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Aims and objectives:

The Sport Thematic Group aims to build and promote research and scholarship in the sociology of sport across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. To achieve this aim, the Thematic Group will:

  • support and encourage innovative research and teaching in the sociology of sport;
  • foster the development of critical sociological insights and perspectives on sport and physical activity;
  • provide a forum for communication and collaboration of sociologists working in the field;
  • raise the profile of sociological voices in public and policy debate on sport and physical activity;
  • generate links and collaboration with national and international groups with complementary scholarly interests.


Associate Professor Ramón Spaaij College of Sport and Exercise Science Victoria University
Dr Brent McDonald College of Sport and Exercise Science Victoria University
Jessica Richards, Western Sydney University

Group members:

  • Timothy Marjoribanks
  • David Rowe
  • Karen Farquharson
  • Simone Fullagar
  • Peter Doran
  • Meredith Nash
  • Vanessa McDermott
  • Bernie East
  • Nicholas Hookway
  • Ramon Spaaij
  • Jennifer Cheng
  • Brent McDonald
  • Kristine Aquino
  • Karen Block
  • Adele Pavlidis
  • Jodie Skellern
  • Jessica Richards
  • Georgie Harwood
  • Jora Broerse
  • Kate Booth
  • sarah Oxford
  • Fiona McLachlan
  • Rebecca Olive
  • nicole peel
  • Annette Bromdal