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Sociology & Activism

Aims and objectives:

The primary aim of the Social Activism Thematic Group is to provide a means of bringing together academics and non-academics interested in exploring the relation between sociology and social activism. The guiding thematic focus of the group is: ‘sociology about and sociology for social activism’. In its ‘sociology about’ aspect it seeks to support theoretical and empirical work that advances knowledge in and around the field of sociology of social activism. This may include drawing on related fields of enquiry such as the sociology of social movements and the sociology of social change. In its ‘sociology for’ aspects its intent is to bring the critical capacities of sociology to inform the thinking about and to advance the actual practice of social activism. This purpose derives its inspiration from the wider movement in public sociology. The two aspects of the Group’s thematic focus are mutually informing and reflect a commitment to bring academic sociologists, sociology students and activists together in productive dialogue around understanding and advancing social activism.


Ann Lawless (1/18)

Group Members

  • Suzanne Franzway
  • Karen Soldatic
  • Philippa Collin
  • Theresa L Petray
  • Helen McKernan
  • Debra King
  • Anna Halafoff
  • Anna Anderson
  • Michael Flood
  • Elizabeth Humphrys
  • Jae Eun Noh
  • Polly Bennett
  • Alexia Maddox
  • Jon Gray
  • Zoei Sutton
  • Ben Lohmeyer
  • Alan Nixon
  • Nick Pendergrast
  • James Arvanitakis
  • Laura Rodriguez Castro
  • Isabel McIntosh
  • Alexander Waters
  • Susan Wright
  • Claire Parfitt
  • Chris Platania-Phung
  • Brook Armstrong
  • John McGuire
  • Rosemary Hancock
  • William Calcutt
  • Johanna Garnett
  • Aleesha Rodriguez
  • Sophie Rudolph
  • Katherine Calvert
  • Ann Lawless
  • Kieran Bradley
  • James Milton
  • laurel mackenzie
  • Gianluigi Rotondo
  • Sujith Kumar
  • Elaine Pratley
  • John Douglass Whyte
  • sarah Oxford
  • Nicole Molyneux
  • Lena Molnar
  • David Pollock
  • Son Vivienne
  • Nalini Haynes
  • Reyvi Marinas
  • Sarina Kilham
  • Hallie Deys
  • Gene Lim
  • Claire Akhbari
  • Erin O'Brien
  • Georgia VAN TOORN
  • Timothy Andrews
  • Victoria Pearce
  • Amanda Falconer
  • Monika Schofield
  • Erdal Erkilic
  • Matilda Wood
  • Emily Hems
  • Karen Kobier