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Date: 2/17/2021
Subject: TASA Members' Newsletter February 18
From: TASA

Dear ~~first_name~~, 
There is a lot to update you about this week! First up, if you are attending next week's International Sociological Association's (ISA)  World Forum we invite, and encourage, you to work with us to help promote the ISA World Congress that we are hosting next year. You can do that by using the promotional holding slide and zoom backgrounds available here. There is also a promotional video. 
We are very excited to announce that TASA Thursdays are back! Like last year, we will include details of each event in the newsletter and publish available recordings on our YouTube channel. We are still in the process of locking in presenters but we are very happy to share with you that fellow member Troy Henderson will be speaking about Universal Basic Income on March 25 (12:30pm - 1:30pm AEDT). 
Earlier this week we announced a new initiative, 'The Australian Sociological Association’s Workshop Program'. A call for expressions of interest will be disseminated in May. In the meantime, if you missed that email, you can read about the new funded program here. 

If you haven't already, we encourage you to have your say on the State of the Social Sciences via The Australian Academy of Social Sciences' survey here.  
TASA Thursdays are back!

Speaker Troy Henderson on the Universal Basic Income

March 25, 12:30 - 1:30pm ADET

Troy Henderson
Dr Troy Henderson is a Lecturer in Political Economy at the University of Sydney. He has a particular interest in Basic Income Studies, economic and social policy reform, and the Political Economy of Work. His PhD thesis explored Basic Income as a Policy Option for Australia. Between 2017 and 2019 he worked as a Research Economist at the Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute. He has published widely on Basic Income and labour market issues, presented at numerous Australian and international conferences, and appeared regularly in the media.
We extend our warm congratulations to the following students who have been nominated as the top Honours student at their university for 2020:
  1. Adelaide University - Lara Junghardt
  2. Griffith University - Yanni Brown
  3. Newcastle University - Milo Kei
  4. University of New South Wales - Dovber (Dovi) Seldowitz
The Honours/Masters Award entitles recipients to a complimentary 12 month TASA membership. We'd love to receive nominations from other universities. If you are a Sociology convenor or Honours coordinator, we encourage you to nominate your top Sociology Honours/Masters graduate for 2020 via our quick, online 2020 Honours Award form. 
2021 TASA Awards

Jean Martin Award

TASA's Jean Martin Award recognises excellence in scholarship in the field of Sociology and aims to assist with establishing the career of a recent PhD graduate. It is a biennial award that is open this year for theses for which a PhD has been formally awarded between the period March 1st 2019 to 28 February 2021. 
Supervisors and Heads of Sociology departments/schools and interdisciplinary Social science departments and other departments with a major commitment to Sociological analysis within Australian tertiary institutions are invited to submit candidates for the Award. Self nominations are also accepted. 
Nominations close: March 1. Click here to nominate

Other 2021 TASA Awards

Other TASA Awards open for nominations this year include:
  • Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology Award
  • Outstanding Service to TASA Award
  • Teaching Sociology Award
  • Sociology in Action Award
  • Early Career Researcher - Best Paper Prize
  • Postgraduate Impact & Engagement Award
This year, judging panels will also be assessing for the:
  • Best Paper in Health Sociology Review; and the
  • Best Paper in the Journal of Sociology.
You can access details about each award, including deadlines and the nomination process, via TASAweb's Awards page
Members' Publications


John Geoffrey Scott, Christian Grov, Victor Minichiello (2021) The Routledge Handbook of Male Sex Work, Culture, and Society. Routledge. 

The Routledge Handbook of Male Sex Work
Panoramic and provocative in its scope, this handbook is the definitive guide to contemporary issues associated with male sex work and a must read for those who study masculinities, male sexuality, sexual health, and sexual cultures.

This groundbreaking volume will have a powerful impact on our understanding of this challenging, elusive subject. While the internet has brought the previously hidden worlds of male sex work more starkly into public view, academic research has often remained locked into descriptions of male sex workers and their clients as perverse. Drawing from a variety of regions, the chapters provide insights into the historical, popular cultural, social, and economic aspects of sex work, as well as demographic patterns, health outcomes, and policy issues. Read on... 

Book Chapters

Andrea Waling (2021) Male Strippers in Popular Film: Representations Disrobed. In (Eds) Scott, J.G., Grov, C., & Minichiello, V. (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Male Sex Work, Culture, and Society. Routledge
Victor Minichiello, John Scott, Taylor Harrington, Denton Callander, and Christian Grov (2021) Quantifying Global Male Sex Work Communities in the Technology Era: Revisions in Definitions and Statistics. In (Eds) Scott, J.G., Grov, C., & Minichiello, V. (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Male Sex Work, Culture, and SocietyRoutledge
Carlos Disogra, Victor Minichiello, Rodrigo Mariño, John Scott, Taylor Harrington, and Tinashe Dune (2021) Male Internet-Based Escorting in Argentina: Changing Attitudes and Laws. In (Eds) Scott, J.G., Grov, C., & Minichiello, V. (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Male Sex Work, Culture, and SocietyRoutledge
John Scott, Christian Grov, and Victor Minichiello (2021) Decriminalization as a Goal: Opportunities, Varieties, and Pathways.  In (Eds) Scott, J.G., Grov, C., & Minichiello, V. (Eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Male Sex Work, Culture, and SocietyRoutledge

Book Launch

Fellow member Shanthi Robertson is having a virtual launch and author Q and A for her recent book, hosted at the University of Sydney, on February 26th at 3.30pm. Please register via Eventbrite by February 25th if you would like to attend the launch webinar, and feel free to circulate to any relevant networks.

