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Teaching Sociology

Aims and objectives:

  1. To link Australian sociologists with particular interest in the teaching of sociology
  2. To be a contact point for international sociologists with such an interest
  3. To enable sharing of research and ideas around the teaching of sociology

Year established: June 2007

Louise St Guillaume (12/16)

Activities / Publications


  • In 2008, the group took responsibly for a special thematic group edition of Nexus 20(4), which involved a number of different members of the group, ranging from senior TASA members to students.
  • During 2008-09 the group acted as a reference group for the TASA project, Sociology in Australia: A Scoping Study, funded by the Carrick Institute for Teaching and Learning and led by Helen Marshall. The resulting report, Teaching Sociology in Australia: A Report to the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (2009), by Helen Marshall, Peter Robinson, John Germov and Eileen Clark, was launched at the TASA conference in 2009. The report provides the first systematic overview of teaching sociology in Australia and includes recommendations for the discipline.
  • In 2010 members of the Thematic Group contributed to a TASA working group led by Deb King to begin the process of considering teaching standards for sociology, including holding a Plenary at the 2010 TASA conference: New Challenges for Teaching Sociology: Developing Academic Standards for Undergraduates.
  • In 2011 the group commenced providing regular contributions on teaching sociology to the TASA newsletter, Nexus.
  • The group held a Panel Session at the 2011 TASA Conference at Newcastle University, on Doing the Right Thing: Ethics, Justice and Inclusion in the Teaching of Sociology. See report in Nexus 24: 1.
  • During 2011-2012, co-conveners Kristin Natalier and Kirsten Harley and past convenor Helen Marshall were members of the Discipline Reference Group, chaired by TG member Karen Farquharson, which developed and facilitated consultation on the threshold learning outcomes (TLOS). The TLOs were launched at the TASA AGM at UQ in November 2012.
  • During 2011-12, Roger Wilkinson, TASA Multi Media Manager, focused on the About Sociology section of TASAweb including the Teaching Sociology section.
  • In 2012 the group received TASA TG funding support to hold a one-day post-conference workshop, Diverse Sociologies: Valuing difference and teaching sociology. A report of the workshop is in Nexus 25:1.
  • Members of the group are amongst the contributors to the forthcoming 2013 special issue of the Journal of Sociology, in TASA’s 50th year, on Teaching Sociology: Reflections on the Discipline, edited by Kirsten Harley and Kristin Natalier.

Archive - conveners

December 2010 – March 2013
Kristin Natalier
Kirsten Harley

2007 – December 2010
Helen Marshall

Group members:

  • Deborah Dempsey
  • Helen Marshall
  • Grazyna Zajdow
  • Karen Farquharson
  • Martin Forsey
  • Xianbi HUANG
  • Lynda Cheshire
  • Theresa L Petray
  • Vivienne Waller
  • Claudine Moutou
  • Edgar Burns
  • Kirsten Harley
  • Lucinda Aberdeen
  • Michelle Black
  • Bernie East
  • Joel Robert McGregor
  • Cassie Curryer
  • Anna Anderson
  • Robyn Moore
  • Alex Page
  • Michelle Mansfield
  • Paulina Billett
  • Kim McLeod
  • Sara James
  • Ruby Grant
  • Suzanne Egan
  • Sandy Worden
  • James Arvanitakis
  • Kythera Watson-Bonnice
  • Genine Hook
  • Rhys Gower
  • Anna Tsalapatanis
  • Barrie Shannon
  • John McGuire
  • Ian Flaherty
  • Johanna Garnett
  • Elizabeth Briant
  • Lynnette Hicks
  • Andrew Gilbert
  • Donna Bridges
  • Aimee Simpson
  • Ashley Macklin
  • Kaete Walker
  • fiona brown
  • Rowena Forsyth
  • Tani Nguyen
  • Brigid Trenerry
  • Denise Buiten
  • Jennifer Azordegan
  • Nerida Spina
  • Laura Simpson Reeves
  • Isabel Jackson
  • Laura Juratowitch
  • Charmaine Lim
  • Ruby Wyker
  • Tim Barlott
  • Sarah Mosseri
  • Gupteswar Patel
  • Terra Nyarko