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Date: 2/26/2020
Subject: Welcome to TASA youth 2020
From: Paulina Billett

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Newsletter of the
Sociology of Youth Thematic Group

Welcome to 2020

Dear TASA Youth members,


As the new conveners of this thematic group, we wanted to formally welcome everyone to 2020, introduce ourselves and some of our strategies and directions for this calendar year.


Dr Paulina Billett is a lecturer in Sociology at the Department of Social Inquiry, La Trobe University. Her research interest focuses on young people and women and includes the areas of wellbeing, individuals lived experience and identity formation. Prior to her academic career, Paulina spent a number of years as a youth development officer in NSW.


Dr Sherene Idriss is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Alfred Deakin Institute of Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University. She specialises in research on minoritised young people’s aspirations, working identities and everyday lives, intersectionality and racialization.


This year, we plan to update the way we engage with members and the broader public. As youth researchers, we believe our members are world leading experts on current pressing global issues and well placed to translate research findings, whether recent or earlier in their careers, to a general audience. Beginning in March, we will be asking specific members to take ownership of our Twitter account (@TASAYouth) for 24 hours to provide their take on the hot topic of the day/week. They will be able to use the platform to share papers/presentations/works on that topic, offer a Q&A option to our followers and pose new questions that mainstream media may not have considered or delved deeply into. We hope that this will generate a really dynamic and grounded way to disseminate some of the exceptional work done by members of our thematic group and be responsive to public debates. Paulina and Sherene will be on hand to help members that require assistance.


If you would like to nominate yourself feel free to email us directly.


Later this year we will be developing an interactive platform where members can submit ideas for an event in 2021. We will have more information about this in our newsletter in coming months.

You can follow the group via Twitter: @YouthTASA