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Date: 5/3/2021
Subject: TASA November
From: TASA

TASA November
Dear ~~first_name~~, 

TASA Executive would like to thank all members for their patience on receiving news for the TASA 2021 event. We have some exciting news to announce, but first it is with regret that I announce, on behalf of the Executive and the TASA 2021 local organising committee, that we are unable to host the face-to-face conference in Canberra this November.

In lieu of our annual conference, we are excited to announce TASA November; a two-pronged approach to replace TASA 2021. TASA November has been formed in response from the survey results on the ability of our members to attend a face to face/virtual conference this year. Most respondents indicated an unlikeliness to travel interstate for a face-to-face conference but expressed an interest in attending an event within their own state/territory. Attending an online event was also supported by most respondents.

The first part of our event will include up to 10 face-to-face TASA events across Australian state/territories. Up to $1,000 in support will be provided for each event.

Funding could be used for a research assistant, event filming, or supporting attendance of state-based members (for example, precariously employed, postgraduates, people with carer needs, etc). Funding will not be supplied for venue hire or catering. 
As a local host, you may decide to hold an all-day or a partial day event and perhaps organise a lunch, dinner, or drinks post-event (at attendee’s own expense, unless you School/ Department/ College/ Faculty are willing to cover the costs).
These local events will occur at different times during November. They would be arranged so they do not overlap, giving members the opportunity to attend as many as possible. The type of event is open – it could be a seminar, workshop, series of presentations, plenaries, keynote addresses, etc. Where possible, we seek to support events that can be live streamed in part or full to maximise the opportunities for TASA members to attend.
The second part of our event is the TASA Thematic Week. This will be scheduled at the original time for TASA 2021; November 22nd – 26th. Like the conference, we will have an online abstract submission/review process with our wonderful thematic group convenors organising the review/ acceptance process of submissions and allocate abstracts in sessions with 15-minute presentations followed by a Q&A session. Submissions will open on May 24th. 

During TASA Thematic Week, our usual other events and meetings will be arranged – Postgraduate Day, Thematic Group Convenors Meeting, Thematic Group meetings, President’s Speech, Professoriate meeting, Annual General Meeting etc. Depending on the number of submissions we receive, some of these meetings may be arranged for the week prior and post TASA Thematic Week.

Applications for TASA November face-to-face events are now open. To apply, in no more than 3 A4 pages, please note the:
1. Title of the event;
2. Name of the event organiser/s;
3. Outline of the activity and its significance/relevance;
4. Evidence of support and/or involvement;
5. Ability to live stream/ Zoom the event (partially or in full);
6. Budget and budget justification; and
7. Proposed event location, date/time, and any justification for this.

The deadline for applications is Monday July 12th to TASA Admin. They will be assessed by the following criteria:
1. Evidence of engaging diverse audiences;
2. Contribution of the activity to the vitality of TASA;
3. Evidence that the event will be inclusive; and
4. Generation of outputs that will enhance the profile of TASA.

Applications will be assessed by the Vice President and a subcommittee formed from the Executive and presented to the Executive at the July meeting for final endorsement. Applicants will be notified of the outcome in the first week of August.
Key dates for TASA Thematic Week will be announced soon.

Peta Cook
Vice-President, TASA
Vice-President, TASA
TASA Admin: