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Date: 1/19/2022
Subject: TASA Members' Newsletter January 20th
From: TASA

Dear ~~first_name~~,   
Welcome to our first newsletter for 2022.  We've said this before but we think it is worth repeating; the strength of sociology and the vibrancy of TASA is due to the involvement of our members. Thank you. We are grateful for your ongoing support and engagement and we hope to see you in late November at our TASA 2022 conference at the University of Melbourne. Details of our long awaited in-person event will be available soon. 
Like previous years, we look forward to including details of your latest news and publications in our newsletters this year. No announcement or publication is too big or too small. Any mention of sociology is a value to our association, and to the discipline, so please share with us. To assist with correctly listing your works, we ask that you email your publications fully referenced and with links, where possible. The newsletter will continue to be disseminated every Thursday morning, this year, and anything submitted by 6am on a Thursday will likely be included that day. 
Note, please do not hit reply to any newsletters as we don't get those emails. Instead, email and put NEWSLETTER in the subject line. 

TASA Thursdays


Call for Speakers

We are calling for members to contribute to a TASA Thursdays session on the trials and tribulations around the ethics of social media research. If you have had experience in this area, and would like to be a part of a webinar on this topic, please contact Sally in TASA Admin.
We are also extending a general call for members interested in presenting at one of our TASA Thursdays session this year. Current available dates are:
  • February 17
  • March 17
  • July 21
  • September 15
  • October 20
  • November 17
Again, if you are interested, please contact Sally in TASA Admin.


Save the Dates

Workshop: TASA Thursdays January 27th with fellow member Jennifer Cheng with 'From Thesis to Book: The Ins and Outs of Converting a PhD into a Monograph', via Zoom: Meeting ID: 846 0037 0060. Passcode: 157388

Panel Discussion: TASA Thursdays April 21 with fellow members Melissa Belle, Lara McKenzie, & Ramon Menendez Domingo on the casual / sessional train. More details to follow. 
Presentation: TASA Thursdays May 19 with fellow member Alan Morris on international students struggling in the private rental sector. More details to follow. 
New: Deadlines for our TASA hosted ISA 2023 XX World Congress are now available here. For quick reference, the abstract submission deadline is September 30. 
New: Stephen Crook Memorial Award
Nominations for the 2022 Stephen Crook Memorial Award are now open. This is a biennial prize for the best authored book in Australian Sociology. The Prize was established to honour the memory of Professor Stephen Crook in recognition of his significant contribution to Australian sociology. The 2022 round will cover books that list 2020 or 2021 in the front matter of the book. 
For full details, and the nomination form, read on...
Nomination deadline: March 1. 
New: Raewyn Connell Award
A biennial prize for the best first book by an author in Australian Sociology. The Prize is to honour the work of Professor Raewyn Connell in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Australian Sociology. The 2022 round will cover books that list 2020 or 2021 in the front matter of the book.
For full details, and the nomination form, read on...
Nomination deadline: March 1. 
Honours Award: if you are a sociology convener/Honours coordinator, we invite you to nominate your top Honours students in Sociology for 2021. Nominated students receive a complimentary 12 month TASA membership and are listed on TASAweb. Details of the Award, as well as the nomination form, are located here.
2021 Recipients - to date
  • University of Melbourne - Ilana Altas
  • Australian National University - Joshua Walker
  • Deakin University - Bree Allingham-Maclaren
  • James Cook University - Sara Potts
Members' Engaging Sociology



Michelle Peterie (2022) Visiting Immigration Detention: Care and Cruelty in Australia’s Asylum Seeker Prisons. Bristol University Press.

Visiting Immigration Detention
Michelle Peterie’s revealing research offers a fresh angle on the human costs of immigration detention.

Drawing on over 70 interviews with regular visitors to Australia’s onshore immigration detention facilities, Peterie paints a unique and vivid picture of these carceral spaces. The book contrasts the care and friendship exchanged between detainees and visitors with the isolation and despair that is generated and weaponised through institutional life. It shows how visitors become targets of institutional control, and theorises the harm detention imposes beyond the detainee.

As the first research in this area, this book bears important witness to Australia’s onshore immigration detention system, and offers internationally relevant insights on immigration, deterrence and the politics of solidarity. Read on... 

