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Date: 9/9/2020
Subject: TASA Members' Newsletter September 10
From: TASA

Dear ~~first_name~~,
We hope you can join us for today's TASA Thursdays Postgraduate & Early Career Researcher session: What use is sociological knowledge anyway? A casual conversation about sociology in action in the community services sector between Catherine Robinson (Social Researcher Social Action and Research Centre (SARC), Anglicare & Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania) and Ben Lohmeyer (Head of Youth Work, Tabor & Adjunct Researcher, Flinders University). We invite you to bring your lunch and questions about how sociology is useful for social service policy and practice.   Today Thursday September 10, 12:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via Zoom: Meeting ID: 835 6974 6464. Passcode: 762096
Next Thursday, please join us for a webinar chaired by JaneMaree Maher with speaker Naomi Pfitzner on Responding to the 'Shadow Pandemic': Domestic violence during COVID-19, September 1712:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via Zoom: Meeting ID: 871 0916 9257
Passcode: 828554.

2020 TASA Election - Last chance to vote
As mentioned last week, at the close of nominations for the Thematic Group portfolio leader position, the following three members nominated:
  •  Linda Marsden, Western Sydney University
  •  Pariece Nelligan, Deakin University
  •  Ramon Menendez Domingo, La Trobe University
The online election, for this role, closes today, midday September 10, 2020, AEST. Note, you will need to log in to cast your votes. If you click on the orange button below, you will be taken to the login page and then redirected for voting. Please contact Sally in TASA Admin for a speedy password reset solution, if needed. 

Introducing incoming

TASA Equity & Inclusion Portfolio Holder

Heidi Hetz

Heidi Hetz is a sociologist interested in refugee storytelling and (self-)representation. Heidi's PhD, awarded in 2020, explored the impact of Australian asylum seeker debates upon refugee participants’ storytelling about the refugee experience. At present, Heidi is working on two projects in refugee research. Since 2015, she has been a sessional teaching academic in the enabling program at UniSA College and she has lectured in sociology at undergraduate level.  Heidi is a (outgoing) postgraduate representative for the Migration, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism (MEM) thematic group at TASA. Prior to 2015, she worked and volunteered with newly arrived refugees for several years.

Heidi wishes to continue the work of the outgoing Equity and Inclusion Portfolio Leader in developing an intersectional equity / diversity policy, including a focus on sexual harassment and safe conferencing. 
She also wishes to promote a focus on sustainability for all TASA events. Further, Heidi proposes the development of initiatives for precariously employed / recently unemployed academics as well as academics with caring responsibilities whose career has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. Finally, Heidi aims to create a database of resources (hosted on the TASA website) on equity issues in Australia to inform scholarship and teaching on these issues.
TASA 2020 Virtual Event
As per a recent email, we are very happy to report that we have been fortunate enough to secure access to an online event platform that will allow us to run some concurrent sessions, in addition to the panel sessions previously submitted, during our TASA 2020 virtual event. As such, we have extended our submission call to individual members for solo presentations. There is also space for book launches.

TASA 2020 will be free for members and non-members alike and we aim to provide equitable access and the ability to virtually engage with our colleagues from within and outside Australia. If you would like to present and/or launch a book, please follow the submission processes outlined below:

To help streamline the submission process for abstracts, please:
  1. use this Abstract template;
  2. use email Subject line: ‘TASA2020 Individual submission – [insert thematic group];
  3. attach a photo [optional] of author for TASA 2020 online platform; and
  4. email by September 15 to to allow time to create a program of events.

To help streamline the submission process for book launch requests, please:
  1. use this Book launch template;
  2. use email Subject line: ‘TASA2020 Book Launch [insert book title];
  3. attach a copy of your book cover to the email; and
  4. email by September 15 to to allow time to create a program of events.
TASA Thursdays - Save the date
Casual Chat with Distinguished Sociologist Sharyn Roach Anleu, September 24, 12:30pm - 1:30pm,  AEST, via Zoom
Discussion topic and access details to be confirmed. 

Webinar hosted by Roger Wilkinson with speaker Joseph Borlagdan on 'Poverty and homelessness'.   October 1512:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via Zoom. Access details to be confirmed. 
Webinar hosted by Roger Wilkinson with speaker James Arvanitakis on Living Blue in a Deep Red State: A sociological analysis of the 2020 election after a year spent in Wyoming.  November 1212:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via ZoomAccess details to be confirmed.  
Webinar hosted by Roger Wilkinson with Adele Pavlidis, Catherine Palmer & Suzanne Schrijnder each presenting on their area of expertise to the topic, 'Sport, leisure and the newnormal: sociological insights for developing an agenda for change'. December 1012:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via Zoom. Access details to be confirmed. 

