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Crime and Governance

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Aims and objectives:

This thematic group brings together TASA members with research interests in how crime, deviance, governance and social control are understood and operate within society. The group is convened to facilitate an interdisciplinary and collegial forum designed to foster the collaboration of members from across different fields of sociology, criminology and social psychology. It places a strong focus on the engagement of researchers at all points of their careers, and emphasises the inclusion and participation of early career and postgraduate researchers, and members with broader interests in, but not limited to, youth crime and detention; Indigenous incarceration; prisoner health; welfare and policy; urban marginality; risk; and power.

This thematic group aims to support sociological research primarily through the presentation of papers at the annual TASA conference and through the organisation of thematic group workshops on current and emerging issues within the crime and governance space. The group encourages lively and constructive debate among members, and promotes a forum where members can network, establish valuable research partnerships and participate in ongoing peer mentorship and scholarship via informal reviews on draft papers. The thematic group strongly supports publicly engaged research aimed at increasing the public profile of this area of sociology.

Year established:



Joel McGregor, University of Newcastle

Symposium, Brisbane, 25 Sept 2009


TASA Crime and Governance Thematic Group Symposium, Brisbane, 25 Sept 2009.

Matthew Ball, Michael Cerruto, Tara Renae McGee, Grazyna Zajdow, John Scott, Christine Bond, Samantha Jeffries, Murray Lee, Kerry Carrington, Gavin Kendall, Natalie Scerra, Melissa Bull, David McCallum, Pat O’Malley, Cassandra Cross, Margaret Per, Roberta Julian, Santi Owen, and Max Travers.

You can listen to the public lecture by Professor Kerry Carrington below:


Group members

  • Ron Layton
  • Scott Poynting
  • John Scott
  • Grazyna Zajdow
  • Max Travers
  • Roberta Julian
  • Christopher Glasspool
  • Peter Doran
  • Fiona Haines
  • Helen McKernan
  • Helen Forbes-Mewett
  • David McCallum
  • Rob White
  • Ben Wadham
  • Kathryn Seymour
  • Sharyn Roach Anleu
  • Vanessa McDermott
  • Charlotte Fabiansson
  • Joel Robert McGregor
  • Hugh McDonald
  • Douglas Lorman
  • Michael Flood
  • Andrew Clarke
  • Vicki Sentas
  • Allegra Schermuly
  • Clare Southerton
  • Ben Lohmeyer
  • Kathy Newton
  • Ron Baird
  • Sara Amin
  • Clarissa Carden
  • Brenna Guiney
  • Sheena Mackie
  • Cassandra Smith
  • William Calcutt
  • Robert Webb
  • James Milton
  • Erick Ater
  • Alex Workman
  • Noah Mokaya Omambia Sanganyi
  • Rachael Garrett
  • Lena Molnar
  • Kristen Stevens
  • Kazi Fattah
  • Kaitlyn Bennett
  • Zoe Bunt
  • Amelia Young
  • Zoe Staines
  • Kim Lah
  • Andrew Burton
  • Marisela Velazquez
  • Dave Reynolds
  • Selda Dagistanli
  • Annette Bromdal
  • Emily Hems