Greg Marston, Louise Humpage, Philip Mendes, Shelley Bielefeld, Michelle Peterie & Zoe Staines (2022) Compulsory Income Management in Australia and New Zealand: More Harm than Good? Policy Press.

Compulsory Income Management
More than a decade on from their conception, this book reflects on the consequences of income management policies in Australia and Zealand.

Drawing on a three-year study, it explores the lived experience of those for whom core welfare benefits and services are dependent on government conceptions of ‘responsible’ behaviour. It analyses whether officially claimed positive intentions and benefits of the schemes are outweighed by negative impacts that deepen the poverty and stigma of marginalised and disadvantaged groups.

This novel study considers the future of this form of welfare conditionality and addresses wider questions of fairness and social justice. Read on... 

Book Reviews


Journal Articles

Katherine Petrie, Natasha Smallwood, Amy Pascoe and Karen Willis (2022) Mental Health Symptoms and Workplace Challenges among Australian Paramedics during the COVID-19 Pandemic. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. [FULL ACCESS]
Roach Anleu S, Sarantoulias G. Complex data and simple instructions: Social regulation during the Covid-19 pandemic. Journal of Sociology. January 2022. doi:10.1177/14407833211066926
Jovanovski, N., & Jaeger, T. (2022). Demystifying 'diet culture': Exploring the meaning of diet culture in online 'anti-diet' feminist, fat activists, and health professional communities. Women's Studies International Forum, 90, 102558. [FULL ACCESS]
Ridgway, Alexandra. Love, loss and a doctorate: An autoethnography of grieving while writing a PhD. Higher Education Research & Development. Online First.
Lynch, R, Hanckel, B & Green, J (2021), ‘The (failed) promise of multimorbidity: chronicity, biomedical categories and public health’, Critical Public Health, [FULL ACCESS]

Moore, K., Hanckel, B., Nunn, C. & Atherton, S. (2021) Making Sense of Intersecting Crises: Promises, Challenges, and Possibilities of Intersectional Perspectives in Youth Research. Journal of Applied Youth Studies [FULL ACCESS]
McCallum, David. "Law, Justice, and Indigenous Intergenerational Trauma—A Genealogy." International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy 10.4 (2021)
Rowe R. Social determinants of health in the Big Data mode of population health risk calculation. Big Data & Society. July 2021. doi:10.1177/20539517211062881. [FULL ACCESS]
Wong, H.T.H., Wang, P. Sun, Y., Newman, C., Vujcich, D., Vaughan, C., O'Connor, C., Jin, D., Ogilvie, E., Zhang, Y., Mao, L., Carter, A (2021) Is Sex Lost In Translation? Linguistic and Conceptual Issues in the Translation of Sexual and Reproductive Health Surveys. Published online in Culture, Health and Sexuality on 23 December 2021.
Kieran Hegarty (2021, December) 'Shhh…: What a library’s social character reveals about the logics and politics of source creation', The Sociological Review Magazine. doi: 10.51428/tsr.anyl3954

Wong, HTH, Jin, D., Wang, P. Sun, Y., Mao, L., Zhang, Y., Ogilvie, E., Vujcich, D., Newman, C., O'Connor, C., Vaughan, C., Carter, A (2021) Using Videoconferencing Focus Groups in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research with Chinese Im/migrants in Australia. Published online in Qualitative Health Research on 12 October 2021.
Gibson, A., Drysdale, K., Botfield, J., Cook, T., Mooney-Somers, J., Newman, C. (2021) Navigating trans-visibilities, trauma, and trust in a new cervical screening program. Published online in Culture, Health & Sexuality on 11 September 2021.
Smith, A.K.J, Newman, C.E., Holt, M, Haire, B. (2021) Clinician imaginaries of HIV PrEP users. Published online in Culture, Health & Sexuality on 11 September 2021.
Smith, A.K.J, Haire, B., Newman, C.E., Holt, M. (2021) Challenges of Using the Story Completion Method to Research Clinical Encounters. Accepted for publication in Sage Research Methods Cases on 10 August 2021.


Deejay A, Henne K and Carneiro Alphonso F (2022) Navigating a Pandemic: Australian practices and perspectives on information, services and technologies during the COVID-19 crisis. Canberra: School of Regulation and Global Governance, Australian National University, January.

