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Risk Societies

Aims and objectives:
Risk has become pervasive in public and interdisciplinary debate in recent decades. The group brings together a broad range of topics and levels of analysis which encompass issues such as the adaptation to climate change, the management of new diseases, and the introduction of new technologies and the response to international terror as well as the management of social risks and risk regulation in areas such as health, crime and youth. This also includes individual responses to risk in everyday life and risk communication by the media. However, in political decision making and societal management of risk and uncertainty critical sociological perspectives to risk are often neglected. The group aims to establish a sociological perspective to risk and uncertainty as part of an interdisciplinary discourse on societal risk management.

The group provides the context to bring together risk research from different approaches (cultural, risk society, governmentality, systems theory or edgework) and domains to fertilise further theoretical developments on risk within sociology.

Established: July 2009

Jon Stokes  (12/16)

Group members:

  • Stewart Lockie
  • Jo-Anne Everingham
  • Gary Dowsett
  • Jason Prior
  • Alan Petersen
  • Dan Woodman
  • Sarah Palmer
  • Kerrie Claydon
  • Janice Ollerton
  • Fiona Haines
  • Jens O. Zinn
  • Alphia Possamai-Inesedy
  • Geraldine Donoghue
  • John Cash
  • Michelle Black
  • Charlotte Fabiansson
  • Jan Hayes
  • Anna Anderson
  • Gavin Smith
  • Vicki Sentas
  • Helen Keane
  • Kien Nguyen
  • Sophie Lewis
  • Alan Morris
  • Ingrid Muenstermann
  • Benjamin Glasson
  • Sandy Worden
  • Andreas Cebulla
  • Susan Wright
  • Louise Keogh
  • Marcus Banks
  • Steve Matthewman
  • Sheena Mackie
  • James Pilbrow
  • Anna Denejkina
  • Hanne Worsoe
  • Michele Grossman
  • Erick Ater
  • Julia Cook
  • Anthony Smith
  • Md Masud All Kamal
  • Sarina Rizzi
  • Melissa Carlson
  • Jarrod Pendlebury
  • Aydin Clemans-Dal
  • Suzanna Eddyono
  • Amelia Young
  • leis gordon
  • Amanda Falconer
  • Jodie Bruning
  • Rachel Rowe
  • Brooke Maria Hollingshead
  • Mr Burns
  • Benjamin Manning


Annual Reports: (no longer submitted)

Click here for the 2010 Annual Report