Journal Articles

Boese, M. and Moran, A. (2021) The Regional Migration-Development Nexus in Australia: What Migration? Whose Development?, Frontiers in Sociology,6 (9) doi: 10.3389/fsoc.2021.602487 [open access].
Nicholas, L. (2021) ‘Remembering Simone de Beauvoir’s “ethics of ambiguity” to challenge contemporary divides: Feminism beyond both sex and gender’ Feminist Theory
Nicholas, L. & Budgeon, S. (2021) ‘Introduction: Remembering Feminist Theory Forward’ Feminist Theory
Yelland, N., & Bartholomaeus, C. (2021). Towards learning dialogues as data: Researching children’s lifeworlds in global cities. Qualitative Research Journal.

Cui, J. Mao, L., Newman, C.E., Kwan, C.K., Lancaster, K. (2020) Managing risk in the pro-empowerment era of mental health care: A cross-cultural study of social work perspectives in Hong Kong and Sydney. Published online in Journal of Social Work on 22 December 2020.

Drysdale, K., Cama, E., Bear, B., Cerio, B., Newman, C. (2020) Targeting cancer prevention and screening interventions to LGBTQ communities: a scoping review. Published online in the Health and Social Care in the Community on 15 December 2020.
Smith, A.K.J, Holt, M., Haire, B., Newman, C. (2021) Issues associated with prescribing HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV anxiety: a qualitative analysis of Australian PrEP providers’ views. Published online Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care on 6 November 2020. 32(1): 94-104.


Wojciechowski, Lisa, Harms, Louise, Carter, Allison, Newman, Christy (24 November 2020) Young + Positive: Are we doing enough to support young people living with HIV? HIV Australia.


Catherine Strong and Fabian Cannizzo (2020) Understanding challenges to the Victorian music industry during Covid-19. RMIT, December. 

Informed News & Analysis

For tips from fellow members on getting published in The Conversation (TC), click here. For some members' articles published in TC between 2013 & 2019, click here. To find out what can happen after publishing in TC, read on...

Vitalities Lab: Annual Report

Clare Southerton, Marianne Clark, Deborah Lupton and Ash Watson (2021) Vitalities Lab Annual Report

Call for Resources
We ask for your help to increase and diversify our Sociology in Action resources so that we can strengthen how we convey to the media, current and future students, as well as the public etc, about what sociology is and what sociology is used for. 
We welcome you to submit text, about what you are using sociology for and how you are doing sociology, as well as links to resources you know about, such as websites, papers, videos, and anything else that showcases sociology. 
Please email all resources to TASA Admin, using Sociology in Action resources in the subject line, and include a brief description on how the resource/s show what sociology is and what sociology is used for in our region.
Thematic Groups
NextGenMEM Conversations About... Interdisciplinary research: Melding Methodologies, Theories and Researcher Identities in Migration Studies
Tuesday, 23 February, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM AEDT
For details, and to register, read on... 
Sociology and Animals Thematic Group
Peer-Reviewing in Sociology
March 8th, 7:30am EST, 12:30pm GMT
Join the group for an hour-long panel on professional and productive peer-reviewing! Peer-review is an important part of academic life, but few of us receive training on how to do this effectively (and compassionately). This webinar is designed to demystify this process. This event is officially sponsored by TASA, ASA, BSA and CSA. 
For details, and to register, read on...
TASA Publications

Journal of Sociology

Call for expressions of interest to guest edit a special issue of the Journal of Sociology for 2023.  The deadline for submissions, of no more than 3000 words in length, is Monday 21st June and they need to go to Allegra Schermuly, Managing Editor of the Journal. For details, read on...

Health Sociology Review

The latest special issue of Health Sociology Review is now out, guest edited by TASA members Jennifer Power and Andrea Waling: Tech, Sex and Health: The Place of New Technologies in Sex, Sexual Health, and Human Intimacy.

