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Critical Disability Studies

Aims and objectives:

  • foster the recognition of existing, and the development of new, critical sociologies on disability, with the aim of building upon recent theoretical developments that examine the social , cultural, economic and political relations of disability;
  • encourage critical research that examines the intersectionality of disability, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, migration, class and Aboriginality;
  • build links with disability communities to facilitate research networks across Australia to generate collaborative research & publishing projects between scholars, disability activists and disabled people;
  • provide a collegial and cohesive forum which encourages critical debate and reflection;
  • support emerging scholars and post-graduate students;
  • provide an avenue for researchers to have draft papers informally reviewed by members; and
  • encourage the submission of papers to TASA conferences from critical disability scholars, disability activists and disability communities engaged in counter-hegemonic knowledge production.

Year established:

June 2008

Convener: Lise Mogensen, Western Sydney University (interim, September 2019)


Conveners of the group will rotate annually, with members of the group electing nominees at the corresponding annual meeting beginning 2009.

Conveners will have responsibility for:

  • disseminating information amongst the group;
  • establishing and maintaining an on-line forum through the TASA web-based facilities;
  • identifying available members for conference paper peer review;
  • reporting annually to the TASA Executive on group developments and directions;
  • making the group’s activities publicly available through an annual reporting process made available on the TASA website; and
  • working collaboratively with the TASA Executive to facilitate accessible events, conferences and general information dissemination to its members and the broader public.


Cate Thill (12/16)




July 2011 available in Word (48.9kb) and Pdf (98.4kb)

March 2011 available in Word (48kb) and Pdf (64kb)


March 2010 available in Word (72.0KB) and Pdf (46.8KB)

July 2010 available in Word (44.6KB) and Pdf (70.3KB)

October 2010 available in Word (53.8kb) and Pdf (66.3kb )

ARC Grants to Members

Disability and ability: how young people with impairments make the
transition to adulthood

Dr Nicole M Wedgwood, Dr Russell P Shuttleworth, Prof Gwynnyth M Llewellyn

Administering Organisation: The University of Sydney

Project Summary

Compared to their able-bodied peers, 15-29 year olds with disabilities have
an increased risk of negative social, physical and mental health outcomes.
By analysing the life histories of 100 young people with physical
impairments and tracking their development over four years, this project
will explore how to reduce these risks.

Disability in Rural Australia

Prof Barbara Pini, Dr Karen Soldatic, A/Prof Helen Meekosha, Prof Carol

Primary FoR 1608 SOCIOLOGY

Administering Organisation: Curtin University

Project Summary:

In rural Australia 21.2 per cent of the population has a disability while in
remote areas the number is 22.1 per cent yet rural disabled people are rarely
heard in policy debates. This study, mapping the experiences of disabled
people in non-metropolitan Australia is consequently of critical importance
to government and disability advocacy

New Books by Members

Poliitics, Disability and Social Inclusion

Peter Gibilisco, B Bus (Acc) Ph.D. (Melb).

On-line Lecturer in Sociology.

Jansen Newman Institute.

Honorary Fellow University of Melbourne.

Sex and Disability: Politics, Identity and Access

Edited by Russell Shuttleworth
and Teela Sanders

More information and an order form is available in Word (292kb) and Pdf (33kb)

Contours of Ableism: The Production of Disability and Abledness

Fiona Kumari Campbell

Group members

  • Peta Cook
  • Karen Soldatic
  • Janice Ollerton
  • Gerard Goggin
  • Helen Meekosha
  • Kim Spurway
  • Susan Banks
  • Yvette Maker
  • Jae Eun Noh
  • Kesherie Gurung
  • Karima Moraby
  • Gbenga Afolayan
  • Lise Mogensen
  • Elizabeth Hudson
  • Jocelyn Avery
  • Michelle King
  • Tony Williams
  • Ryan Thorneycroft
  • Nalini Haynes
  • Margaret Manson
  • Hallie Deys
  • Anna Hickey-Moody
  • Brydan Lenne
  • Georgia VAN TOORN
  • Alden Russell
  • Mark Sherry