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Workshop Program

At the start of 2021, TASA introduced a new initiative,  'The Australian Sociological Association’s Workshop Program'. While we appreciate the pandemic may continue to thwart scheduled events, we will continue to support and promote sociology where we can.

About the Workshop Program

  • Presenting TASA outwardly – engaging with the community
  • Potential for feeding into policy
  • Connecting with the research community
  • Bringing experts in from the community

Successful workshops will advance research within sociology and showcase TASA as the face of sociological/interdisciplinary research in the region; engaging with issues of national concern; advancement of knowledge; support innovative ideas, and, the potential of feeding into policy and practice development.
  1. Funding of $5,000 (per workshop) available for up to 2 workshops per year.
  2. Applicants must:
  3. a. include a minimum of 2 Early Career Researchers and a maximum of 20 disciplinary experts.
    b. detail planned publication outcome(s) for workshop.
    c. submit a post workshop report to TASA that can be referenced on TASAweb.
    d. present workshop findings at TASA’s conference in the year the workshop is held
  4. Applications will be reviewed and voted on by TASA executive.
The call for expressions of interest will be disseminated to members in May of each year, bar 2022 due to the ISA World Congress, dates for 2022 will be announced in November, 2021. Applications will be due in October of each year.

For 2021, please submit your expressions of interest, via the orange button below, by Monday October 18.

TASA 2021 Workshop Program

The selection process will occur at the November Executive meeting and an announcement will be made at TASA’s conference in November. Workshops will be held in the following year with the presentation and report expected in that same year. We will provide advice to applicants to seek additional funding either within their institution or another association with the potential of co-badging.



2015 recipient Karima Moraby (R) with Supervisor, Constance Lever-Tracy

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