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Aims and objectives:

To encourage, develop and support research, teaching, public engagement and collaboration in the field of media.

Media is increasingly central to all dimensions of contemporary societies, and the media itself is an increasingly significant site for sociological research and teaching. Building on a diverse range of theoretical and empirical approaches, sociology has provided important insights into all aspects of the media, including media production, content, and reception, and interactions between media and society. As media continues to develop in rapid and diverse ways, crucial challenges continue to emerge for sociologists in researching, teaching and engaging the media. The thematic group on media will explore the changing social significance of all forms of media and communications industries, and provide a forum in which researchers interested in the media can come together to meet, exchange ideas and resources, and explore and develop research collaborations. Preliminary points of focus for the group include, but are not limited to:

  • Media production, content and reception
  • Theoretical and methodological debates
  • Digital media and public participation
  • Locating media within its societal context, including law, politics, economy and culture
  • Innovative teaching practices about, and with, digital media
  • Public engagement with media

Year established:


Co Convenors:

Hannah Garden, Deakin (1/17)
Joni Meenagh, RMIT (2/18
Aleesha Rodriguez (2/18)

Annual reports:

Click here for the 2008 Annual Report (annual reporting is no longer a thematic group requirement)

Group members

  • Rock Chugg
  • Timothy Marjoribanks
  • David Rowe
  • Gil-Soo Han
  • Gerard Goggin
  • Jens O. Zinn
  • Roger Wilkinson
  • Amy Shields Dobson
  • Douglas Lorman
  • Shaun Rawolle
  • Tony McHugh
  • Tim Graham
  • Rob Stones
  • Alexia Maddox
  • John Haycock
  • Josie Reade
  • Sandy Worden
  • Nick Pendergrast
  • Ashleigh Watson
  • Xinyu Zhao
  • Isabel McIntosh
  • Kythera Watson-Bonnice
  • Penelope Bergen
  • Hannah Garden
  • Barrie Shannon
  • Scott Doidge
  • Enqi Weng
  • Barbara Barbosa Neves
  • Danielle Couch
  • Joni Meenagh
  • Aleesha Rodriguez
  • Crystal Abidin
  • Andrew Gilbert
  • Brady Robards
  • Emilee Gilbert
  • Monique Franklin
  • Paul K. Jones
  • Kate Booth
  • Penny O'Donnell
  • Mandy Hughes
  • Denise Buiten
  • Kashifa Aslam
  • Jason Murphy
  • Claire Moran
  • Zoe Bunt
  • Erin O'Brien
  • Kim Lah
  • Laura Juratowitch
  • Catherine Martin
  • Dave Reynolds
  • Adrienne Byrt
  • Gemma Killen
  • Phoebe Turnbull
  • Georgia Carroll
  • Bree Allingham-MacLaren
  • Mr Burns