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Applied Sociology

Aims and objectives:

The Applied Sociology Thematic Group aims to create a supportive network for applied social researchers working in non-academic positions, and to increase visibility of their research projects, activities and achievements. Applied sociologists are employed in diverse contexts, including (but not limited to): consultancy and private industry, government and non-government organisations, and other contract work. Applied sociology has a focus on practical applications of sociological knowledge with a view to providing improved outcomes for different groups of people. This research is often conducted within a multidisciplinary environment and in collaboration with different organisations, including community services, activist groups and universities. Members are involved in dynamic research projects, including policy development, community advocacy, project management, and social welfare.

The Applied Sociology Thematic Group is committed to enhancing understanding of the challenges that their members face in their everyday working environments and in negotiating their career trajectories. The Group’s objectives are:

  • To raise the public profile of applied sociological research within TASA, academia and the wider public
  • To support sociology graduates and to develop an agenda for career opportunities outside of academia
  • To provide a basis for streams on applied sociology at TASA conferences
  • To organise workshops, seminars, conferences, lectures and other research activities on topics related to applied sociological research, with a sensitivity to the funding, geographic and time constraints of members’ working lives
  • To encourage publications that address the issues encountered by sociologists working outside academia
  • To nurture relationships with other interdisciplinary groups and organisations

Year established: 2007

Jon Gray (12/2016)

Continuing Education Officer
Alan Scott (12/2013)

Continuing Education Officer's Monthly Contact Emails


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2011 & 2012

  • Introductory letter: Word (12.8kb) and Pdf (18.3kb)
  • September 2011: A foundation for support – Word (42.4kb) and Pdf (13.6kb)
  • October 2011: How can we get Professional Development outside of Universities? – Word (16.6kb), Pdf (11.9kb)
  • November 2011: People Power – Word (21.7kb) and Pdf (11.2kb)
  • December 2011: Contributing factors to the professional standing of a sociologist Word (14.4kb) and Pdf (13kb)
  • January 2012: On ‘Draft Threshold Learning Outcome for Sociology’ – Word (15.2kb) and Pdf (56.7kb)
  • February 2012: Is Sociology a Profession? – Word (90kb) and Pdf (65kb)
  • March 2012: Offshoring – Word (42kb) and Pdf (48.2kb)
  • April 2012: Applied Sociology World Wide – Word (14.6kb) and Pdf (42.1kb)
  • May 2012: Is it time for a ‘name’ change? – Word (29.3kb) and Pdf (49.5kb)
  • June 2012: – Word (15.5kb) and Pdf (38.8kb)
  • July 2012: Word (30.2kb) and Pdf (51.2kb)
  • August 2012: Word ( 16.2kb) and Pdf (44.2kb )
  • September 2012: Word (19kb) and Pdf (54kb)
  • October 2012: Word (17.7kb) and Pdf (39kb)
  • November 2012: Word (31.9kb) and Pdf (32kb)
  • December 2012: Word (126kb) and Pdf (129kb)

Annual Reports - Archive

Annual reports: no longer a requirement of thematic groups

Click here for the 2008 Annual Report

Click here for the 2009 Annual Report

Click here for the 2010 Annual Report

For more information on Applied Sociology see the Sociology at Work website

Group members

  • Malcolm Alexander
  • Joan Abbott-Chapman
  • Rock Chugg
  • James Coughlan
  • Merrilyn Crichton
  • Dragica Veselinovic
  • Anne Bosio
  • Roberta Julian
  • Alan Scott
  • Sarah Palmer
  • Yoland Wadsworth
  • Peter Doran
  • Eileen Clark
  • Briony Horsfall
  • Claudine Moutou
  • Kim Spurway
  • Roger Wilkinson
  • Kathryn Seymour
  • Mark McCrindle
  • Michelle Black
  • Josephine Clarke
  • Angela Lehmann
  • Clare Bartholomaeus
  • Joel Robert McGregor
  • Hugh McDonald
  • Janine Pickering
  • Daniela Stehlik
  • Catherine Robinson
  • Mithzay Pomenta (De La Espriella)
  • Yvette Maker
  • Janet Congues
  • Parlo Singh
  • Jae Eun Noh
  • Joseph Borlagdan
  • Kien Nguyen
  • Tori Stratford
  • Kim Stace
  • Jennifer Ayton
  • Nicholas Hill
  • Alex Norman
  • Jon Gray
  • Alan Morris
  • Scott Fitzpatrick
  • Anne Stephens
  • Samantha Clune
  • Michelle Brady
  • Leah Williams Veazey
  • Katherine Carroll
  • Isabel McIntosh
  • Keith Noble
  • Penelope Bergen
  • Elizabeth Shu
  • Marcus Banks
  • Barbara Barbosa Neves
  • Jon Stokes
  • Sophie Hickey
  • Sheena Mackie
  • Catherine Hastings
  • Amy Vanderharst
  • Zurina Simm
  • Lynnette Hicks
  • Christy Arnott
  • Ashley Macklin
  • David Fagg
  • Mohamed Wehby
  • Heidi Hetz
  • John Douglass Whyte
  • Sarina Rizzi
  • Melissa Carlson
  • Jarrod Pendlebury
  • Kristen Stevens
  • Tony Williams
  • Annette Pyatt
  • Kaitlyn Bennett
  • Gene Lim
  • Isaac Eyalama
  • Steven Roche
  • EJ Milne
  • Hannah Soong
  • Devin Lam
  • Xuyang Sun
  • Sarah Burrage
  • Claire Farrugia
  • Tim Barlott
  • Kellie King