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Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism

Aims and objectives:

The aims of the Sociology of Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism Thematic Group are to:

  • To facilitate communication and collaboration between TASA members working in the areas of Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism and cognate fields
  • To further sociological research and publications in the areas of Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism and cognate fields
  • To provide a basis for streams on Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism at TASA conferences
  • To organise and support other conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, public lectures and the like in the areas of Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism
  • To encourage postgraduate interest in the field of the sociology of Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism
  • To stimulate public interest and public intellectual debate on the sociology of Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism
  • To liaise with the ISA Research Committees:
  • RC05 – Race, Ethnicity and Minority Relations
  • RC31 – Sociology of Migration

Year established: 2005

Co-convenors' contact details

Jennifer Cheng (Western Sydney University 12/16) Kristine Aquino (University of Technology Sydney 12/16) &   (interim) Jacqueline Nelson (University of Technology Sydney 01/19)



Past Events

August 21: Temporary Migrants in Australia: Work, Networks, Belonging and Agency

Migration, ‘Race and Multiculturalism: Day 2 of International Symposium on Migration

11 November, Deakin University

Supported by TASA and the Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University.

Immigrants and migration in Australia have been studied through various disciplinary, theoretical and conceptual lenses; from demographic analyses to political economy approaches; from sociological to Cultural Studies approaches; from Marxist and feminist intersectional accounts to those who adopt a transnational, Foucauldian, or a cosmopolitan perspective. More current sociological approaches draw on ‘everyday multiculturalism’, queer and sexual theory.

The symposium seeks to explore the conceptual and theoretical changes that have occurred over time in Australia’s migration scholarship. Examine the impact of these theoretical and conceptual issues on our understanding of the politics and policies of immigration in Australia and vice versa. Alternatively, how have the politics and policies of immigration in Australia influenced scholars’ conception and construction of migration ‘problems’ and ‘issues’?

Speakers include Jock Collins, Scott Poynting, Prof Greg Noble, Anita Harris, Karen Farquharson and Shanthi Robertson.

A review of the event is here

Public lecture – Fifty years of Australian migration studies

A conversation between Dr James Jupp and Philip Adams in celebration of James Jupp’s 80th year.

Presented by
TASA Migration, Ethnicity and, Multiculturalism Thematic Group,
Research Institute for Social Inclusion and Wellbeing, University of Newcastle and
Macquarie University

Additional Speakers
Ellie Vasta, Stephen Castles, Melissa Phillips, Jock Collins

Dr James Jupp has been writing about Australian migration and multiculturalism for nearly fifty years with the publication of his first books Australia Party Politics (1964) and Arrivals and Departures (1966). He has been a strong advocate for multiculturalism appearing on several national and state committees. His latest publication Multiculturalism and Integration was published by the ANU ePress in 2011. He is a member of the Order of Australia for services to public policy in immigration and multiculturalism and Australian history.

Dr Jupp is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Australian Demographic & Social Research Institute.

Download flyer (PDF 53KB)

For those of you who were not able to attend the James Jupp Public Lecture, you can listen to it here


Human Rights, Refugees and Asylum Seekers – Public Lecture

The Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism Thematic Group with support from Macquarie University’s Centre for Research on Social Inclusion and the Australian Human Rights Commission. With Keynote speakers: Professor Stephen Castles, University of Sydney & Associate Director International Migration Institute, University of Oxford The Hon Catherine Branson QC, President of the Australian Human Rights Commission & Human Rights Commissioner.

Followed by a roundtable discussion with Prabha Gulati – Asylum Seekers Centre of NSW, Abdul Karim Hekmat Fairfield Migrant Resource Centre, Paul Power – Refugee Council of Australia & Kate Temby –Australian Human Rights Commission here.

The public lecture attracted 80 attendees. A media release, a few photos and the Commissioner’s speach are available. Podcasts of the lecture will be available soon.


