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Date: 5/26/2021
Subject: TASA Members' Newsletter May 27
From: TASA

Dear ~~first_name~~,  
We hope you can join us for our TASA Thursdays  event TODAY May 27th with Rick Spencer, University of Melbourne, speaking on 'How teachers disrupt heternormative practices within secondary school settings'12:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via Zoom: Meeting ID: 819 7519 2569 Passcode: 816963
And next week we have the TASA Thursdays Postgraduate & Early Career Researcher session: How to publish: A behind-the-scenes look at the journal publishing process hosted by Laura Simpson Reeves on behalf of the Postgraduate Sub-Committee, with panellists A/Prof Sarah MacLean (co editor-in-chief of Health Sociology Review) and Dr Allegra Schermuly (managing editor of Journal of Sociology) – 3rd June 12:30pm - 1:30pm AEST, via Zoom:  Meeting ID: 892 1123 3673 & Passcode: 564421
Note, you can catch up on the recorded TASA Thursdays sessions via our YouTube channel.  
Pending Deadlines
This coming Monday May 31st is the deadline for two of our prestigious awards and a grant. For full details, please click on the respective links below: 
  1. Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology Award
  2. Outstanding Service to TASA Award
  3. TASA 2021 Covid Career Disruption Grant
Hopefully you received our email on Monday regarding TASA Thematic Week. If you didn't, you can catch up with it here.  In sum, abstract submissions are now open and will close on Monday July 12.
For details about TASA November and the available funding for face to face events, please visit our TASA November webpage. The deadline for funding applications is Monday July 12.
Our warm congratulations are extended to fellow member Catriona Stevens who has been awarded second place in the Chinese Studies Association of Australia 2021 Best PhD Thesis Prize. Cat's thesis, titled 'Unlikely settlers in exceptional times' presents an ethnography of Chinese working-class trade skilled migrants and their families who were recruited to work in Perth during the recent resources boom. The thesis makes an important theoretical contribution to the field, demonstrating the significance of social class, including culturalist and materialist dimensions, throughout processes of migration, and arguing compellingly for the need to bring class analyses (back) into studies of Australian migration.
Save the Dates
TASA Thursdays for retired members hosted by Roger Wilkinson. June 24thMore details to follow. 
Critical Indigenous Studies thematic group conveners Bronwyn Carlson and Tristan Kennedy, both at Macquarie University, will be speaking about their social media work for TASA Thursdays on July 22ndMore details to follow. 
Liz Dean, University of Melbourne, Ann Lawless & John McGuire, co conveners of the Sociology and Activism Thematic Group, and James Godfrey, University of London, will be discussing Protest Songs for TASA Thursdays on August 26More details to follow. 
Tim Graham, Queensland University of Technology, will be speaking on Social media and misinformation for TASA Thursdays on October 28More details to follow. 
Lizzie Knight, Victoria University, will be speaking on 'Assumed parenting roles and the systemic gaps in education and justice systems' for TASA Thursdays on November 25th. More details to follow. 
Members' Engaging Sociology

Book Chapters

Steve Threadgold, David Farrugia and Julia Coffey (2021) Challenging the Structure/Agency Binary: Youthful Culture, Labour and Embodiments. In Magda Nico, Ana Caetano (Eds.) Structure and Agency in Young People’s Lives: Theory, Methods and Agendas. Routledge.
Daniel Woodman and Amy Vanderharst (2021) Reflexivity in Late Modernity: Understanding Young Lives in the Context of Social Change. In Magda Nico, Ana Caetano (Eds.) Structure and Agency in Young People’s Lives: Theory, Methods and AgendasRoutledge.

