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7 things you can do to help promote TASA

Do you want to help promote TASA while also showing off your impressive cultural, social, and symbolic capital by naming up your affiliation with Australia’s best sociological association? Here’s how!

1. Put TASA in your email signature!

You can do it simply, in plain text, something like:

Member, The Australian Sociological Association (

Or you can do something a bit more flashy (possibly annoying your colleagues in the process) and dazzle your email recipients with an upcoming conference flyer:

You can download and embed this conference postcard file:

There is also the ‘I am a member of The Australian Sociological Association’ image below that you could download and embed:

2.Tag us in your Twitter bio

By saying you are a member of TASA (@AustSoc on Twitter) you are both telling your followers (and potential followers) something about you, while also linking them to the TASA account. Professional affiliations are an important marker of your networks – make them visible!

3.Include a reference to TASA in your Conversation articles & Conversation profile










4.Pin up posters and flyers advertising TASA around your workplace

5.Include a TASA power point slide at the beginning and end of all your lecture slides






You can download and embed this power point slide file: TASA Power Point Slide for lectures

6.Share the weekly newsletter with via your social media and by email to your colleagues and students

The ‘sharing links’ are on the bottom of every newsletter like in the Members’ Newsletter – April 4, 2019

7.Share this blog post with your colleagues, students and fellow members!