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Executive Portfolio Leaders 2023 - 2024

Note: scroll down for the individual position descriptions

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Finances - Anna Hickey-Moody

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Nov 2023 - Nov 2024

TASA’s Executive Committee (EC) governs the Association and manages its daily business as outlined in the Constitution and by established policies. A copy of TASA’s 2023/24 Organisational Chart can be viewed here. Executive position descriptions are accessible here. We will also be calling for expressions of interest for our Digital Publications Editor(s) portfolio. The position description can be viewed here.

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Ex Officio
Ex Officio
The ex officio members of the TASA Executive are the Immediate Past President and one representative of each of the editorial teams for Journal of Sociology, Health Sociology Review and Nexus.

Major responsibilities include:
  • Attending meetings of the Executive Committee, the AGM and any SGMs
  • Providing advice and support to the incoming President and Executive
  • Ensuring consistency of policies and practices between the outgoing and incoming Executives
  • Assisting in planning, policy development and implementation
  • Participating in reviews of the strategic plan
  • Returning Officer for TASA Election
  • TASA's Immediate Past President must be a member of TASA and must attend a majority of Executive Committee meetings each year.
EDITORIAL TEAM REPRESENTATIVE Major responsibilities include:
  • Attending meetings of the Executive Committee, the AGM and any SGMs
  • Assisting in planning functions and the development and implementation of policy
  • Identifying ways in which the Journal of Sociology, Health Sociology Review and Nexus (as appropriate) can contribute to and support TASA activities and initiatives
  • Identifying ways in which the Executive can contribute to and support the Journal of Sociology, Health Sociology Review and Nexus (as appropriate)
  • Advising the Executive of proposed changes to the editorial team, Editorial Advisory Board or International Advisory Board
  • Publication report to each Executive meeting
  • Publication report for the Annual Report
  • The Editorial Team Representatives must be members of TASA and must attend a majority of Executive Committee meetings each year. It is strongly recommended that, to ensure continuity, the same person represents each editorial team for a minimum period of 12 months.

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Executive Officer
Executive Officer
The TASA Executive Officer (EO) is an assistant to the whole of the Executive. The EO reports to the TASA President and whole Executive, and has direct responsibility for carrying out the administrative management, operational, governance, and technical functions of the TASA Office. These responsibilities include office management, frequent communication and interaction with the Executive and general TASA members, administration of policies and procedures, and over-seeing the fulfilment of Constitutional and Incorporation requirements. The position carries substantial responsibility and requires a broad range of skills and the ability to exercise considerable judgment, initiative, discretion, and independence.

Relevant skills include: demonstrated ability to organize, plan and supervise projects; demonstrated interpersonal skills, proven ability to work independently and under pressure; sound working knowledge of WordPress (or similar Content Management System), InDesign, computer word processing and excel databases is essential.

Major responsibilities include:
  • Manage the TASA Office
  • Pending membership applications
  • Produce a weekly members’ newsletter for TASA members
  • Dealing with Member and public inquiries for members’ newsletter ads
  • Organise the timely payment of all accounts and invoices
  • Banking and monitoring of TASA bank accounts – ensuring that there is always enough money in the cheque account to cover payment authorisations requests
  • Working with the Treasurer to manage the day to day financial affairs of the association, and assist the bookkeeper, auditor and Treasurer in producing financial reports
  • Assist the Treasurer in ensuring annual Incorporation requirements are met
  • Preparation of material for BAS and the annual audit of TASA accounts
  • Liaising with the bookkeeper and auditor
  • Dealing with Member and public inquiries regarding TAS
  • Handle routine correspondence, liaising with the Secretary and other Executive members as required
  • Dealing with Media inquiries
  • Promotion of TASA through membership drives
  • Promotion of TASA events via the members’ newsletter, TASAweb and advertising through other association websites, and newsletters
  • Monitoring of TASAweb content and keeping it up-to-date using the CMS
  • Monitoring and updating policy and procedures to ensure they reflect the needs and practices of TASA
  • Assist convenors in the administration of TASA prizes
  • Prepare material from the TASA office for Nexus
  • Compile Nexus in InDesign
  • Liaise with Nexus Editors on final Nexus issue
  • Prepare mailing list for Nexus
  • Arrange for printing and posting of Nexus
  • Assist Secretary with the organisation of TASA elections
  • Handle advertising and mailing list rental applications
  • Provide mailing list to JoS and HSR publishers
  • Prepare monthly back-order JoS and Nexus list
Preparation for TASA meetings:
  • Bookings for meeting venues and teleconferences
  • Booking of accommodation for Executive members travelling to meetings
  • Arrange catering for face-to-face meetings
  • Preparation of agenda and associated meeting documentation
  • Placement of AGM documentation in Nexus and online
  • Minute recording and dissemination to Executive
  • Placement of meeting records online in the Exec-only section
  • Assist the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Multi-Media Manager and Thematic Group Convener in preparation of their respective reports
  • Preparation of the demographic summary information from the membership database
The EO is a member of TASA and must attend all Executive Committee meetings, AGM and SGMs, and the annual TASA Conference.

The role and duties of the EO may vary at the discretion of the President.

Exec dinner 2012
(from left) Janine Baxter, Nick Osbaldiston, Kirsten Harley, Karen Soldatic, Sally Daly, Eileen Clark, Roger Wilkinson & Grazyna Zajdow 

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