This special issue also includes contributions from TASA members, Jennifer Power, Andrea Waling, (guest editors), Jacinthe Flore, Kiran Pienaar, Brooke Hollingshead and Gary Dowsett.
There are many members of TASA who are looking for work, from sessional teaching through to applied consultancy research. Our 'Looking for Work' registry is to provide a way for our members who are looking for work to connect with people looking to employ sociologists. We also acknowledge many of our members are employed precariously, and we hope this registry might help in building connections and networks towards more stable employment.
Note, if you are looking for work you can list yourself in the 'Looking for Work' registry via your membership profile. Click on the Additional Member Data tab and scroll down to the question 'Are you looking for work?' After selecting 'yes' to that question, your details will appear in our publicly searchable 'Find a Sociologist' directory. Please contact TASA Admin if you need assistance adding your details. 
If you would like to be spotlighted in our newsletter as someone looking for work, please email TASA Admin, and attach a profile image that can be used in the spotlight and include a bio outlining your location, highest qualification, areas of expertise, the type of work you are looking for, and whether you are in a position to relocate etc. 
New: Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Research Associate at the Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW
Join a dynamic research team at the Centre for Social Research in Health, working on an exciting new ARC Discovery Project!
The Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Associate will collaborate with a team led by Dr Kari Lancaster and Professor Tim Rhodes on an Australian Research Council Discovery Project using critical social science and science and technology studies (STS) approaches to examine evidence making and implementing interventions in a viral elimination era.  The investigator team includes TASA member Professor Martin Holt. The position requires expertise in managing social research projects and qualitative methods, and expertise in critical social science and applying social theory in the field of health.
Application deadline:  February 28. Read on...
Associate Professor of Sociology
The Department of Sociology of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, housed in the College of Social Sciences
This is an open call for both Chilean and foreign applicants. For foreign applicants, knowledge of the Spanish language is required at the time of application, and fluency is expected from the first year of employment.
Note: If a candidate from Australia was successful they would need to take a PCR less than 72 hours before traveling and then quarantine for up to 10 days, unless they present a negative test after a week of quarantine.
Application deadline: March 31st. Read on...
Re-advertised: Join an interdisciplinary and international research team on an exciting new ARC Linkage Project Borderline Personality as Social Phenomena!

The Research Fellow and Project Manager will collaborate with a large interdisciplinary, international team led by TASA member Professor Renata Kokanović on the ARC Linkage Project Borderline Personality as Social Phenomena (LP190100247). This investigator team also includes Jacinthe Flore, co-convenor of the Health Sociology Thematic Group, as well as academics with expertise in critical mental health research, medical humanities, cultural studies, psychiatry, and qualitative and arts-based approaches to mental health research. The project represents a significant partnership with key mental health organisations in Australia and is guided by an Advisory Group led by people with experience of contact with mental health services.

Application deadline for the Research Fellow position is 28 February. Read on...

Jobs Board

The Jobs Board enables you to view current employment opportunities. As a member, you can post opportunities to the Jobs Board directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Employment Opportunities
PhD Scholarships
Reducing young women’s offending through improved service delivery in human services and the youth justice system
This opportunity is for a full time Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Master of Philosophy (MPhil) student who identifies as both female and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander to support an innovative three-year study of young women’s contact with the youth justice and community services systems. For details, read on...
Exploring borderline personality in youth populations
The scholarship is art of an ARC funded Linkage Grant.
Applications will close when the position is filled. Read on...
Voluntary Assisted Dying: Optimal Regulation
Queensland University of Technology
A scholarship to explore the regulation of voluntary assisted dying as a new and important aspect of end-of-life decision-making and propose a novel optimal regulatory framework for Australia.
Expression of Interest deadline: March 1. Read on... 
Re-advertised: PhD Scholarship on regulation

QUT’s Australian Centre for Health Law Research is offering a new PhD Scholarship. The PhD is part of an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship project which explores the regulation of voluntary assisted dying as a new and important aspect of end-of-life decision-making in Australia. The project includes comparative case studies of regulation in Canada and Belgium (where voluntary assisted dying has been lawful for longer periods). More information about the project and research team is available here.

Although the topic area is voluntary assisted dying, no previous knowledge of this topic is required – we welcome applications from candidates who have an interest in learning more about this cutting-edge area. The project is an interdisciplinary one. Although based in the Law Faculty, applications are welcome from other disciplines including regulation, social science, bioethics and health/public policy.

For more information, contact Professor Ben White.
Applications close March 1. Read on...

Scholarships Board

The Scholarships Board enables you to view available scholarships that our members have posted. Like the Jobs Board, as a member, you can post scholarship opportunities directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Scholarship Opportunities
Other Events, News & Opportunities


New: Communication, Authority and Power
Australian & New Zealand Communication Association Annual Conference
Melbourne, July 6–9 
Submission deadline: 26 February. Read on...


Award for Postgrad Women enrolled in NSW and the ACT.
This 2021 award will commemorate 100 years of NSW’s involvement in
Graduate Women International and Australian Graduate Women.
Application deadline.
March 1. Read on...

New Centre

Sydney Centre for Healthy Societies
Sydney University's new Centre with fellow members Alex Broom as Director & Katherine Kenny as Deputy Director
While often seen as a characteristic of individuals and their bodies, health is also collectively produced through social practices and economic and political systems. How we ‘treat’ health, then, must move beyond focusing on individuals to instead encompass a more multidimensional approach.

Through dynamic teamwork, and underpinned by a deeply collaborative philosophy, the Sydney Centre for Healthy Societies, based at The University of Sydney’s School of Social and Political Sciences, draws together leading experts from around the world and across a diverse set of disciplines and fields.
You can read more about the centre here and follow them on Twitter via @Sydney_CHS
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Gift memberships are available with TASA.  If you would like to purchase a gift membership, please email the following details through to the TASA Office:

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