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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for TASA members

This code of conduct outlines a set of behaviours and practices expected of TASA members.

TASA is a professional association which aims to further the reach of Sociology and Sociologists. In so doing, TASA provides a forum for networking, linking Australian Sociologists to international Sociological associations and addressing issues of relevance to the discipline.

In order to do this, TASA offers Sociologists a range of opportunities for its members to contribute to the association. Such opportunities include, but are not limited to, serving on the TASA Executive, convening Thematic Groups and serving on ad hoc working parties as the need arises. All these positions are undertaken on a voluntary basis.

When undertaking any activities related to the association, TASA has the expectation that:

  • its members will engage with each other in a manner which is fair and respectful
  • members will not knowingly treat one another in a manner which violates this principle, or another members’ professional welfare – real or potential
  • critical conversations should be undertaken in a respectful, supportive, and collegial manner, which does not involve personal denigration
  • all communication between members is undertaken in a professional tone
  • members actively seek to resolve any dispute informally and, if unsuccessful, that they submit grievances to TASA’s Executive, using the Grievance Policy for formal resolution

Membership of TASA commits members to adhere to these principles.

This document, version 2, is available view and download as a Pdf (132kb)