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Environment and Society

Aims and objectives:

The TASA Thematic Group on Environment and Society aims to bring together TASA members who have an interest in environmental issues and to stimulate wider interest in the field of environmental sociology. The objectives are:

  • To provide a means of connection between sociologists who study or work in the area of environment and society.
  • To promote environmental sociology to the wider sociological community and thus to encourage a stronger interest in society’s interaction with the environment among practising sociologists and sociology students.
  • To strengthen relationships between Australian environmental sociology and international groups such as the International Sociological Association’s Research Committee on Environment and Society (RC24).
  • To promote awareness outside academia of sociology’s potential contribution to environmental issues.
  • To meet initially once yearly at the annual TASA conference to share research and study interests; identify opportunities to connect with external groups and agencies; discuss current topical issues, and to develop strategies that will enable communication within and promotion of the group.

Year established:


Convenor: Andrew Glover (RMIT)

The following book arose from a successful symposium by TASA’s Environment and Society Thematic Group:

Engaged, Environmental Citizenship


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Australian Greenhouse Household Calculator

Group members

  • Kate Brooks
  • Merrilyn Crichton
  • Keith Jacobs
  • Geoffrey Lawrence
  • Ron Layton
  • Jo Lindsay
  • Stewart Lockie
  • Kate O'Loughlin
  • Julie Matthews
  • Terry Leahy
  • Barton Loechel
  • Gary Dowsett
  • Jason Prior
  • Fiona Haines
  • Rob White
  • Marea Capell
  • Jens O. Zinn
  • Vivienne Waller
  • Kim Spurway
  • Jan Hayes
  • Tomasz Drabowicz
  • Rebecca Pearse
  • Rebecca Williamson
  • Kien Nguyen
  • Mark Hodgson
  • Diane Luhrs
  • Christopher Mayes
  • Angela Leahy
  • Don Clifton
  • Jon Gray
  • Yolande Strengers
  • Erika Altmann
  • Grant Banfield
  • Anne Stephens
  • Zoei Sutton
  • Andrew Glover
  • Benjamin Glasson
  • Michelle Rose
  • Carlos Eduardo Morreo
  • Sandy Worden
  • Nick Pendergrast
  • Isabel McIntosh
  • Keith Noble
  • Jane Daly
  • Tania Searle
  • Cameron Smith
  • Vanessa Bowden
  • Steve Matthewman
  • Sheena Mackie
  • Yamini Narayanan
  • Brian Coffey
  • Lynnette Hicks
  • Christy Arnott
  • Kieran Bradley
  • Alexandra Langford
  • Md Masud All Kamal
  • Kimberley Reis
  • Brent Van Gils
  • Amaya Alvarez
  • Constance Edgeworth
  • Rebecca Olive
  • Zsuzsanna Dominika Ihar
  • Karly Burch
  • Khyati Prajapati
  • Margaret Manson
  • Tamzin Rollason
  • Sarina Kilham
  • Corrie Leatham