Informed News & Analysis

David Rowe (2022) The Djokovic COVID Issue. Al Jazeera, January 14. 
Philippa Collin & Brendan Churchill et al. (2022) ‘Disappointment and disbelief’ after Morrison government vetoes research into student climate activism. The Conversation, January 13. 
Leah Ruppanner, Brendan Churchill & Liz Dean (2022) Planning, stress and worry put the mental load on mothers – will 2022 be the year they share the burden? The Conversation, January 4. 


Deborah Lupton (2022) The prolonged COVID-19 crisis: uncertainties and notions of normality. This Sociological Life, January 12. 
Deborah Lupton (2022) My 2021 publicationsThis Sociological Life, January 10. 
Ann Game (2021) Living in-relation with horses: The impossibility of teaching. Living in Relation, December 31. 
Thematic Group Conveners

Thank you

In case you are not aware, TASA's Executive introduced Thematic Groups in 2005. The groups are designed to facilitate communication and collaboration between TASA members working in similar areas. Thematic Groups are the nucleus of the association and the conveners work hard to support their group members by overseeing their group's social media platforms, web pages, forum, blog, newsletter, conference submissions/program as well as organising events and an annual meeting. 
Conveners change over every two years with the most recent change occurring late last year. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful conveners who managed their groups during the difficult 2020/2021 period. Some of the conveners listed below have completed two terms (four years) and others have agreed to do a second term. TASA is a member organisation run by members for members and sociology. Thank you conveners for helping to keep TASA's heart (60 next year!), and that of sociology, beating. 
  • Gbenga Afolayan
  • Sharon Aris
  • Ashley Barnwell
  • Jozefien Broerse
  • Paulina Billett
  • Jodie Bruning
  • Sarah Burrage
  • Rachel Busbridge
  • Clarissa Carden
  • Fabian Cannizzo
  • Bronwyn Carlson
  • Andrew Clark
  • Danielle Couch
  • Eduardo de la Fuente
  • Jacinthe Flore
  • Marika Franklin
  • Sophie Hickey
  • Margaret Gibson
  • Andrew Gilbert
  • Ashleigh Haw
  • Nicholas Hill
  • Christina Ho
  • Sherene Idriss
  • Jack Lam
  • Tristan Kennedy
  • Gemma Killen
  • Ann Lawless
  • Caroline Lyall
  • Natalie R Maystorovich Chulio
  • Christina Malatzky
  • John McGuire
  • Lise Mogensen
  • Kristin Natalier
  • Jacqueline Nelson
  • Alex Norman
  • Nick Osbaldiston
  • Catherine Palmer
  • Adele Pavlidis
  • Kiran Pienaar
  • David Reynolds
  • Gianluigi Rotondo
  • Sandeep Kaur Sandhu
  • Suzanne Schrijnder
  • Barrie Shannon 
  • Megan Sharp
  • Anthony Smith
  • Gavin Smith
  • Rick Spencer
  • Peter Walters
  • Karen Soldatic
  • Zoei Sutton
  • Matt Wade
  • Michael Walsh
  • Enqi Weng
  • Charlotte Young
  • Yinghua Yu

Returning / Incoming Conveners

Over the coming weeks, we will be introducing you to the Thematic Group Conveners for the 2022/2023 term. In addition to their other tasks, these conveners will be contributing to our conference this year as well as the ISA XX World Congress in 2023. We thank you for taking on the convener role and look forward to working with you. 

Critical Disability Studies

This group is comprised of scholars whose work and research in Critical disability Studies include: disability, race, and ethnicity; disability and poverty; education, schooling, and pedagogy; disability and children; law and human rights, free speech and hate speech; policy; violence and marginality, ableism, ability and use of technology, and social inclusion. Members include those with lived experience of disability, madness, and neurodiversity as well as allies, who are activists, advocates, bureaucrats, educators, carers, and parents.
Incoming conveners are Ryan and Diana.
Ryan Thorneycroft: Ryan is a Lecturer in Criminology in the School of Social Sciences and a member of the Sexualities and Genders Research (SaGR) strand. He is an early career researcher and recently published his first book, Reimagining Disablist and Ableist Violence as Abjection, with Routledge's Interdisciplinary Disability Studies series. He has published in a range of leading journals, including Theoretical Criminology, Disability & Society, Porn Studies, and the International Journal for Crime, Justice, and Social Democracy. Ryan's previous work has focused on hate crime and vulnerability, and his current research areas, sitting at the intersections of criminology and sociology, include ableism, crip theory, critical disability studies, porn studies, mad studies, violence, and abjection.  
Diana Piantedosi: Diana is a PhD Candidate at La Trobe and Associate Research Fellow at Deakin. They have had over 15 years of experience in risk and compliance roles in the financial services industry. They are passionate about LGBTQIA+ health and wellbeing and are now focusing their energy on research in this field. As an Associate Research Fellow at Deakin University, Diana is working on an NDRP project to support positive identities for LGBTQ people with intellectual disability. As a sociology PhD candidate at La Trobe University, Diana’s own research examines relationality through intersections of disability, intimacy and queer identity.
TASA Publications

