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Ageing and Sociology

Aims and objectives
The aim of the group is to create a supportive network for sociologists working in or researching ageing issues across a range of academic and non-academic institutions.  It also aims to provide a means to foster collaborative endeavours and to develop and disseminate knowledge – particularly in the area of theory, where sociology has largely been silent.


Cassie  Curryer, University of Newcastle (interim 9/2019)


Working for Everyone: Hear the stories of mature age job seekers, understand how work has changed and access tools to support job seeking
As Australia’s workforce grows older, we need a system that works for everyone.

Group members

  • Glenda Ballantyne
  • Peta Cook
  • Kate O'Loughlin
  • Marilyn Poole
  • Leonie Short
  • Anne-Maree Sawyer
  • Emma Kirby
  • Alan Petersen
  • Raelene Wilding
  • Peter Robinson
  • Dina Bowman
  • Peter Gale
  • Raymond Hibbins
  • Geraldine Donoghue
  • Lucinda Aberdeen
  • Michael Fine
  • Cassie Curryer
  • Susan Banks
  • Diane Luhrs
  • Alan Morris
  • Annetta Mallon
  • Joanne Mihelcic
  • Andreas Cebulla
  • Michelle Buck
  • Pei-Chun Ko
  • Catriona Stevens
  • Maho Omori
  • Barbara Barbosa Neves
  • Sally OLoughlin
  • Katherine Kenny
  • Fiona Navilly
  • Andrew Gilbert
  • Kaete Walker
  • Janet Mackenzie
  • Geraldine CRISP
  • aaron hart
  • Yuvisthi Naidoo
  • Meg Polacsek
  • Rachael De Haas
  • Xuyang Sun
  • Annette Bromdal