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2012 Conference Proceedings

2012 Conference Proceedings

The 2012 papers are cataloged in thematic order below (you will need to scroll down the page).

Emerging and Enduring Inequalities
26 November – 29 November
The University of Queensland
ISBN: 978-0-646-58783-7
Table of Contents
Editors in Chief: Alex Broom and Lynda Cheshire

Co Editors listing

Christine Bond
Jenny Chesters
Ruth Fitzpatrick
Margot Ford
Helen Masterman-Smith
Jens O. Zinn
Theresa Petray
Alphia Possamai-Inesedy
Sylvie Shaw
Steven Threadgold
Dan Woodman
Ruth Barton
Michelle Black
Fran Collyer
Merrilyn Crichton
Deborah Dempsey
Douglas Ezzy
Sheree Gregory
Anna Halafoff
Kirsten Harley
Belinda Hewitt
Andrew Hickey
Mary Holmes
Luke Howie
Allison Kirkman
Elsa Koleth
Douglas Lorman
Sarah MacLean
Kate Maher
Penelope Marshall
Julie Matthews
David McCallum
Megan Moskos
Kristin Natalier
Derya Ozkul
Roger Patulny
James Rice
Alan Scott
Terri Seddon
Russell Shuttleworth
Joanna Sikora
Jennifer Sinclair
Claudia Slegers
Ben Spies-Butcher
Lyndal-Joy Thompson
Ellie Vasta
Rebecca Williamson

Applied Sociology

These papers are in the Open Stream as the thematic group convener could not make the conference

Critical Disability Studies

There were no papers submitted for this stream

Sociology of Economic Life

Sociology of Education