Journal of Sociology

New: Journal of Sociology - Volume: 58, Number: 1 (March 2022) has been published. You can access the Table of Contents here.
Journal of Sociology - call for guest editors for the 2024 special issue
Each year the editors invite expressions of interest from the international community of sociological scholars to guest edit a special issue of the journal. Special issues may address any sociological theme that is likely to be of interest to the journal’s international readership.
The deadline for expressions of interest for the 2024 special issue is June 20th, 2022. For full details, read on...

Health Sociology Review

Health Sociology Review Call for Papers - Special Issue
Sociological Aspects of Knowledge Translation
Special Issue: Issue 1, 2023
This special issue focuses on knowledge translation. Knowledge translation is important, timely, and particularly relevant to the sociology of health, illness, and medicine because:
  • The processes through which different knowledges coalesce embody and demonstrate myriad interactions between society and health
  • Knowledge translation requires sociologically informed scholarship that accounts for how social interactions and political processes influence health, illness, and medicine
  • Indigenous people have emphasised that knowledge translation should be grounded in respect for diverse knowledges and that it should operate relationally, rather than uni-directionally. Further, making knowledge translation foundational to research design and communication provides opportunity to demonstrate respect for Indigenous people’s enduring connections to Country, intergenerational responsibilities and knowledge of communities.
Abstract submission deadline: February 28, 2022. Full papers will be due before July 31, 2022. Read on...

New: Research Fellow/Senior Research Fellow
Monash University 
Department of Human Centred Computing within the Faculty of Information Technology
Reporting to fellow member Yolande Strengers
Application deadline: January 31. Read on...
New:  Primary Health Network
Several jobs available. For details, read on...
New: The Yoorrook Justice Commission
Several jobs available. For details, read on...
There are many members of TASA who are looking for work, from sessional teaching through to applied consultancy research. Our 'Looking for Work' registry is to provide a way for our members who are looking for work to connect with people looking to employ sociologists. We also acknowledge many of our members are employed precariously, and we hope this registry might help in building connections and networks towards more stable employment.
Note, if you are looking for work you can list yourself in the 'Looking for Work' registry via your membership profile. Click on the Additional Member Data tab and scroll down to the question 'Are you looking for work?' After selecting 'yes' to that question, your details will appear in our publicly searchable 'Find a Sociologist' directory. Please contact TASA Admin if you need assistance adding your details. 
If you would like to be spotlighted in our newsletter as someone looking for work, please email TASA Admin, and attach a profile image that can be used in the spotlight and include a bio outlining your location, highest qualification, areas of expertise, the type of work you are looking for, and whether you are in a position to relocate etc. 

Jobs Board

The Jobs Board enables you to view current employment opportunities. As a member, you can post opportunities to the Jobs Board directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Employment Opportunities
PhD Scholarships
New: HDR Scholarship - Student climate justice activism
Deakin University
Project supervisor fellow member Eve Mayes
Applications close: Monday 28th February. Read on...
 La Trobe University: The Living with Disability Research Centre
Research Training Program (RTP) PhD Scholarship opportunity for an outstanding candidate to explore a disability related topic in a discipline such as social work, disability studies or any other of the social sciences. 
For more details, visit our Jobs & Scholarships Board. 

Scholarships Board

The Scholarships Board enables you to view available scholarships that our members have posted. Like the Jobs Board, as a member, you can post scholarship opportunities directly from within your membership profile screen.
Current Scholarship Opportunities
Other Events, News & Opportunities


New: Confidence Culture
The Affect and Emotion Research Network is hosting a session with Professor Shani Orgad (London School of Economics) & Professor Ros Gill (City University of London) - a discussion on the publication of their new book: Confidence Culture (Duke University Press)
Wednesday 26 January, 6AM AEST.
For details, see the flyer
Register here. 

