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Three perspectives of the public referendum in the United Kingdom

Written by Sue Malta, outgoing TASA Nexus editor

With all things Brexit monopolising the news landscape, it seems valid that I co-opt the catchphrase, as this issue marks my Nexit – my last edition as editor of Nexus. This edition contains two groups of themed articles on issues that are both topical and, for me, compelling. The edition, fittingly, begins with three perspectives of the public referendum in the United Kingdom. The first from Western Sydney University’s David Rowe, Last Exit to Little Britain, discusses the so-called ‘border’ between Britain and the rest of the EU. It draws comparisons between the more ‘informal’ borders – and their implications – within Britain itself, which have been brought into sharp relief by the Leave/Remain vote. The second article is a reproduction from Liz Morrish’s blog (Nottingham Trent University) entitled Brexit – is this Schrödinger’s neoliberalism? Like Rowe’s article, the piece highlights how the vote was divided along boundaries of class, privilege and education and bemoans the silencing of public intellectuals within academia who may have (could have/would have?) had an effect on its outcome. My thanks go to Liz for so generously allowing us to reproduce her article. The third article is from our very own Eileen Clark who, as a British expat (export), gives her own take on this moment in history in Lessons from Brexit. Eileen discusses the result of the Australian election and likens its outcome to that of the voting divide within Britain. As a British-expat myself from a low socio-economic background, but now with the middle-class privilege that comes from an Australian education and its ensuing social mobility, I found each of these unique articles compelling reading. I hope you do too. You can access the latest Nexus articles here.