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TASA Membership Benefits

Membership Directory

The online TASA Member Directory lists members’ contact details, thematic group memberships and whether they are available for mentoring and / or supervision. The directory is a real-time, fully searchable and updatable database that is particularly useful for locating potential supervisors/mentors and examiners as well as for networking.

Networking, Networking, Networking!

TASA provides opportunities to meet and collaborate with others who share your interest in establishing invaluable networking and career opportunities.  Through conferences and events, a wide range of thematic groups, publications and a postgraduate network, the Association enables scholarship and contact between sociologists to flourish.

TASA's Executive, Admin staff, Thematic Group Conveners, Postgraduate Sub-Committee, Local Conference Organising Committee, Forums & Members, in general, are committed to growing, enhancing and strengthening networks among sociologists. As a member, you are welcome, and encouraged, to contact TASA Admin if you need some networking assistance. 

Sage Sociology Full-Text Collection

Online access to the SAGE Sociology Full-Text Collection (91 peer-reviewed journals encompassing over 63,000 articles);

Sage Research Methods collection

Online access to the SAGE Research Methods Collection (Full-text books, References, Little Green Books (quantitative), Little Blue Books (qualitative), Cases, Datasets, a Project Planner feature & Podcasts)

Taylor and Francis Full-Text Collection

Online access to the Health Sociology Review and the Taylor and Francis Full-Text Collection

Thematic Group Membership

TASA currently has 27 Thematic Groups Each thematic group has specific aims and objectives. The overall, general aims of all thematic groups are to:

  • build discipline depth and support the development of emerging areas of sociological inquiry;
  • facilitate communication and collaboration between members working in similar areas; and
  • provide a basis for streams within conference programs.

Journal of Sociology

The Journal of Sociology (JoS) – four hard-copy issues per year published by SAGE (available with the Professional Tier Memberships 2, 3 & 4)

Postgraduate Support

Postgraduates There is a dedicated Postgraduate Portfolio Leader on TASA's Executive who heads the Postgraduate Sub-Committee; a team of students who work together for TASA postgraduate members. There are dedicated Postgraduate web pages, an Annual Postgraduate Day, Postgraduate Conference Scholarships, Forums & Blogs. 

Awards, Prizes, Scholarships & Bursaries

Members can access TASA's several prestigious Awards, Prizes, conference bursaries & travel bursaries; available Awards, Prizes & Bursaries  include the Jean Martin Award, Raewyn Connell Prize, Stephen Crook Memorial Prize, Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology, Outstanding Service to TASA, Sociology in Action Award, Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching in Australian Sociology, Best Paper in the Journal of Sociology,  Best Paper in Health Sociology Review, Early Career Researcher Best Paper, Postgraduate Impact & Engagement Award, Carer’s Travel Bursary, Precarious Work Bursary Fund, Accessibility Conference Bursary, Jerzy Zubrzycki Postgraduate Conference Bursary, Postgraduate Conference Bursary, Conference Bursary for Sociology in Action, Outstanding Service to TASA Award, and the Honours Student Award;

Publication Opportunities

All members' publications submitted to TASA are promoted via our social media platforms as well as via Nexus, thematic group blogs & newsletters,  TASA's weekly eNewsletter and dedicated publication TASAweb pages. 

Event Listings

Free event advertising in the TASA weekly newsletter.


Each thematic group has a Forum feature and members of those groups can post to the forum/s. Each topic can have it's own thread so that members can easily follow the conversations. 

Jobs & Scholarships Board Listings

TASA members can list available jobs and scholarship opportunities directly from within their membership profile screen. The opportunities automatically appear on the Jobs & Scholarships Board;a publicly searchable feature.  

Find a Sociologist Directory

The Find a Sociologist Directory enables members to list their Areas of Expertise as well as whether they are:
  1. available to talk to the media
  2. available for consulting
  3. looking for work
Members are able to update their details at any time within their membership profile screen. 

Looking for Work Registry

One of the features of the Find a Sociologist Directory is that members can list whether they are looking for work. Members who are looking for work can add details about their qualifications, the work they're interested in, their work experience, external web links, bios, etc in their membership profile. 

Conference Discount Rates

Members can access discount rates for TASA 2023 Conference registration as well as discount registrations for the the AmericanBritishIrish and New Zealand sociological association annual conferences.