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Past Presidents of SAANZ/TASA 1963-2018

2017-2018 Dan Woodman

2015-2016 Katie Hughes

2013-2014 Jo Lindsay

2011-2012 Debra King

2009-2010 Michael Gilding

2007-2008 Michael Gilding

2005-2006 Roberta Julian

2002-2004 John Germov [ii]

2001-2002 Stephen Crook [iii]

1999-2000 Stephen Crook

1997-1998 Sharyn Roach Anleu [iv]

1995 – 1996 Bryan Turner

1993 – 1994 Ann Daniel

1991-1992 Katy Richmond

1989-1990 John Western [v]

1987-1988 Raewyn Connell

1986-1987 Bob Lingard

1986 Nicholas Perry

1983-1985 Owen Dent

1982-1983 Anne Edwards

1981-1982 Ron Wild

1980-1981 Bill Willmott

1979-1980 Cora V. Baldock

1978-1979 W.H. (Bill) Scott

1977-1978 Les Kilmartin

1975-1976 Lois Bryson

1974-1975 John S. Western

1973-1974 W.H. (Bill) Scott

1972-1973 Dexter C. Dunphy

1971-1972 Jerzy Zubrzycki

1970-1971 Jean I. Martin

1968-1969 Sol Encel

1967 Jim H. Robb

1966 Max G. Marwick

1965 John Barnes

1963-1964 W.D. (Mick) Borrie [vi]

[i] Data on this page has been sourced from Germov, J. and McGee, T.R. (eds) Histories of Australian Sociology Melbourne: Melbourne University Press. Note that until 1997, the presidential term was usually one year, and often overlapped years due to the different dates of the Conference and AGM. This makes it difficult to determine the actual length of the presidency, particularly for pre-1980 presidential terms.

[ii] John Germov was Acting President from February to December 2002.

[iii] Stephen Crook resigned due to illness in February 2002.

[iv] Two-year executive terms began in 1997–1998.

[v] In 1988, TASA was formed. It was incorporated in 1989.

[vi] Foundation president of SAANZ.