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Sociology Videos

If you are a TASA member, and you would like your Video/s listed on this web page, please email the details (referenced and a link, where possible) to TASA Admin. The content needs to be about some aspect of Australian sociology (broadly defined).

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 - Lesley Pruitt et al. (25 November, 2018) Key Findings on Empowering Young Women’s Leadership and Advocacy in Asia and the Pacific. This video is part of the YWCA and Monash Gender, Peace & Security Centre’s research project on Mobilising Young Women’s Leadership and Advocacy in Asia and the Pacific.

 - Linda Cheshire (14 October, 2018) ‘The inequities of un-neighbourliness: how disadvantage shapes the experiences and responses of pro – seminar presented by Lynda Cheshire at the UNSW Centre for Social Research in Health on 16 August 2018.

 - Brady Robards (4 October, 2018) From Honours to Article

 - Theresa Petray (14 September, 2018). To mark the inaugural Australian Social Sciences Week James Cook University academics invited Year 9 students from around Townsville and North Queensland to come out to the Townsville campus and discuss what a Bill of Rights for Australia might look like.

 - Social Sciences Week event – The Beaumont Children: investigations and implications of cold-cases.

 - Michael Walsh (July 4, 2018). Walsh & Clark (2018) Co-present Conversation as “Socialized Trance”

 - James Arvanitakis (August 7, 2018). 5 Mistakes Conference Presenters Make!

 - Kirsten Harley (August 17, 2018). Kirsten – NeuroNode

 - Michael Walsh (5 February, 2017). Sociology with Michael Walsh

 - James Arvanitakis (July 2018). Busting the Myth of Writer’s Block

 - Amanda Wise, Kristine Aquino & colleagues, ’Foul Play: Are clubs killing community sport?‘ SBS, The Feed.

 - Crystal Abidin, ‘Cultures of Internet Celebrity on YouTube‘

 - Crystal Abidin, ‘Brand Experience through New Media: Youtube influencers and social media celebrities, panel‘.

 - Crystal Abidin, ’The Next Generation‘.

 - Shanthi Robertson, ‘Interview for the panel’s discussion on Luke Foley’s “white flight” comment‘. The Drum Thursday May 24

 - Penelope Bergen & Anne Stephens, ‘Where Sociologists Work‘. TASAweb


  - Meredith Nash, ‘What is the impact of #metoo at the 2018 Oscars?’


  - Christy Newman, ‘SEX(UALITY) LECTURE – Queer families: Documenting stories of adversity, diversity and belonging‘

  - PhD Final Stages – Timeline to Submission

  - PhD Final Stages – Nominating Examiners

  - PhD Final Stages – Preparing your Thesis for Examination

  - PhD Final Stages – Taking Care of Yourself

  - PhD Final Stages – What Happens After Submission?

  - PhD Final Stages – Examination Reports and Results

  - Gavin Smith, ‘Dr Gavin Smith speaking about Sociology‘

  - James Arvanitakis & colleagues, ‘PhD the Final Stages: Timeline to Submission’

  - Clare Southerton, ‘What can sociology teach you?‘

  - Steven Roberts & colleagues, ‘The Rise of Populism – A different Lense‘ (5:38 – 6:07)

  - James Arvanitakis & colleagues, ‘PhD Final Stages: Nominating Examiners’

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 - Crystal Abidin: “Interview with Dr. Crystal Abidin from #AoIR2017.” Association of Internet Researchers, 6 December 2017

 - Meredith Nash: Deputy Director of the Institute for the Study of Social Change at the University of Tasmania, discusses the extent to which the #metoo movement will eventuate in social change in this Vimeo. ABC News

 - Brady Robards et al. New Sexes in the City? – Current gender challenges and possibilities

 - Shanthi Robertson: Visa Scams, The Feed, November 17, SBS – 5:11 – 7:33

 - Dan Woodman: Presidential address, TASA 2017

 - James Arvanitakis: Why Should I Do A PhD?

 - Raewyn Connell: Interview with Raewyn Connell, Non-hegemonic Masculinities

 - Meredith Nash: Leadership for Women in STEM (14:31)

 - James Arvanitakis discusses the 5 reasons for doing a Confirmation of Candidature in the below video:

 - Andrew Jakubowicz: Why Cyber Racism matters

 - Holly Thorpe: Action Sports for a Better World

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 - Michael Flood –  The Drum, Tuesday February 9

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- Michael Gilding – Insight S2015 Ep14 – Windfall, SBS

 - Nicholas Hookway – Kindness of the Youth #Kindsnaps Reel from Satchelmedia on Vimeo.

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- Janeen Baxter – Breaking the cycle of disadvantage

 - Professor Frank Furedi - On Risk, Fear and Terror in the 21st Century, Published 22 October as part of the Hawke Institute’s ‘Hawke Talks‘

 - Stewart Lockie – A brief sociology of time – explores the battles to control time, especially future time, that define our age. Safe passage to the future, he argues, is ultimately about power and who gets to decide what versions of the future are worth aiming for.

 - Professor John Carroll - Culture and the modern crisis of meaning, Published 17 April as part of the Hawke Institute’s ‘Hawke Talks‘

 - Kirsten Harley on the ‘ice-bucket challenge’ and raising awareness of Motor Neuron Disease

 - Raewyn Connell’s official “Last Lecture”, a.k.a. her Anti-Inaugural, was given in the Great Hall at University of Sydney on 5 September, in the presence of 450 people, 1 statue of W.C.Wentworth, and a dozen Chancellors in oil paintings.  The lecture is “The Knowledge Industry and Counter-Power: Subversive Futures for Intellectual Workers”.

 - Theresa Petray on ‘The Revolution will not (just) be Tweeted: Social Media and Social Movements'

 - Theresa Petray on ‘Activisim’

 - Sue Malta on ‘Why older adults love online dating’. First published in The Conversation 18 June, 2014.

 - Meredith Nash – Picturing pregnancy – TEDxHobart

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 - Raewyn Connell: Test-rich, justice-poor: Australian education in the new era

 - Distinguished Professor John Urry - Global offshoring and its consequences, Published 20 November as part of the Hawke Institute’s ‘Hawke Talks‘

 - Distinguished Professor John Urry with Professor Anthony Elliott - Mobilities and societies beyond oil, Published 15 October as part of the Hawke Institute’s ‘Hawke Talks‘

 - Emeritus Professor Roland Robertson with Professor Anthony Elliott - Globalisation and Glocalisation, Published 28 June 2013 as part of the Hawke Institute’s ‘Hawke Talks‘

 - Prof Charles Lemert in conversation with Prof Anthony Elliott - Globalisation and social theory, Published 24 March as part of the Hawke Institute’s ‘Hawke Talks‘ Globalisation and social theory: extended version

 - Prof Masataka Katagiri - Individualism and Japanese society, Published 6 February as part of the Hawke Institute’s ‘Hawke Talks‘

Kate Huppatz (L) and Steve Matthewman (R) congratulating Michelle Peterie on being the 2018 JoS Best Paper Award winner for Docility and Desert: government discourses of compassion in Australia’s asylum seeker debate