Journal Articles

Michael R.M. Ward, Anna Tarrant, Kopano Ratele, Sebastián Madrid, and Victoria Cann, with Raewyn Connell (2021) The Continual Relevance of The Men and the Boys, Twenty Years on: Revisiting Raewyn Connell’s Pivotal Text, Boyhood Studies,  DOI: [OPEN ACCESS]
Ashleigh L. Haw (2021) “Hapless Victims” or “Making Trouble”: Audience Responses to Stereotypical Representations of Asylum Seekers in Australian News Discourse, Journalism Practice, DOI: 10.1080/17512786.2021.1930574 [OPEN ACCESS]
Carlson B, Kennedy T. Us Mob Online: The Perils of Identifying as Indigenous on Social Media. Genealogy. 2021; 5(2):52. [OPEN ACCESS]
Annelies Knoppers, Ramon Spaaij & Inge Claringbould (2021) Discursive resistance to gender diversity in sport governance: sport as a unique field?, International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, DOI: 10.1080/19406940.2021.1915848 [OPEN ACCESS]
Churchill B, Craig L. Men’s and women’s changing attitudes towards fatherhood and working fathers in Australia. Current Sociology. May 2021. doi:10.1177/00113921211012737
Marino S. Beyond authenticity An ethnographic reflection on Italians in Australia and Italians in Italy. Journal of Sociology. May 2021. doi:10.1177/14407833211016090
Hickey, S. (2021) Talking back to the research: Indigenous wellbeing and resilience narratives from urban Australia. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities.DOI: 10.1080/19452829.2021.1882966 [OPEN ACCESS]
Hickey, S., Roe, Y., Harvey, C., Kruske, S., Clifford-Motopi, A., Fisher, I., Bernardino, B., and S. Kildea. (2021) Community-based sexual and reproductive health promotion and services for First Nations people in urban Australia. International Journal of Women’s Health, 2021(13):467—478. [OPEN ACCESS]

Hickey, S., Roe, Y., Ireland, S., Kildea, S., Haora, P., Gao, Y., Maypilama, E., Kruske, S., Campbell, S., Moore, S., Maidment, S., Heinemann, K., Hartz, D. and the IBUS and BOOST study teams, Adcock, A., Storey, F., Bennett, M. , Lambert, C., Sibanda, N., Lawton, B., Cram, F., Stevenson, K., Lavoie, J., Edmonds, L., Geller, S., Bourrassa, C., Smylie, J., Van Wagner, V., Bourgeois, C., Dion Fletcher, C., King, A., Briggs, M., Worner, F., Wellington, C., Carson, A., Nelson, C., Watego, K., Brown-Lolohea, K., Colman, K., Currie, J., Lowell, A., Chamberlain, C., Geia, L., and J. Sherwood (Accepted 29 March 2021) A call for action that cannot go to voicemail: Research activism to urgently improve Indigenous perinatal health and wellbeing. Women and Birth 

Informed News & Analysis

For tips from fellow members on getting published in The Conversation (TC), click here. For some members' articles published in TC between 2013 & 2019, click here. To find out what can happen after publishing in TC, read on...
Deborah Lupton (2021) COVID-19: the first 100 days. This Sociological Life, May 21. 


Ariane Virgona (2021) In conversation with Maia Wilson, Silver Fern and Robinhood Stars Goal Shooter, about her experience during Covid-19, the role of women and culture in sport and the year ahead as Captain. Part 1 & Part Netball Scoop, May 6. 

Panel Speakers

Rick Spencer (2021) The importance of pronouns in developing trust with medical practitioners, Choosing WiselyNational Meeting Virtual Event, May 19.

Plenary Speakers

Alex Broom (2021) Systems and organisational challenges, Choosing Wisely, National Meeting Virtual Event, May 19.


Rick Spencer (2021) Rick Spencer, Maribyrnong Residents for LGBTQIA+ Equality and Sam Biondo, Victorian Alcohol And Drug Association, Embracing Equality Charter. 3CR Radio, May 7.
Thematic Groups
New: High School Competition
The TASA thematic group Sport & Leisure is organising an essay/video contest for secondary school students (year 10, 11, 12). With participation in sport increasing in Australia, especially among girls and young women, and with major sporting events on the horizon (Tokyo Olympics, Women’s World Cup 2023, Queensland bid for 2032 Olympics), it is time to engage students with sociology and how it can help explain various issues in sport and social life more broadly. Sports and leisure activities are a large part of many young people’s life and thus, the topic lends itself perfectly to introduce secondary school students to the sociology of sport. Students will be invited to write a 600-word essay or produce a 3 minute YouTube video covering the role of sport/leisure in society. Applicants should incorporate at least ONE key sociological issue: gender, class, sexuality, ethnicity into their answer.

If you would like to help the group promote this competition in your (school) network, you can use this flyer.  Also, the conveners are looking for books on sociology on sport and/or leisure to compile for the prizes for the winning students. If anyone has copies left of their inspiring work and is willing to share for this competition, please contact us via email:,,
For more information, read on...
Career Disruption Grant


TASA 2021 Covid Career Disruption Grant is targeted at TASA members whose career has been disrupted by the pandemic. The grant can be used to access career development opportunities, to cover the cost of a carer / babysitter / cleaner to have additional time for research, or for research related cost (e.g. transcription, participant reimbursement, etc.) where these costs cannot be covered by other funds. The grant can also be used to cover career development activities associated with establishing / furthering a career outside of academia.

