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Date: 7/12/2021
Subject: Postgraduate Updates
From: TASA

Postgraduate Members of TASA

Postgraduate Updates

Dear ~~first_name~~,
I am writing to share several updates relevant to postgrads.
I also just want to acknowledge that it's a pretty tough and uncertain time at the moment (compounded by an already exhausting year and a half of difficulties and uncertainty), and I hope you are faring as best as possible in this period.
1. PG Sub-Committee Member Resignation
One of the members of the Postgraduate Sub-Committee (PGSC), Annette Pyatt, has resigned from the PGSC as of the 5th of July, in order to pursue career aspirations outside of sociology.
Per the Terms of Reference, I am required to notify postgraduate members within two weeks, with the option of calling for nominations for an additional PGSC member. Given that the PGSC currently has a total of 6 members, and requires a minimum of 4, I have decided not to call for nominations for an additional PGSC member.
The PGSC would like to thank Annette for her contributions, and wish her all the best with her career aspirations.
2. UWA Save Social Sciences Petition
As you might have seen already, the University of Western Australia has proposed cuts to social sciences that, among other disciplines, would dissolve Anthropology and Sociology.
Please consider signing this petition organised by postgraduates of the School of Social Sciences, and make sure to check in on any staff or students you may know at UWA, as this is a highly stressful proposal.
3. Upcoming events
While it may be a long time before we have a physical conference, there are lots of exciting upcoming events that I wanted to highlight:
And look out for more info about Social Sciences Week (6-12 September), and TASA November - which will include a virtual Postgrad Day. The PGSC has been in the process of planning this, along with monthly Postgrad & ECR TASA Thursdays. Keep an eye out for TASA Newsletters from Sally.
4. Reminder - 2021 Postgrad Impact & Engagement Award
A reminder to submit for the Postgraduate Impact & Engagement Award, which closes by 31st July.
Further details about the award (including eligibility and submission requirements) are available here, and you can submit here.

Please feel free to contact me about any of the above, or anything else through my university email ( or through the TASA Postgrad email (
Anthony K J Smith (he/him)
TASA's 2021-2022 Postgraduate Portfolio Leader 
 You can follow postgraduate activity via Twitter:@tasapostgrads