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TASA Sociology Blogs Policy
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Nexus, TASA’s Blog, publishes news and views on TASA and sociology, with a special focus on the Australian scene. Nexus is the forum for sociologists to engage in current issues in ...
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Ageing and Sociology
The aim of the group is to create a supportive network for sociologists working in or researching ageing issues across a range of academic and non-academic institutions. It also a ...
Applied Sociology
The Applied Sociology Thematic Group aims to create a supportive network for applied social researchers working in non-academic positions, and to increase visibility of their resea ...
Crime & Governance
The Crime and Governance blog publishes pieces on how crime, deviance, governance and social control are understood and operate within society.
Fostering the recognition of existing, and the development of new, critical sociologies on disability, with the aim of building upon recent theoretical developments that examine th ...
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The Cultural Sociology blog posts pieces about the empirical and theoretical study of culture.
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Environment and Society
The TASA Thematic Group on Environment and Society aims to bring together TASA members who have an interest in environmental issues and to stimulate wider interest in the field of ...
Families and Relationships
The Families and Relationships blog posts pieces on the sociology of families and relationships.
Genders and Sexualities blog posts pieces on sociological inquiry into the range of practices and ideologies which shape human experiences of genders and sexualities. ...
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Supporting social and sociological research on health and medical issues
To encourage, develop and support research, teaching, public engagement and collaboration in the field of media.
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Migration, Ethnicity & Multiculturalism
Facilitating communication and collaboration between TASA members working in the areas of Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism and cognate fields
Risk Societies
Risk has become pervasive in public and interdisciplinary debate in recent decades. The group brings together a broad range of topics and levels of analysis which encompass issues ...
Rural Issues
The Rural Issues thematic group aims to bring together sociologists interested in the dialectical relationship that exists between urban and rural Australia and seeks to prioritise ...
The aims of the Social Stratification Thematic Group are to foster high quality theoretical and empirical research and teaching in the field of social stratification and to encoura ...
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Social Theory
The TASA Social Theory Thematic Group provides a forum for the discussion and development of social theory. It welcomes systematic and critical reflection on the human condition in ...
Sociology and Activism
The primary aim of the Social Activism Thematic Group is to provide a means of bringing together academics and non-academics interested in exploring the relation between sociology ...
The Sociology and Animals Thematic Group aims to contribute to the idea of nonhuman animals as critical members, and stakeholders in societies, who co-produce ‘the social’ along wi ...
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Sociology of Education
Network researchers interested in the sociology of education and stimulate debate and discussion
Sociology of Emotions and Affect
TASA’s Emotions and Affect Thematic Group brings together a growing body of theory, methods and interconnected research on social emotions and affect. This exciting new area contai ...
Critical Indigenous Studies
The key aim of the Critical Indigenous Studies thematic group is to build and support the engagement of Australian sociology and sociologists with Indigenous social issues. ...
Sociology of Religion
The TASA sociology of religion thematic group seeks to create a community of Australian scholars to: analyse the role of religion in both Australian and global life; share our rese ...
Sociology of Work, Labour and Economy
Promoting scholarship and developing networks of scholars in the areas of economic sociology and sociology of work and employment relations.
Sociology of Youth
The Sociology of Youth Thematic Group aims to facilitate all sociological based research relating to young people. The group provides a collegial forum for collaboration and suppor ...
The Sport Thematic Group aims to build and promote research and scholarship in the sociology of sport across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.
Teaching Sociology
Linking Australian sociologists with particular interest in the teaching of sociology and a contact point for international sociologists with such an interest. The group enables sh ...
Urban Sociology
The Urban Sociology thematic group provides an opportunity for debate, sharing and collaboration for scholars interested in issues related to cities including urban culture and com ...