A total of $3,000 is available, with a maximum of $1,000 available per applicant.
Applications close this coming Monday 31 MayRead on...
2021 TASA Awards
TASA Awards open for nominations this year include:
  • Distinguished Service to Australian Sociology Award: nominations close May 31
  • Outstanding Service to TASA Award: nominations close May 31
  • Teaching Sociology Award: nominations close June 15
  • Sociology in Action Award: nominations close June 15
  • Early Career Researcher - Best Paper Prize: nominations close June 30
  • Postgraduate Impact & Engagement Award: nominations close July 31
This year, judging panels will also be assessing for the:
  • Best Paper in Health Sociology Review; and the
  • Best Paper in the Journal of Sociology.
You can access details about each award, and the nomination process/form, via TASAweb's Awards page
TASA Publications

Journal of Sociology - Carer's Bursary

The editors of the Journal of Sociology are inviting applications from the community of sociological scholars, who are TASA members, for a Carer’s Bursary funded by TASA.

This bursary is in response to a noticeable drop in submissions by authors with caring responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bursary totals $1000 for an author who has experienced disruption to publication outputs during COVID-19.
Applications close June 21st. For the full details, see the bursary webpage here.

Journal of Sociology - call for expressions of interest

Call for expressions of interest to guest edit a special issue of the Journal of Sociology for 2023.  The deadline for submissions, of no more than 3000 words in length, is Monday 21st June and they need to go to Allegra Schermuly, Managing Editor of the Journal. For details, read on...
New: Content Expert
The Pacific Paravet Training Project (PPTP) is a Charles Sturt University/Graham Centre initiative funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security (CHS) and aims to build the capacity of the animal health workforce in five countries in the Pacific – Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste. More about the project can be found here. 
A content expert is needed to author the content for the area ‘training and mentoring’. Academic records or working experiences in the communication for development sector as well as experience working in or with members of the Pacific Islands are beneficial, however, not crucial for this position.
For more information and background please contact the project manager Nicola Wunderlich (Mobile: +61 409745846)
Associate Professor in Criminology
Swinburne University, Hawthorn
Full time, ongoing position. Academic Level D: starting at $147,648+ 17% superannuation
Applications close: TODAY May 27. Read on...
Postdoctoral Fellowships, Sociology
The School of Advanced Studies, University of Tyumen, Siberia, Russia
Knowledge of Russian is not required. 
Applications close:  June 15.  Read on...
Lecturer below the bar in Sociology (2 positions)
University of Limerick, Ireland
Applications close: August 31st. For details, and to apply, click here and in 'Vacancy type' select 'academic and then key in 043308 in the 'Search by Recruitment Reference'.
There are many members of TASA who are looking for work, from sessional teaching through to applied consultancy research. Our 'Looking for Work' registry is to provide a way for our members who are looking for work to connect with people looking to employ sociologists. We also acknowledge many of our members are employed precariously, and we hope this registry might help in building connections and networks towards more stable employment.
Note, if you are looking for work you can list yourself in the 'Looking for Work' registry via your membership profile. Click on the Additional Member Data tab and scroll down to the question 'Are you looking for work?' After selecting 'yes' to that question, your details will appear in our publicly searchable 'Find a Sociologist' directory. Please contact TASA Admin if you need assistance adding your details. 
If you would like to be spotlighted in our newsletter as someone looking for work, please email TASA Admin, and attach a profile image that can be used in the spotlight and include a bio outlining your location, highest qualification, areas of expertise, the type of work you are looking for, and whether you are in a position to relocate etc. 

Jobs Board

The Jobs Board enables you to view current employment opportunities. As a member, you can post opportunities to the Jobs Board directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Employment Opportunities
PhD Scholarships
PhD Scholarship on image-based harms
Social and Global Studies Centre, RMIT University
Application deadline: May 31. Read on... 
Eight PhD Opportunities
Deakin University - Alfred Deakin Institute
One opportunity is with fellow member Anita Harris in the area of youth, diversity and wellbeing in a digital age
Application deadline: May 30. Read on...
Social practices of oral health in Australian preschool children
The University of Western Australia
They're seeking a PhD student to work as an important part of their international team on their ARC funded research project.
Application deadline extended: June 20.  Read on... 
PhD fellowship in Critical Disability Studies
Carleton University, Canada
Part of the Engendering Disability Inclusive Development Partnership Project.
Application deadline: June 30. Read on...  

