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Launch of the report ‘Temporary Migration and Family Violence: An analysis of victimisation, vulnerability and support’.

The Monash Gender and Family Violence Program and the Border Crossing Observatory, together with InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence will be launching a report into temporary migration and family violence. This report is based on a research collaboration with InTouch Multicultural Centre Against Family Violence in 2016, and draws on an extensive evidence base.

The report provides evidence of specific issues pertaining to temporary migration status and family violence: it details the ways in which migration status is used as leverage to control and exploit, the specificity of risk in relation to migration status, the range of exploitative practices that occur including evidence of trafficking and slavery-like practices, the limits of current support mechanisms and the benefits of specialised risk management. The report recommendations support the recognition that family violence in all its forms must end and that evidence-based responses are essential as we work collaboratively towards a future free of gendered violence.

The report will be launched by Helen Kapalos, the Chair of the Victorian Multicultural Commission, on Thursday 12th October at 11am at the Monash Law Chambers (555 Latrobe St, Melbourne).

To RSVP, please submit your details directly here.