MULTICULTURALISM & SOCIAL INCLUSION Thursday 8th July, 2010 For the full details, click here. The symposium was a big success. Two photos taken on the day are shown below. A report of the symposium will be in the next issue of Nexus, which is due out at the end of August.



Annual Reports

Click here for the 2010 Annual Report. Annual reports are no longer a thematic group requirement.

Group members

  • Glenda Ballantyne
  • Iain Campbell
  • James Coughlan
  • Keith Jacobs
  • Scott Poynting
  • Zlatko Skrbis
  • Jeremy Smith
  • Farida Fozdar
  • Karen Farquharson
  • Gil-Soo Han
  • Anita Harris
  • Maki Meyer
  • Val Colic-Peisker
  • Roberta Julian
  • Carol Reid
  • Anthony Moran
  • Xianbi HUANG
  • Raelene Wilding
  • Christopher Glasspool
  • Christina Ho
  • Helen McKernan
  • Helen Forbes-Mewett
  • Amanda Wise
  • Eve Barboza
  • Eileen Clark
  • Martina Boese
  • David Radford
  • Joel Windle
  • Vince Marotta
  • Nick Osbaldiston
  • Melissa Phillips
  • Pam Nilan
  • Peter Gale
  • Raymond Hibbins
  • Nicole Stirling
  • Stephen Castles
  • Anna Halafoff
  • Charlotte Fabiansson
  • Angela Lehmann
  • Nafiseh Ghafournia
  • Christine Tillig
  • Robyn Moore
  • Alex Page
  • Vicki Sentas
  • Rebecca Williamson
  • Ramon Spaaij
  • Jennifer Cheng
  • Brent McDonald
  • Jae Eun Noh
  • Lucy Nicholas
  • Kien Nguyen
  • Patrick Brownlee
  • Tori Stratford
  • Kristine Aquino
  • Phillipa Bellemore
  • Tulsi Achia
  • Shanthi Robertson
  • Karen Block
  • Angela Leahy
  • Allegra Schermuly
  • Rose Butler
  • Emma Mitchell
  • Melanie Baak
  • Naama Blatman Thomas
  • Mark Mallman
  • Ingrid Muenstermann
  • Ravinder Sidhu
  • Ramón Menéndez Domingo
  • Charlotte Young
  • Karima Moraby
  • Leah Williams Veazey
  • Sharon Ee Ling Quah
  • Michelle Peterie
  • Peter Jones
  • simone marino
  • Xinyu Zhao
  • Sara Amin
  • Ivan James
  • Melinda Herron
  • Laura Dunstan
  • Anna Tsalapatanis
  • Catriona Stevens
  • Kieran Hegarty
  • Rachel Busbridge
  • Enqi Weng
  • Jen Kwok
  • Sophie Hickey
  • sally clark
  • John McGuire
  • James Pilbrow
  • Fadi Baghdadi
  • William Calcutt
  • Kate Johnston-Ataata
  • Heba Batainah
  • Sophie Rudolph
  • Warick Smith
  • Hanne Worsoe
  • Michele Grossman
  • Rouven Link
  • laurel mackenzie
  • Jora Broerse
  • Heidi Hetz
  • Gianluigi Rotondo
  • Sujith Kumar
  • Elaine Pratley
  • Roseline Olumbe
  • Penny O'Donnell
  • Mandy Hughes
  • Tani Nguyen
  • Brigid Trenerry
  • Magdalena Arias Cubas
  • Yinghua Yu
  • sarah Oxford
  • Jennifer Azordegan
  • Laura Simpson Reeves
  • Amrita Limbu
  • Julia Kantek
  • David Pollock
  • Jacqueline Nelson
  • Kazi Fattah
  • Karien Dekker
  • Isabel Jackson
  • Claire Moran
  • Reyvi Marinas
  • Catherine Koerner
  • Isaac Eyalama
  • Whitney Bartlett
  • EJ Milne
  • Rachael De Haas
  • Rachel Sharples
  • Catherine Martin
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  • Melike Peterson
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