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Social Stratification

Aims and objectives:

The aims of the Social Stratification Thematic Group are to foster high quality theoretical and empirical research and teaching in the field of social stratification and to encourage collegiality and discussion among sociologists interested in social stratification issues. Social stratification is understood in broad terms and is intended to incorporate sociological work on a range of topics, including classes, professions, occupations, work, education, social mobility, and inequalities in welfare.

Year established:

June 2009

Convenor details

Gbenga Afolayan, Murdoch University (8/2018)

Annual Reports

Click here for the 2010 Annual Report

Group members

  • Mark Western
  • Meg Carter
  • Jenny Chesters
  • Marie Shepherd
  • Xianbi HUANG
  • Riki Lane
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Louise Holdsworth
  • Megan Moskos
  • Ben Spies-Butcher
  • Tomasz Drabowicz
  • Archana Voola
  • Nafiseh Ghafournia
  • Douglas Lorman
  • Kate Huppatz
  • Robert Templeton
  • Meave Noonan
  • Susan Teather
  • Kellie Bousfield
  • Mark Mallman
  • Quentin Maire
  • Lisa Denny
  • Gbenga Afolayan
  • Nikki Moodie
  • Marcus Banks
  • Kerrie Mackey-Smith
  • Katrina MacDonald
  • Nicole Kapelle
  • James Pilbrow
  • Zurina Simm
  • Rebecca Henderson
  • Warick Smith
  • Brendan Clifford
  • Sam Shetler
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Gianluigi Rotondo
  • Gregory Doyle
  • Penelope Hayes
  • Ting-Fai Yu
  • Isabel Jackson