
Lee Corbett CORBETT

Trends in Women’s Labour Force Participation in Australia, 1984-2002
M.D.R. Evans and Jonathan Kelley EVANS_KELLEY

Towards a Feminist Politics of Work: Revisioning a Research Project on Women Engineers
Suzanne Franzway, Judith Gill, Julie E Mills, Rhonda Sharp, Wendy Bastalich FRANZWAY

The Making of a Market: Conceptions of Control in the Genetic Paternity Industry in Australia
Michael Gilding GILDING

Public Corporations: Appearance, Action and Performance
Antonny Ivancic IVANCIC

The Commodification of Service Sector Work: Case studies of Outsourcing and International Relocation
Jan Sinclair-Jones SINCLAIR_JONES

Scientists and/Or Knowledge Workers: Gender Participation and the Changing Contexts of Science
Richard Woolley and Tim Turpin WOOLLEY_TURPIN


The Paradoxical Relationship between Adulthood and Sociology
Harry Blatterer BLATTERER

Young ‘Stranger’ in an Era of ‘Perpetual Change’
Dimitri Morakhovski MORAKHOVSKI

How Do Young People Define the Good Life? Comparing Data from Australia, Fiji and Indonesia
Pam Nilan and Steven Threadgold NILAN_THREADGOLD