Members' Publications


Transnational Labour Migration
Through the prism of a Nepali remittance village, this book critically examines poverty and livelihood dynamics remade through transnational labour migration and remittances, and their interrelationships with land, rural labour and agriculture.

The concept of The Remittance Village emphasises rural people’s transnational mobilities as a key feature of contemporary dynamics in many parts of the Global South, which are reconfiguring rural social, economic and ecological textures. Sunam challenges complacent linear narratives that assume new opportunities such as transnational migration, and remittances provide better pathways for the rural poor to come out of poverty, as well as narratives that understate the importance of land and farming for the rural poor. He demonstrates both that new opportunities are inaccessible for many poor people and that accessing these opportunities often engenders increased precarity and vulnerability. In The Remittance Village, he finds that even those accessing new opportunities are successful only when their household member(s) are simultaneously engaged in in-situ (non-)agricultural activities. Read on... 

Book Reviews

Nurka C. Book Review: H. McCann and W. Monaghan, Queer Theory Now. Journal of Sociology. August 2020. doi:10.1177/1440783320952615

Journal Articles

Couch, D., O’Sullivan, B., Russell, D. et al. An exploration of the experiences of GP registrar supervisors in small rural communities: a qualitative study. BMC Health Serv Res 20, 834 (2020).

Informed News & Analysis

Christy Newman (2020) How Yumi Stynes stayed friends with her ex. ABC Life, September 8. 
Helen Forbes-Mewitt (2020) COVID-19: The future of international education across Australia and New Zealand. Monash Lens, September 3.


Deborah Lupton (2020) A COVID-19 tanglegram. This Sociological Life, September 8. 
Clare Southerton (2020) COVID-19 and the myth of the digital ‘shift’ .The Vitalities Lab, September 8. 
Baldwin, J. and A. Possamai (2020) ‘Hyper-real Religion. An interview with Adam Possamai’ International Journal of Baudrillard Studies 16 (1).
de la Fuente, Eduardo "Living in a Textured World: Sociology and Contextual Intelligence" The Sociological Review Blog, September 4, 2020.


Munday, Jennifer; Watts, Alison; Clark, EileenCollections from the Asylum. . Evocative objects and artworks connected with the former Mayday Hills psychiatric hospital in Beechworth, Victoria. On display at the Albury Library Museum, 09 September 2020 to 29 November 2020. 




New podcast by Sarina Kilham (2020) What's sociology got to do with it


Kate Huppatz & Steve Matthewman (2020) A Sociology of Covid-19. September 7. 
Gavin Smith (2020) Moving beyond nature/culture divides: the importance of socio-ecological studies. ANU Experience, September 7. '
Adele Pavlidis & Indigo Willing (2020) In conversation about "everything sport, gender and sexuality". September 6. 
Madeleine Pape (2020) Bound by the binary: Selective repatriation in women's sport. September 5. 
Clare Southerton (2020) YouTube as Qualitative Data. Vitalities Lab, August 31.
Shanthi Robertson (2020) Social Science Myth Busters | September 8th 10 am. August 30. 

Creative Works

Clark,Eileen. ‘Dudley Tong’.Dramatic monologue performed by Ben Tari as part of Voices from the Asylum,Write Around the Murray Online Festival, Albury NSW, 09 September 2020.


Signe Ravn (2020) Girls Growing Up in Changing Times and Places explores young women’s experiences of growing up in communities undergoing substantial changes due to changing labour markets. The project is interested in what such changes mean for how young women with interrupted schooling pathways think about their future; what they hope this will bring; and where they think it will take them.


Ash Watson (2020) Edition #7 of So Fi Zine. August 21. 
Social Sciences Week
Social Sciences Week (SSW) is here! We hope you have been able to get along to one or more of the events. For us folk here in Melbourne stage 4 lock down, SSW has been a great opportunity to experience life beyond our 4 walls. For Dan, our current president, and the initial driver and organiser of SSW, it has also been an opportunity for a Stage 4 date with his partner!

