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Thematic Groups 

TASA Executive introduced Thematic Groups (TG) in 2005. The groups are designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between TASA members working in similar areas. They are also intended to provide a vehicle for the organisation of the annual conferences. Since 2005 thirty Thematic Groups have been established with 26 groups currently in operation. More information about the Executive’s original discussion and design of TGs can be found in Nexus March 2005 (Vol. 17, No. 1.) 

At the 2019 Postgraduate Day event held at Western Sydney University, TASA Thematic Group Portfolio Leader, Sara James spoke with Blab Coats team members Alexander Wray & Hamid Sediqi about what our Thematic Groups are and what they have to offer members, see below video:

To access information about current Thematic Groups, see the sub menu on the right hand side of this page. 

The aims of Thematic Groups:

The aims of TGs are to:

  • build discipline depth and support the development of emerging areas of sociological inquiry;
  • facilitate communication and collaboration between members working in similar areas; and
  • provide a basis for streams within conference programs.

To support these aims, TASA will:

  • have a designated concurrent time slot at the annual conference for TG members to come together;
  • provide a presence on TASAweb (see group pages via the right hand side sub menu);
  • provide two rounds of competitive funding per year to support TG activities;
  • formally recognise each TG for a period of three years (groups can then be reformed or restructured where appropriate, or disestablished);
  • encourage new areas of disciplinary inquiry; and
  • to establish new TGs (when and where possible) (see 1 Terms of Reference).

Code of Conduct

In late 2017, TASA’s Executive introduced a Code of Conduct that outlines a set of behaviours and practices expected of TASA members when in an official role in carrying out the functions and tasks associated with that role. Convening a thematic group is classed as an official TASA role. The Code of Conduct can be accessed here.

TG Conveners’ Manual & Flyer

In 2015, Karen Soldatic created a electronic manual for thematic group conveners. The TG Convener Manual has be updated several times since with the latest version being January 2020 . Conveners are encouraged to email suggested changes/requirements to the Thematic Group portfolio leader for inclusion.

In 2018, Peta Cook developed a 2 page flyer to provide a brief introduction to the responsibilities of being a thematic group convener. The flyer was updated in September 2019 by Sara James to include details about the new 2-year term. For full information, the TG Convener’s Manual, referred to above, should be consulted.

TASA’s Media Policy can be accessed here.

Group Funding
Applications for activities between July 1st and December 31st of the same year must be received by 5pm on March 1st. Applications for activities between January 1st and June 30th of the following year must be received by 5pm on September 1st.

Kate Huppatz (L) and Steve Matthewman (R) congratulating Michelle Peterie on being the 2018 JoS Best Paper Award winner for Docility and Desert: government discourses of compassion in Australia’s asylum seeker debate

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