Scholarships Board

The Scholarships Board enables you to view available scholarships that our members have posted. Like the Jobs Board, as a member, you can post scholarship opportunities directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Scholarship Opportunities
Other Events, News & Opportunities

TOP 5 Media Residency Program

New: TOP 5 Media Residency Program
Applications are now open for outstanding PhD-qualified early career researchers who are working in the HASS disciplines at Australian universities and research organisations.
Note, fellow member Barbara Barbosa Neeves, who was selected as one of the top 5 HASS researchers in 2019, reports that the experience allowed them to develop skills to better communicate their research & have social impact.
Apply by June 1. For details, read on...


Trans/Gender Culture Conversations

World Convention

Conflict, Confinement and Immorality
Taiwan, 22nd - 25th March, 2022
The image below shows the 6 streams
Abstract submission deadline: September 10. Read on... 

Call for Participants

Fellow member, & PhD Candidate, Tania Ciotti is calling for participants for her research titled - Comportment, Contention, and Conflict: identity and role dynamics experienced by bilingual-bicultural social work practitioners in australian practice contexts.
Do you identify as a Bilingual-Bicultural Social Worker?

You may be qualified to participate in a voluntary research study if you

o Are a qualified Social Worker, with 2+ years of fulltime work experience, in the Australian human services context.
o Meet the AASW requirements as a qualified Social Worker.
o Work with your own cultural community in an Ethno-Specific and/or a mainstream human service organisation.
For the full details, read on... 


New: The Problem of Hierarchy and the Modern Political Imaginary
Online, May 31st
With fellow member Craig Browne
For full details, and to register, read on...
New: ‘Behind their curtains’ - empowering young aboriginal women, informing service providers
Online, June 2nd.
For full details, and to register, read on...
LGBTQ engagement and inclusion in research - an ACON Panel discussion hosted by NDARC
Online, Thursday, 3 June, 3:00pm - 4:00pm AEDT
Facilitated by Jack Freestone, featuring panellists Teddy Cook, Rachel Deacon and Kerryn Drysdale.
With an overarching focus on alcohol and other drug (AOD) research this webinar will cover:
  • The importance of including sexuality and gender diverse people and communities in research
  • Meaningful data inclusion, collection, and reporting as it relates to sexuality and gender identity
  • Ethical considerations when working alongside LGBTQ communities and an overview of the ACON Research Ethics Review Committee
  • An example of innovative practice in results dissemination and community engagement from the ‘Crystal Pleasures and Sex Between Men’ study.
Register here. 
An Exploration of (cisgender) WSU staff's understanding of trans and gender diversity
With fellow member Lucy Nicholas
Wednesday July 21st 4:30pm, Liverpool or Zoom
Email to register for on campus or zoom. 


International Sociological Association (ISA) Award for Excellence in Research and Practice
Awarded to a sociologist who advances and promotes sociological knowledge and practice through outstanding contributions to the discipline, the profession, and the ISA.
Nominations deadline: May 30. Read on...


Post Porto Alegre ISA Forum RC 54: Sociology of the body in COVID time.
2nd - 4th September, 2021
Featuring fellow member Raewyn Connell as one of the keynotes
The Body in the Social Sciences
II International Seminary Body and Culture (CBCE) Bodies in the Pandemic Context
Abstract submission deadline: July 30th. Read on...
Call for Session Proposals
Proposals are invited for sessions at RC20 Regional Conference on Comparative Sociology & The 2nd RC33 Regional Conference on Social Science Methodology.
Submission deadline: July 30. Read on...
Philippine Sociological Society's International Conference seeks to bring in a range of diverse voices that can problematize, theorize, and empirically analyze the various experiences of vulnerability, precarity and resistance. They invite presentations from sociologists and social scientists from around the world about their recent research and think pieces particularly on vulnerabilities and resistance. The conference is open to individual presentations and panel proposals.
For inquiries, email
Abstracts should not be longer than 250 words and should be submitted through this link
For panel submissions, submit via
Submission deadline: July 15. Read on...
Cultural Studies Association of Australasia - Bodies in Flux
1 - 3 December, Edith Cowan University, Perth
Submission deadline extended: July 30th. Read on...
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Submitting Newsletter Items
We encourage you to support your colleagues by sharing details of your latest publications with them via this newsletter. No publication is too big or too small. Any mention of sociology is of value to our association, and to the discipline, so please do send through details of your latest publication (fully referenced & with a link, where possible) for the next newsletter, to TASA Admin. Usually, the newsletter is disseminated every Thursday morning.
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Personal pronoun preferences can now be added to your profile. There are 9 combination options to choose from. Please let Sally in TASA Admin know if your preference/s is not on the list and we will have them added.
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