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Explainers: Videos

This page is a growing collection of videos that explain some aspect of sociology and social science more broadly. ‘Article Explainers’ can be accessed here and videos published by TASA members are available in the Publication section.  More videos on sociology are available on the TASA YouTube Channel.

The Introduction to Sociology video channel contains lectures related to first year sociology concepts.

2018: Gavin Smith, from the Australian National University, speaking about Sociology

2017: Michael Walsh, from the University of Canberra, speaking about Sociology

2015 – Australian Marriage Equality Interview-Luke Gahan, TASA’s Public Engagement Portfolio Leader


What does Sociology offer our society today?

What is Social Science?

The Campaign for Social Science

What is Sociology?

Sociology explained through coffee!

What are Masculinities?

From Risk to Resilience: Responsible citizens for uncertain times

Applied Sociology Career in Research & Evaluation

Applied Sociology Career in Health and Ageing

Applied Sociology


Talking about racism: Equality and social cohesion in Australia

Australian workplaces and households have changed dramatically over the past decade.

John Carroll on Violence and the Modern Middle Class