World Congress

New: (In)Justice International are holding a hybrid (online, pre-recorded and in-person) World Convention event on March 22-25 2022. They have received 40 presentations already with more on the way. You can access the book of abstracts here. They are now calling for online attendees to participate in the workshops. The call is open to everyone in the spirit of inclusion. It is not purely academic. If you or your colleagues, students, friends etc. are interested, please see their agenda.
If you are an academic, and teach students, you might also be interested in their 'Educational Project'.  To read more about (In)Justice International, you can visit their website. You can also contact fellow member Simon Prideaux.


Critical Perspectives on COVID-19: Engaging the social sciences and humanities
21-22 April 2022
An in-person event being held in Sydney and Melbourne
All presentations should involve a strong focus on the social, cultural, spatial, historical or political dimensions of COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2.
Abstract submission deadline: 4 February. Read on... 

Call for Chapter Proposals/Abstracts

Young People and the Sustainable Development Goals
The Companion will be published by Elgar Publishing as part of a series on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Handbooks/Companion series.
Abstract submission deadline: May 30, 2022. Read on...

Call for Papers

New: Forum Sociológico
Theme: Aging, life span and societal challenges
This special issue of Forum Sociológico focuses on analyzing the challenges resulting from a longer life, as one of the greatest social problems in contemporary societies. We welcome and encourage the authors to submit original articles of an empirical nature or theoretical essays, nationally and internationally.
Article submission deadline: 15 February, in English, Portuguese, French or Spanish. 
 All proposals must be sent to, with the subject of the dossier in the subject field. The journal’s publishing guidelines and other relevant information, as well as previous issues, are available here..
Edited volume on ‘Religion and Digital Cultures in Africa & Oceania’.
Editors include fellow member Enqi Weng
The editors welcome empirical studies and grounded approaches that deploy digital methods and explore digital expressions of religion. We envision creative theoretical and conceptual contributions that chart, characterize and contextualize the digital turn in the study of religion and its implications for the aforementioned post-colonial contexts.
Abstract submission deadline:
 28 February. Read on...
‘The Sociology of Diagnosis’, Sociology of Health & Illness Monograph. Edited by Annemarie Jutel, Ann V. Bell, Darin Weinberg and Jessica Young. The editors invite theoretical and empirical papers that address how the critical analysis of diagnostic categories as social phenomena has provided a novel lens for understanding health, illness and disease. Prospective contributors should send an abstract of up to 600 words to by 31st January. For the full CFP click here.
TASA Gift Memberships
Gift memberships, for any membership category, can now be accessed at anytime via your membership profile screen. If you would like to gift a membership, to someone new or to a current member, please follow the steps below:
STEP 1: Click here and log in

STEP 2: Click on the drop down menu to the right of your name in the purple bar (RH) at the top of the website (see 1st image below)
STEP 3: Click on Profile (see 1st image below)
STEP 4: Click on the Gift Memberships menu item and complete the details, see yellow highlights in 2nd image below. 
Profile Steps 2
Submitting Newsletter Items
We encourage you to support your colleagues by sharing details of your latest publications with them via this newsletter. No publication is too big or too small. Any mention of sociology is of value to our association, and to the discipline, so please do send through details of your latest publication (fully referenced & with a link, where possible) for the next newsletter, to TASA Admin. Usually, the newsletter is disseminated every Thursday morning.
Updating your Member Profile
Personal pronoun preferences can now be added to your profile. There are 9 combination options to choose from. Please let Sally in TASA Admin know if your preference/s is not on the list and we will have them added.
For assistance with updating your Member Profile on TASA web please see the video tutorial: Updating your Member Profile
TASA Documents and Policies
You can access details of TASA's current Executive Committee 2021 - 2022, and their respective portfoliosas well as documents and policies, including the ConstitutionValues StatementStatement on Academic Freedom, Code of Conduct, Grievance Procedures & TASA History
Accessing Online Materials & Resources
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TASA members have access to over 90 peer-reviewed  Sage Sociology full-text collection online journals encompassing over 63,000 articles. The image on the left shows you where to access those journals, as well as the Sage Research Methods Collection & the Taylor and Francis Full Text Collection, when logged in to TASAweb. 

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