Below are events either being organised and/or facilitated by TASA members or that have TASA members as speakers (or all three!). You can view all other events via the SSW website. Note, dates and times listed are in AEST.
Dan Woodman,  Signe Ravn, Joseph Borlagdan (& others)Looking to the Future: creating meaningful employment for young people after COVID-19. September 10, 10:30am - 12pm. 
Greg Noble, Deborah Stevenson, David Rowe (& others) Australian Culture, Inequalities & Social DivisionsSeptember 10, 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Barrie Shannon, Gemma Killen &  Megan Sharp: Genders and Sexualities in Sport: Theorising the State of Play. September 10, 5:30pm
Karen Farquharson (& others) as speaker for Black Lives Matter at the University of Melbourne. September 10, 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Naomi Pfitzner & Susan Carland (& others) Gender Based Violence and the Covid-19 pandemic. September 10, 5:00pm - 6:30pm 
Eileen Clark (& others) Collections from the asylum: Past lives, present tense. Sunday 13 September, 5 pm
Thematic Groups
Activist Research and Reflections during the 2020 Pandemic
Webinar, Friday October 2nd, 12.30pm - 1.30 AEST, 10.30am to 11.30 WAST  
Calling for presentations or stimulus papers
There will be up to five presentations of five minutes each on the theme with five minutes discussion. The goal of the webinar is to prompt further action/activism, research networks and collaborations, and research and sociological reflection.
Submission deadline: September 17. Read on...
TASA Publications

Journal of Sociology

Renewed call for an editorial team for 2021 - 2024
The call for expressions of interest (EoI) for the Journal of Sociology (JoS) editorial team for 2021-2024 has been reopened. EoIs are sought from a group of members as well as from individual members wanting to be considered as part of an editorial team (which would be put together by the TASA Executive).

For EoIs from groups, please click here for the detailed call.

If you would like to put yourself forward as an interested individual, to be a part of the editorial team, please respond to the following questions and copy and paste the details into an email to Please note that the successful Editor in Chief will be required to have (non-financial) institutional support for taking on the role.


Area of Expertise:

Editor in Chief: yes/no

Associate Editor: yes/no

Expressions of interest from groups as well as individual members need to be emailed to TASA Admin by Monday September 14th.
Note: there us currently free full access the recent Journal of Sociology Special Issue on Indigenous Sociology
The Journal of Sociology’s next Virtual Special issue is out now: A Sociology of Youth: Defining the Field edited by Professor Johanna Wyn:
The Journal of Sociology - Volume: 56, Number: 2 (June 2020) is now available. 
The Table of Contents can be viewed here.  To access each article, please click here.

Health Sociology Review

The Health Sociology Review (HSR) Special Section – Sociology and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic is now available. You can access all the articles, which are open access through to the end of this year, via the HSR website here.
HSR Editors in Chief Karen Willis and Sarah MacLean invited authors of the Special Section issue to submit videos about their paper for Social Sciences Week. TASA member, and Digital Publications Editor, Roger Wilkinson, edited the video submissions into one. See Health Sociology Review: Special Section on ‘Sociology and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic’ .
New: Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Level A)
Big data’s potential to address/undermine social & health inequities
University of New South Wales
Applications close: 11pm, 27th September. Read on... 

Jobs Board

The Jobs Board enables you to view current employment opportunities. As a member, you can post opportunities to the Jobs Board directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Employment Opportunities
PhD Scholarships
New: 2 PhD Scholarships on regulation
Queensland University of Technology
 Although the topic area is voluntary assisted dying, no previous knowledge of this topic is required – we welcome applications from candidates who have an interest in learning more about this cutting-edge area. The project is an interdisciplinary one. Although based in the Law Faculty, applications are welcome from other disciplines including regulation, social science, bioethics and health/public policy.
Application deadline: October 1. Read on... 
PhD scholarship on Youth, Diversity and Wellbeing in a Digital Age
Deakin University, with fellow member Anita Harris as supervisor
Application deadline: October 31. Read on...
PhD scholarship on Men, Sex and Sexuality PhD research scholarship
La Trobe University, with fellow member Andrea Waling
Application deadline: September 30. Read on...

Scholarships Board

The Scholarships Board enables you to view available scholarships that our members have posted. Like the Jobs Board, as a member, you can post scholarship opportunities directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Scholarship Opportunities
Other Events, News & Opportunities

Call for Research Participants

New: fellow member Robert Templeton is seeking research participants for a research project investigating how the aspirations, motives and outcomes effect the personal and professional lives of mature age Australian doctoral graduates’.
The online address is:

Call for Book Chapters 

Social Control Policies - Governing Human Lives and Health in Times of Pandemics
300 words suggestions to be submitted by 31st of May.
Chapters will be due by 30th of November, 2020. 
Read on...


Social Science Methodology Conference
Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Inc (ACSPRI)
University of Sydney from December 1-3, 2020. Read on...
TASA Documents and Policies
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